Your March 2020 Newsletter From Dominique

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Continuing Influences

January 9 – April 25 (Exact March 10) Chiron in Aries square the North Node in Cancer / January 9 – April 25 (Exact March 10) Chiron in Aries square the South Node in Capricorn: This is the time to figure out what hurts and what helps. Stand up for yourself and do what is good for your inner self so your life energy is protected. The spiritual warrior in you is ignited and the earth mother is trying to have a dialogue with them. There is a lot of healing and finding the path forward to figure out. Do your work.

Leaves  May 8 2020 11:22:19 am (MDT +6:00) (exact January 12), return to orb May 17-December 26 during Saturn retrograde (never exact), Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: This is one of the most powerful aspects of our lives, and a once in a lifetime occurrence. The opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct a new world. A steady and consistent effort can provide a way to work within the world that will honor our values in a noble way. Nature is larger than man, and we need to align with a higher vision as we make a new world, culture, society, and systems. The idea that men are machines or the ideas that our parents and the world has transmitted are not aligned with higher values. Saturn is the lord of karma and Pluto is the great destroyer/transformer/re-maker. Together, they can embody some larger conversations among nature and mankind is part of nature.

January 1-October 30 (exact February 20, July 27, October 12) Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces: When the expansion of universal governance meets consciousness in the most active of supportive aspects, this can provide an interesting mix. This is a non-personal aspect but I think it will affect us all in personal ways depending on how it touches our chart. With Venus integrating alongside Neptune, relationships and/or values will certainly be deeply activated. Business and financial relationships may shift to a deeper or more spiritual slant. What do you have in water and earth signs in the middle degrees?

February 4-December 23 (Exact April 4, June 29, and November 12) Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: This is the aspect that brings us the telescope and the microscope. How much more literal and down to earth could the fusion (conjunction) of the planet of expansion and size (Jupiter) conjunct transformation (Pluto) be? Now we’re looking into black holes, still looking at space in new and revolutionary ways… In conjunction also with Saturn I feel it does have something to do with time and “event horizons.” However, in spiritual and evolutionary terms, we can take that into examining the black holes in our own lives. Where are we losing power? What energy holes and vortices need to be “closed up?” That’s a revolution and transformation that can serve us if we telescope and microscope in and out within our lives and take a look at how we are doing.

February 4-April 7 (exact March 14) Uranus in Taurus sextile North Node in Cancer: Unifying Uranian consciousness within our bodies in a grounded manner to bring into conscious awareness Taurean stillness and peace is something truly sacred that can occur now and through the next six years (approximately). With a sextile to the Cancer North Node now, the experience is something that touches our sensitive hearts and human bodies asking us to understand the poetry of how water meets land—the sand and wave of ocean or lake shores. The North Node is shifting from the idea of family and mother and nurturing this year to knowledge and communication as a focus for our collective and individual destiny. We need a pause such as this to actively consolidate and bring forth reflections upon what we have learned about the human family, and in this sense it is family related to our higher consciousness. What may we need to let go of (like Uranus killed Saturn in the myth) or allow ourselves to create, in order to progress?

February 4-April 7 (exact March 14) Uranus in Taurus trine South Node in Capricorn: It would be so easy to expand whatever work is in front of us, to “go with the flow,” because there is probably a mountain of it, and miss the opportunity to reflect on quieter voices calling us. The questions about values and ethics and what mountains are worth climbing have never been more important.

February 17 (until March 8) Mercury Retrograde: 12 degrees Pisces back to 28 degrees Aquarius (March 4 Mercury enters Aquarius again / March 16 forward again into Pisces): In case we were wondering, the skies and the astrological fates believe we should focus our minds thoroughly this month and into next on our compassion, good hearts, creative knowledge, emotional thoughts, and the element of water. Pisces Mercury is described above, and retrograde will only mean we back off from placing our thoughts into boxes. We’re finishing up with the past and we can do much more with meditation and kindness that we can with organized and single-pointed thoughts. We’re going to need to relax and let life lead us right when Capricorn is also asking us to work super hard on some projects. This is a fascinating combination of astrological influences. It means we will not get to predict anything and yet will need to put in highest levels of effort. Trust and faith, Piscean arenas, will be needed. And that’s underscored with Mercury reversing through Pisces.

February 17-March 1 (Exact February 21) Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus: There is an expansion of the ability to tap into the ability to slow down and translate consciousness into something earth-bound. Ideas can find their way into action and manifestation. What a beautiful period of quiet productivity is possible.

February 18-March 6 (exact February 27) Mercury Retrograde in Pisces trine North Node in Cancer: This is an opportunity to see how you fit into the greater family of life. Based upon your past, you can tell a new story for the future and heal neurologically, if you consciously choose to do so. There are many tools to do this—Byron Katie, Joe Dispenza, have a few techniques I like to use myself when I need pivot to healing thoughts.

February 19-March 3 (exact February 23) Mars in Capricorn oppose North Node in Cancer: Get your workout in on these days and focus on your tasks while also focusing on integrating the larger perspectives and values in your life. Do your work diligently and also balance your vision of what true priorities your heart holds.

February 19-March 5 (exact February 24) Sun in Pisces sextile Mars in Capricorn: You can use this to drive creative projects forward. Activating the Mars battery bunny energy of Capricorn and the Piscean stellum of authenticity can allow for meaningful integration. Communication can truly bring some great artworks into manifestation—and I am excited to see what people create near the end of February!

February 25-March 2 (exact February 28) Mercury Retrograde in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus: Another aspect pointing to the fact that life wants to give you insight into your unique self and how you can live authentically and think about who you are and how you can conceptualize your identity.

February 25-February 19, 2021 (Exact December 21, 2020) Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Capricorn: This is the beginning of the true change that helps you make the transition through the barriers in order to help you grow into your new role/identity/beyond current boundaries. This may or may not involve a paid career, but I suspect it involves a “calling.” Depending on your developmental state of being, whether you’re age 8 months or 80 years, this calling may be to form and shed brain cells or to accept retirement. Many of us are forming new ways of being in a very uncertain and shifting world. I am learning to become a writer. Maybe an independent one if I can make a structure around it. What barriers have you faced and how can you, in real time, in real life, manifest and overcome them—this year? It is a year to become real about supporting yourself and your community with meaningful and authentic contributions. And all with methods that make sense for you instead of the old ways. Shedding the old ways is one of the most important things we are all doing—like snakes shedding our outworn skin. We HAVE to leave some parts of ourselves behind (fears, self-defeating behaviors and beliefs, demands that leave us depleted and over-extended). We won’t be carrying things forward and letting go will be the key to making important contributions. And one of the most difficult things we will do. This will span 2020 and 2021.

March 2020 Astrology Trends:

March 3-31 (exact March 20) Jupiter conjunct Mars in Capricorn: Activities can blow up quickly! Expansion of your built world, or at least your public and systems-oriented activities (families, groups, governments, etc.). This can mean doing more than you anticipated, or optimistically biting off a little more than you can chew, or suddenly discovering more opportunities than you could have imagined before the beginning of March arrived. Time to restructure and rebuild—from the ground up. Or travel up your proverbial mountain. Finding your vehicle and tools and support is the issue.

March 4 Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius sextile Venus in Aries: Your mental acuity and originality meets up in a review scenario with your initiative and love of new endeavors. You will want to breath new life into something you have previously imagined manifesting or something you have been learning about. Maybe the opportunity arrives through a new relationship or the perspective of another person you had not been able to previously grasp.

March 4 Venus in Taurus: What if you woke up and you were enlightened but nothing in the world had changed? What had changed is you had fallen in love with the world; with your life; with beauty—in the most simple, straight-forward, and complete of ways. What if you became wealthy but nothing in your circumstances had changed? Understanding the reality of what is valuable aside from others’ abstract definitions but going directly to the root of what wealth is: health, shelter, food, joy in your heart, flexibility, nature, knowledge of yourself, your relations, and your environment. What if heaven existed on earth? These are the inquiries Venus in Taurus brings to us.

March 4-15 (exact March 8) Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus): When Venus activates Uranus in Taurus, unexpected inward benefits may occur for you. You may find yourself wanting to retreat to nature, to spend time with those whom you feel comfort you. The simple animal pleasures are good medicine for you. What is most joyful about being alive for you? Do that and see what comes of it for you. You may find some surprising benefits for your body and especially your nervous system or your throat. Singing, or anything having to do with music (and the arts) is also supported by this aspect. Sound therapies, such as the Biofield Tuning my friend Carlyn Wei Marron offers, can help heal, in particular, also.

March 6-11 (exact March 9) Venus in Taurus trine North Node in Cancer: Before the north node moves into Gemini later this year, Venus wants to touch us in our bones while the North Node activates our divine DNA to stimulate a future where we avoid tying ourselves into a gordian knot of complication. The stem cells of the future are formed with each breath of consciousness we bellow. From silence, we choose what we form—into language, form, behavior, and communication.

March 6-14 (exact March 11) Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Sun in Pisces: We feel the essence of how we can participate in an expansion of the world around us, and our position in the world. We may experience a boost in feeling powerful and vital, or we may turn more and more toward using substances to help us cope if we are feeling powerless. Try to use healthy coping mechanisms if stress is what expands around you with Jupiter’s “big” influence at this time. One tool to use is the spiritual realm of Pisces energy. Turn inward and use intrinsic motivations to move forward instead of picking up the absorbed detritus surrounding you. Learn ever better ways to contain yourself—like water needs to be contained in a jar or glass. Instead of feeling “poured upon” by any events or news around you—turn it off and make your own core energy in the center of yourself to draw upon. This aspect can be a very nice one, however, where you feel you are “glowing” with a boost of solar empowerment and Jupiterian good fortune! Instead of a stress response, you may experience relief, luck, and great fortune.

March 9 Full Moon in Virgo: Whatever Jupiter is enacting for you—bringing you down to earth—may be revealed as the Sun highlight’s Neptune’s spiritual messages for you. Virgo reminds us to return to whomever our mentors have been, or maybe brings new teachers into our lives. You might want to read up on some of the things that have been meaningful to you in living life on this Full Moon. In general, this may be an easy and flowing time of manifestation for you or a very difficult time of bureaucracy and mountain climbing of various sorts or dimensions—biological, social, psychological, spiritual. Backups/delays are rampant, but it’s a little difficult to tell if this is due to Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn or Jupiter in Capricorn amplifying the “get you down to earth and humble yourself” energies. Probably both are giving us the message that we won’t be done traveling through the sludge any time too soon. Saturn is in there to slow things down, as well. Jupiter can only expand the slow-down. I would not be surprised if many of us faced depression of various sorts—bodily, psychologically, illnesses. So, exercise if possible is a good remedy not only for fitness but for wellness in general. Also, sunlight bathing and nature bathing in the green or by the water or shore or in the snow/rain is a good idea if you can’t move so well. This full moon may bring to fruition an understanding and acceptance that there is a reason for this season of non-fulfillment. Virgo can understand knuckling down and getting through both healing and complexity, and the time it takes to untangle the gordian knots of being we encounter from time to time. Let’s put on our caps labeled, “patience” and/or “forbearance” and take small, victorious steps as we celebrate things like… brushing our teeth as huge victories. If we can only get that far! (The good news is it should be a supportive few days for getting detailed tasks done if you’re feeling task-oriented.)

March 10-17 (exact March 14) Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn: The solar winds now focus on warming up your arena of transformation—which could be adding some solar flares and flames to what is otherwise hell for you, or adding some more light to what feels like enlightenment to you and helping you see even further into the horizon.

March 15-23 (exact March 19) Sun in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn: During these days, you can embody the karma—meaning conscious awareness—for better or worse—of all you have learned the past few months. You’re experiencing the effects of changes and turns of fate. You see limitations and are learning how to manage whatever has transpired for you. A good time to review what is yours to affect and what is out of your control, to be clear. A good time to review how your actions influence the environment and systems around you and take stock of self-responsibility moving forward.

March 19-April 4 (exact March 27) Jupiter in Capricorn trine Venus in Taurus: You have an opportunity to develop beneficial relationships. You can bring life to plants, animals, people, and nurture new relationships with sustainability and strength.

March 20 Sun in Aries: The time when seeds are offered to the soil to see if they will find a place to grow. The time when the life force of all things is tested and given their inspiration. An active month for exercising, moving, trying new things, and giving birth in every dimension. Plant those seeds.

March 20-April 2 (exact March 25) Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries: A lot of focus and energy shifts to ideas around what wounds take away the will to live. Depression and sense of motivation to fight for ourselves and our own identity is something that a lot of us can relate to. Also, head wounds are related to Chiron/Aries aspects. Thinking about being careful not to acquire these types or wounds and also to focus on healing in these areas is the realm of Aries and Chiron. Biology and beliefs about new ideas, exercise programs, exploration, Traumatic Brain Injury, neurology, sexuality, and inspiration of all sorts are the realm of Aries Chiron.

March 17-27 (exact March 21) Mercury in Pisces trine North Node in Cancer: An opportunity to once again move forward with consolidating our beliefs and relationship to family prior to the North Node moving out of Cancer. How do we feel about the idea of the divine family, and how are we part of the larger picture? Can we go with the flow?

March 17-April 11 (exact March 31) Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: Focus and hard work and maybe running into a mentor or teacher in the realm where we are brilliant and unique. On the challenging side, we could run into an enemy! Instead of letting life lead us into a war, let ourselves take some initiative by sharpening our skills and expressing the energy in some physical form such as preparation (staying home to sharpen our swords, so to speak, and then engaging in some friendly sparring with them). We can find our own way of expressing ourselves if we knuckle down and do the difficult tasks associated with long-term outcomes. Avoid short-cuts for sure at this time and with this aspect.

March 18-May 9 Venus in Taurus/Gemini trine Mars in Capricorn/Aquarius: Venus and Mars move in harmony for a few months, making it a beautiful time to form new relationships, focus on current relationships, and in general take lot of actions in a dyadic (one-to-one) sense. In fact, it’s a good time to study about what works in relationships and communicate about it. It’s a great time to talk about it publicly, if you’re planning any engagements, this is a great topic. People should be very interested in the topic of romance, compatibility, creative coupling, and all the aspects of what makes two people attracted to one another, mate, stay together, not stay together, etc. You can practice it in real life or study it academically.

March 21-April 4 (exact March 28) Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn: This portends a willingness for Persephone’s archetypal visit to the underworld to occur. This is the journey where she agreed to spend half her year married to the God of Hades, or Hell, in mythology, causing the seasons to occur. So, let’s buckle up and along with her consider what “gates” and “tests” we may need to pass during these days to DESCEND to our thrones! Which may not be what we would otherwise choose, but sometimes we have committed to relationships and partners unconsciously and we don’t fully understand why we have made these commitments.

March 24 New Moon in Aries: It’s time for new things: healing, taking some risks, starting new endeavors, working on your body. Time to come out of the shell. You will likely feel your initiative and feel intrinsic motivation to GO! Feel free to move forward with your brightest ideas and deepest desires. Spring is in the air! And hopefully in your heart.

March 30 Mars in Aquarius: It will be times to act in your own unique and original way, probably within the groups you are a part of. These are not personal groups, such as your family, but the larger groups, such as community groups. Maybe the issues you care about could use some attention and you have a unique perspective to add. You may find yourself speaking, writing, and taking actions that benefit many people instead of only yourself. That’s a super-high potential of this Mars in Aquarius energy. Alternatively, you may look inward and discover some brilliant new ways to express yourself that groups of people end up appreciating, and you would not expect it to be so. It’s a good time to experiment with sharing yourself in a friendly way. You can make new friends.

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