Your August 2019 Newsletter From Dominique

This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

Continuing Influences

April 5 – July 14 / November 20, 2019 – May 8, 2020 (exact January 12, 2020) Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: The opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct a new world. A steady and consistent effort can provide a way to work within the world that will honor our values in a noble way. Nature is larger than man, and we need to align with a higher vision as we make a new world, culture, society, and systems. The idea that men are machines or the ideas that our parents and the world has transmitted are not aligned with higher values. Saturn is the lord of karma and Pluto is the great destroyer/transformer/re-maker. Together, they can embody some larger conversations among nature and mankind is part of nature.

April 30 – October 3 (Exact June 16) Neptune in Pisces Trine North Node in Cancer: The divine feminine is a study in depth of receiving rather than pushing forward. Learning to receive and accept; forgive and rely on intuition—these are very different approaches than our cultural indoctrination. Taking a lot of time to learn and experience this approach during the Summer would make a better world, without a doubt, says Astrology.

April 18 – November 6 (exact May 20) North Node in Cancer Oppose Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn: Karma is likely changing the structure of your life right now. If not personally, look around at the environment. In both family and society, you are likely seeing things being reworked. (You may experience many past life memories or have experiences that are linked to past lives during these months.) The nature of nurture and what it means to be together as a culture is up for examination. We can’t keep focusing on profit to the detriment of families without experiencing consequences; the North Node tells us the highest path is to view the world from the stand point of mother. Mother earth comes to mind. Nurture what we have. These are karmic influences, so they are heavy and hard-hitting. I would pay close attention to how they impact your life, were I you. If all you do is work, work, work—you are in need of connecting to the North Node’s Cancer energy. The work mentality is the South Node and Saturn side of this aspect, which is the easy and automatic go-to for problem solving. Life and astrology are asking us to learn to solve problems a different way at this time. We need to find a new way to be together and to make the world “go.” That way is to take the perspective of how a family operates. A mother nurtures a child in her womb and then gives birth using nutrition, but she doesn’t feel she has to create the child all on her own or use her conscious mind to do it all. It is a natural process and she is in tune with all of nature while she goes through it. There is a lot to contemplate there. Once the child is born, what is the process of raising the child? It is done with a lot of love, using resources all around her. What are the options for sustaining a family system? Are we gathering and growing a garden? What is defined as “home?” On whom do we rely? What are our roles? What is good for our growth? What would primarily peaceful community (commerce?) in the 21st century look like? It’s effortless to let things go on the way it seems they have always gone on; to stop and think about virtuous and meaningful shifts is the work of a lifetime as opposed to the work of a paycheck or a contract. In this aspect we face the fears of losing everything we have gained in one fell moment. However, those fears are based on karma—probably past life power struggles we can’t release and present life tendrils linking us to feelings of power that are not the true power that comes from the flexibility of faith in our ability to adapt to a higher level of action and consciousness. Take the opportunity to take care of yourself.

May 10 – September 11 (exact June 8, August 27) Jupiter quincunx North Node: There is a greater focus on how to put together the dilemma of expanding our horizons and flexible selfhood mixed with finding emotional security and sense of belongingness and family or “home.”

July 29 – August 4 (exact August 1) Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries: If you look, you will be able to see beauty where others cannot. Appreciating people and creative endeavors will have a profound effect on them at this time, inspiring them to heights you can only imagine. Take the time to show them some love by stopping and expressing how wonderful their efforts and results have made you feel, and how they have made a difference in the world around them. You will be sparking something glorious and grand!

July 31/August 1 New Moon in Leo at 8 degrees: This new moon sits between Venus in Leo and Mars in Leo right at the moment when Mercury stations as it turns direct. The personal planets are huddled together in one large gathering at a New Moon! It rather resembles the solar system itself if you think about it. The gas giants are far out and the rocky planets are close in.

July 31 Mercury turns direct at 23 degrees Cancer: When Mercury turns direct, we may feel wobbly, be more prone to making mistakes, or miscommunicate a little more. Give yourself some space to adjust to its forward movement and your brain a few days to move forward again, too.

August 2019 Astrology Trends

July 29-August 5 (Exact August 1) Venus in Leo trine Chiron Retrograde in Aries: Our egos are awakened and our self-image may wobble some as we try to stand on two images of ourselves: our idealized version of our identities and the actualized version of our identities. Let’s be gentle as the month opens with a dark New Moon and a Venus aspect such as this to Chiron—designed as an opportunity to heal—in actuality. Alternatively, we may receive unexpected gifts in the arenas of our creativity, finances, and relations. Also, we may experience a combination of gift/challenge. It would be an opportune time if you’re planning to ask someone out on a date or have a proposal in mind.

July 30-August 6 (exact August 2) Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus: We unexpectedly wish to look backward and forward at the same time but only have eyes in the front of our heads! What a conundrum, and who are we now at this point in time, anyway? Uranus can surprise us with events that cause us to reexamine our identity and ego-structure. This may come through how we experience barriers that emerge in relationships, creativity, and finances. Know that it’s acceptable and on-schedule to grow forward and redefine yourself if you are one whose astrology chart calls you to do so at this time. Some people’s charts may be activated more than others’. If unexpected events have occurred, there is underlying healing occurring (try to have faith) along with the shocking event to move your forward.

August 2-21 (exact August 14) Sun conjunct Venus in Leo: The majority of the month of August provides a strong conjunction to allow for us to examine our identity and sense of self-worth. This can be another point for the New Moon’s activation at the beginning of August that sets off a process of examination that can turn into a deeply individual journey throughout August—and it can transform and be one of joyful and creative fusion/fission that creates the energy of a glowing star/sun in your life before too long. The kind of glow you can feel in your solar plexus. Leo energy can only be suppressed momentarily, and with dramatic aplomb, before the joy and optimism emerge once again to light up our world. The Leo script comes complete with a happy ending. A conjunction to Venus is what Astrology calls a “benefic,” or lucky, aspect. So, again, if you’re looking for love, you’re probably looking for it in all the right places!

August 1-8 (exact August 4) Mars in Leo quincunx Pluto in Capricorn: You might struggle a little with aggression—either inside or in your environment. Let it go or use the tools you have developed to work it out. Exercise, positive psychology, rage of appreciation… After all, when was the world EVER behaving in a way that was controllable? It’s an unrealistic expectation that we can control our environment—we might as well control ourselves (and what we think should be) instead.

August 4-10 (exact August 7) Sun in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius: After the first few days of August, another very beneficial aspect right before Jupiter turns direct occurs. When the Sun and Jupiter meet in trine aspect, there is the opportunity for big gifts—and in this case it’s big inspiration. The only challenge here is to self-regulate and try to keep from over-indulging. So the things that you were held back from in July finally begin to move forward—and with Jupiter involved—probably in a BIG way! Enjoy life’s inspiration and allow yourself to appreciate it for all it’s worth! We all deserve a break after a pretty labor-intensive July.

August 6-11 (exact August 8) Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius: Venus and Jupiter are Astrology’s most gifted planets! To whit, they bring us the most gifts. Venus brings gifts of love and romance, for example. Jupiter expands whatever it touches like it’s blowing up a beach ball. This is in the fixed fire sign of Leo and the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius, so it is bringing fire down to earth. I can only imagine inspired ideas will actually be able to manifest. The big ideas will be moving forward and planned out. The large successes are in sight and around the corner. Your strategies are likely sound strategies. Happiness is afoot and it is a mature happiness, worthy of investment. Fire is also often the element associated with the business realm, so this is an auspicious aspect for doing business. Creative, romantic, spiritual, travel, and inspirational realms are all favored. It is a time to focus on the self (Leo=identity) and the mentor/guru or the larger group (Sagittarius think=world travel not local travel and the very big ideas).

August 6-9 Sun and Venus in Leo quincunx Saturn in Capricorn: Since Saturn is sitting in Capricorn, there will probably be plenty of influence from somewhere—either internal or external—to keep you from going too far with any of your big endeavors. Saturn helps us with self-regulation. Keeps us safe, sane, and within our limits. Also, if you were thinking of proposing or marrying someone, Saturn gives stability and long-term prospects to a union.

August 9-14 Sun in Leo and Venus in Leo quincunx Neptune in Pisces: This can leave us feeling so deeply romantic that we get a little lost. If you get too emotional, simply make some adjustments and bring yourself back to center with some physical movement to shake off the Neptune fog.

August 11 Mercury enters Leo: Our minds may feel less emotional and more focused on our self-image. We may wish to go out a little more; stay home a little less. For all that going out—we might start to think about some new outfits or a new hair style! Our thoughts may turn from the past to the present or the future as we start to dream about creative endeavors.

August 11 – January 10, 2020 Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: The latter part of the year is going to be a time of reflection on how we are planting the seeds that will become the future of planet earth. We may surprise ourselves with the innovations that are coming about and what that will mean for human comfort, and for human being. This can be seen on a personal level, as well. What is immovable in your life? Does it need to remain so, or can you find flexible places? Likely you are going to need to change things you were not expecting to change. Uranus usually brings anxiety and Uranus rules electricity, lightning, all your brilliance, and your highest-minded activity. Fast-moving Uranus and slowest-moving Taurus are together for about 7 years so it will be interesting to see how they integrate together. It is the energy of the moment of lightning striking the earth.

August 12 Jupiter turns direct in Sagittarius: Likely there were situations that you had to revisit for a multitude of reasons. Things that seemed larger than life. Along with Mercury turning direct, it appears you can get back to the goals you had prior to April or even Mid-January of 2019. There are delays that you can now move forward to complete that were simply impossible to act upon until Jupiter turned direct. Now is the time to pick them up again.

August 13-18 (exact August 15) Mercury in Leo trine Chiron Retrograde in Aries: Mercury may bring some pretty potent messages to you about your right to be yourself. Chiron is asking you to step into your identity with a warrior’s courage. It truly is time to let the past burn away. Those old Pisces victim stories are from the last decade in astrology. Now is the time of action-oriented healing, using the physical body to move yourself into knowing who you are, and letting your strengths and passions lead you. That is Aries. It’s a little blunt, admittedly. (I can promise you, a victim-oriented identity will leave you frustrated on a dead-end road during Chiron in Aries. Chiron in Pisces wanted you to explore where it hurt and even honor your past stories. Aries wants you to act like the Ram climbing up a mountainside, exploring each crevice for footing and leaping the impossible leaps.)

Full Moon August 15 in Aquarius: This is a great day for dreaming, nature, spirituality, and getting into something creative or deeply internal. Use the Aquarius Full Moon to bring something brilliant out of yourself. It’s also great for romance and partnership, although it can be a little analytical as opposed to physical. Maybe do a date where you take a class together–painting, cooking, art, cultural, history or nature-oriented, etc. As I write this I realize it’s the perfect time to invite my family to the planetarium–an event we have been wishing to put together!

August 14-18 (exact August 16) Mercury in Leo square Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: Mercury in Leo will have some dramatic things to say to Uranus in Taurus about the changes or the lack of changes being made. The messages of Mercury or the way our minds are spinning may be out of sync with the way our higher minds are processing our worlds. This could show up as something external to you or internal for you. Either others irritate something in you, or you feel anxiety/depression. A square is often a conflict of some sort if it hits your personal chart just right. It’s often an external/world conflict if it doesn’t activate anything in your personal chart. Mercury is our intellectual mind and Uranus is our higher mind—when we can link our daily thoughts with our broader spiritual and philosophical and bodily intentions we are aligned and in sync.

August 17 Mars moves into Virgo: Mars in Virgo means we start to think about our habits and attitudes and cause and effect that lead to outcomes. We begin to make connections between things and think a lot about the relationships and symbology of the operational world. We see how almost everything interrelates. We feel how heaven manifests on earth. It’s mutable earth—the clay of creation. Our bodies can feel how things are made.

August 19-23 (exact August 21) Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius: Our minds benefit from Jupiter’s beneficial fire. A warm feeling penetrates our thoughts, and this should give a very positive vibe to conversations, messages, and interactions of all kinds. Great for writing and meeting and learning. A good time to install/adjust new systems, since Saturn and Mercury are also interacting (see below).

August 19-23 (exact August 21) Mercury in Leo quincunx Saturn in Capricorn: Anything we are trying to learn or retain should benefit from Mercury interacting with Saturn, although we may need to use learning techniques to hold on to new knowledge. This aspect means we need to make accommodations.

August 21 Venus moves into Virgo: Venus moves into earth sign Virgo and enjoys a month of grace and health. You want to experience nature through days when you can relax and as much unscheduled time as possible because Virgo can get wrapped around the axle of perfectionism or also enjoy the life of the body fully as an earth sign. Time to focus on eating the perfect healthy plan, dates at the spa, doing a fast or cleanse or simply taking extremely good care of oneself so you notice a glow in your skin and a warm strength in your muscles. Tools required: tracking app and your blood pressure cuff. Nature and nurture both for you!

August 21-30 (exact August 24) Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo: Mars can put away his microscope and Venus can put down her precise schedule and they can spend some unstructured days outdoors together. That’s the highest vision. It could all go very detail-oriented and they could get lost in trying to improve the smallest flaws around them, too.

August 23 Sun moves into the sign of Virgo: Time for details, a focus on health and well-being. Make doctor appointments, plans, do business, set standards, clean up, get organized, etc.

August 23-30 (exact August 26-Venus/28-Mars) Venus and Mars in Virgo trine Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: Relationships, finances and creative endeavors are given energy by seeds you planted sometime in the past. The Uranus in Taurus influence provides an unexpected event set off by the transit of Venus and Mars together. Your actions or body are affected by this as well, or else male/female dynamics come to bear on the situation.

August 24-31 (exact August 28) Sun in Virgo quincunx Chiron Retrograde in Aries: Your energy level is also affected by the influence of Taurean Uranus events.

August 27-September 3 (exact August 30) Sun in Virgo trine Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: You may experience either a brilliant amount of energy to help you clear something major that you previously couldn’t see the answer to, or you may, on the flip side, experience a stunning lethargy and need a break. Either way, is okay. Let Uranus in Taurus lead the way. The Virgo energy can help you organize something and Uranus is telling us it’s something larger than usual.

August 28-September 10 (exact September 2) Sun in Virgo conjunct Mars in Virgo: Your vital life force and your behavior and body align so that you can attend to the daily needs of either your health or your habits. Something in your daily routine needs your detailed attention and energy.

August 30 New Moon in Virgo: Conjunct Sun and Mars. By definition, the New Moon along with the Sun, will trine Uranus and quincunx Retrograde Chiron. Venus is still loosely conjunct. On the other side of the stellum, Mercury is loosely conjunct. This is a time of a lot of energies gathering together in the detailed vibes of Virgo. They are in relationship to Uranus, which is in structured and slow Taurus, so there is some interaction with what is slow about life—traditions, standards, nature, mountains. There is change afoot with Uranus in the mix. Chiron in Aries is also in the mix, looking at how we heal or harm. Aries, again, is the Ram—and in relation to the Virgo energy—taking the next leap up to change how we perceive our identity in order to become better. Neither of these two signs will broach feeling sorry for ourselves in the face of challenges. Instead they will ask us to embody something like the “analytical (Virgo) warrior (Aries).


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