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It is so significant that you have browsed by today, because we have the opportunity to connect. All of us have questions and need answers at times. We need authentic helpers and wisdom-givers to enable us to stop, reflect deeply in our hearts, and then move forward to flourish in our lives.

Spreading joy and meaning is the purpose of life. Spirit provides grace for each moment and for each relationship. When we have experienced support, we want to provide that to others. When we receive a gift, we want to pass it on.

“If we are alive, we need help.” – Robert Holden

That’s the story of my life. I became devoted to the path of intuition and meditation over the course of more than 30 years studying Astrology and Tarot, many experiences, and fabulous mentors.

Having the opportunity to meet you along your path and provide support to empower and nourish you on your journey would be my honor. You can contact me at for Skype, phone, chat, and email consultations.

Contact me for:
• Direct Astrology/Tarot Readings
• Psychic Impression Readings
• Relationship Questions
• Meditations for Well-Being
• Spiritual Queries
• Expanding Abundance
• Personal Development,, and our services are a sacred space for you to nourish yourself with positive resources for your revitalization and for you to experience greater clarity about many aspects of your life. I believe you’ll find results that will benefit you and provide a renewed sense of commitment to your well-being.

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