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This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

Continuing Influences

April 5 – July 14 / November 20, 2019 – May 8, 2020 (exact January 12, 2020) Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: The opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct a new world. A steady and consistent effort can provide a way to work within the world that will honor our values in a noble way. Nature is larger than man, and we need to align with a higher vision as we make a new world, culture, society, and systems. The idea that men are machines or the ideas that our parents and the world has transmitted are not aligned with higher values. Saturn is the lord of karma and Pluto is the great destroyer/transformer/re-maker. Together, they can embody some larger conversations among nature and mankind is part of nature.

April 18 – November 6 (exact May 20) North Node in Cancer Oppose Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn: Karma is likely changing the structure of your life right now. If not personally, look around at the environment. In both family and society, you are likely seeing things being reworked. (You may experience many past life memories or have experiences that are linked to past lives during these months.) The nature of nurture and what it means to be together as a culture is up for examination. We can’t keep focusing on profit to the detriment of families without experiencing consequences; the North Node tells us the highest path is to view the world from the stand point of mother. Mother earth comes to mind. Nurture what we have. These are karmic influences, so they are heavy and hard-hitting. I would pay close attention to how they impact your life, were I you. If all you do is work, work, work—you are in need of connecting to the North Node’s Cancer energy. The work mentality is the South Node and Saturn side of this aspect, which is the easy and automatic go-to for problem solving. Life and astrology are asking us to learn to solve problems a different way at this time. We need to find a new way to be together and to make the world “go.” That way is to take the perspective of how a family operates. A mother nurtures a child in her womb and then gives birth using nutrition, but she doesn’t feel she has to create the child all on her own or use her conscious mind to do it all. It is a natural process and she is in tune with all of nature while she goes through it. There is a lot to contemplate there. Once the child is born, what is the process of raising the child? It is done with a lot of love, using resources all around her. What are the options for sustaining a family system? Are we gathering and growing a garden? What is defined as “home?” On whom do we rely? What are our roles? What is good for our growth? What would primarily peaceful community (commerce?) in the 21st century look like? It’s effortless to let things go on the way it seems they have always gone on; to stop and think about virtuous and meaningful shifts is the work of a lifetime as opposed to the work of a paycheck or a contract. In this aspect we face the fears of losing everything we have gained in one fell moment. However, those fears are based on karma—probably past life power struggles we can’t release and present life tendrils linking us to feelings of power that are not the true power that comes from the flexibility of faith in our ability to adapt to a higher level of action and consciousness. Take the opportunity to take care of yourself.

August 11 – January 10, 2020 Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: The latter part of the year is going to be a time of reflection on how we are planting the seeds that will become the future of planet earth. We may surprise ourselves with the innovations that are coming about and what that will mean for human comfort, and for human being. This can be seen on a personal level, as well. What is immovable in your life? Does it need to remain so, or can you find flexible places? Likely you are going to need to change things you were not expecting to change. Uranus usually bring anxiety and Uranus rules electricity, lightning, all your brilliance, and your highest-minded activity. Fast-moving Uranus and slowest-moving Taurus are together for about 7 years so it will be interesting to see how they integrate together. It is the energy of the moment of lightning striking the earth.

October 1 – December 10 (Exact November 8) Saturn in Capricorn sextile Retrograde Neptune in Pisces: A sense that the pressures we’ve been feeling will be loosened a little bit with Neptune’s timelessness and Saturn’s Timelord meeting up. Work on making progress on the many life-changing tasks before you but enjoy this time frame’s easing of the stress and feelings that time is compressed. Enjoy the thoughts that there is enough time, and things will happen in divine time.

October 27 – November 2 (Exact October 30) Mercury conjunct Venus in Scorpio: Time to shower others with verbal appreciation and loving words. Write love letters, give gifts, and in general make love not war. The heavy Mars aspects can be set aside in favor of this lovely conjunction as we head into November. A wonderful time for new friends and romance, including proposals, marriages, etc., during October. If you want to get married during this month, make it a Halloween wedding, with these two in a fixed sign. You can also send love to those who have passed over.

November 2019 Astrology Trends

November 1 Venus enters Sagittarius / November 1-5 (exact November 3) Venus in Sagittarius Trine Chiron in Aries: We have a month to consider our values prior to Venus entering its next sign, Capricorn. While in Sagittarius, Venus is in a Fire sign, where Venus can work on inspiration and exploration. The big ideas. The philosophical and/or spiritual nature of what is important and what we love. Let’s use November to consider what is important to us in our heart of hearts. December will bring us into manifestation, and it will become important that we not fall into a moral collapse when we realize things such as: we don’t have the money we thought we had, or we need more real-life resources than we have at hand to do the big things that Capricorn energy wants us to do. When reality hits our pocket books and our hearts, and Messrs. Right doesn’t show up with flowers and chocolates at our door, but instead shows up saying we should still be developing our health care routines and developing ourselves to be more attractive, what inner resources will we fall back on? When we need to do the big work of our lives and do it well but then realize we’re only in the planning stages, how will we sustain ourselves while we design our solutions? How in the world will we make sure we get into the right vehicle to travel to our destination? One that won’t break down? In other words, when the ideal and the real don’t yet connect, when there is so little trust in the world and in what we have built so far, what will be our response and our mindset? How will we take the Sagittarian fantasies and turn them into realities? Explore dreams and expand our hearts while keeping a firm grasp on the fact that it will take time to climb the mountain. We will need our backpacks full of supplies and we will need mentors, skills, and muscles. We will need our whole selves and need the concept of resting along the way so plan to build a little; rest a little. Sagittarius can conceive of play time and rest time. Capricorn may not be able to understand the requirement to rest and sleep unless they have been planned and managed as part of a design.

October 31/November 1-November 20 Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: To go along with Venus, Mercury will take us into the depths of our psychological issues during November. Scorpio energy allows us the deep dive into what is motivating our mindset. Why not use this Mercury retrograde to practice mastery of a skill or mastery over something that has previously vexed you? Return something to a state of wholeness within you? Call yourself back to yourself. Possibility one: This is truly an opportunity to review our mindset and our habits that up to now we’ve taken for granted. A smart use of this would be to re-examine the automatic thoughts and behaviors of the self—instead of projecting them on the folks around you. Possibility two: this is a time when you can search the deepest realms to find and gather parts of yourself that feel dispersed and bring them back to integrate them into your human identity. You may become aware and awakened to how you operate within a community of beings—biologically what we call our microbiome / spiritually / the human community around you. Possibility three: You may return to a spiritual practice you have been unable to practice and find the grace and ability to reconnect with your deep spiritual connections, via Mercury in Scorpio, Uranus’s retrograde Taurus transit calling you to nature, and Neptune’s transit in Pisces. Allow yourself the heartbeat of spirit’s presence in your life and in your heart. Taurus energy brings you down-to-earth while Pisces brings Heaven to earth to surround you with grace and possibly miracles—can be the message of Mercury. It’s all fodder for working on, so you may choose any of your issues—from past lives, childhood, injuries, or optimization of your consciousness. Make sure you stay hydrated during November. Write letters to yourself, your family (but don’t send them unless they turn into letters of appreciation), and feel free to do plenty of crying and emoting in the privacy of your personal space. Writing is a nice way to discover truths you may be holding subconsciously. Meditate to clear out emotional blocks. Pay attention to your dreams. Let synchronicities wash over you. Life talks to you when you listen with your whole attention. That’s Mercury retrograde at its highest, doing its job.

November 1-6 (exact November 3) Sun in Scorpio Trine North Node in Cancer: Get energy from meditating and turning inward. Do some detective work on your consciousness and explore the depths of subjects you’re interested in. You might find research to be something that helps you feel good during this period, on a practical note. Especially historical research and/or looking more deeply into your family history or genealogy is favored.

November 2-9 (exact November 5) Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn: You don’t really want to give into the urges toward aggression and power, do you? Turn away from that and use your diplomatic skills to focus the urges toward building something more lasting that will be of value to you in the long run. Remember that when you win and someone loses, everyone loses.

November 5-11 (exact November 8) Sun in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn:  Lots of energy is released during this time period to remind us about the importance of moral development. This could come through witnessing moral collapse or through seeing an example of moral development. Personally, you may also witness either one of these energies. I hope you’re reviewing and enjoying your own big ethical breakthrough. And with conviction and support!

November 6-12 (exact November 9) Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces: Spiritual support is necessary to bring to life and see the embodiment of emotional maturity. Neptune supports and provides depth to the Sun’s passage through Scorpio. The psychologically deep work that appears to be transmitting in a wave in November is gently and yet deeply and mysteriously softened by Neptune’s presence and wisdom, if you listen with your heart.

November 6-15 (exact November 12) Mars in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius: Here is a jolt of cardinal energy to creative, humanitarian, and diplomatic activities—so these look like active and productive days. The Libra energy can be ambiguous, so I say use Jupiter’s expansiveness to let yourself go and get busy instead of questioning whether you should. This is air and fire—intellectual/imaginative rather than grounded. Also, it may be a time when people meet new people or meet old people again.

November 8-12 (exact November 10) Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn: Be willing to change your mind. Please stop getting stuck in the same old mindset, is mercury’s message to you. Pluto wants to set us free, but often can’t do it without transforming us with events that often flatten us. The other approach is conscious transformation—inviting in change and growth with a humble mindset.

November 10-13 (exact November 11) Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio conjunct Sun in Scorpio: Mercury and the Sun together in Scorpio means the time to review and consolidate what you think about how you’re feeling on an important topic has come. Whatever is in your heart, spend some time figuring out how to conceive of it, even if it’s something you think you’ve gone over ad nauseum. You probably need to reconsider it again. There may be new information coming in to you. You may need to take an intuitive approach now.

November 10-13 (exact November 11) Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn: Saturn may provide a re-evaluation of something having to do with our minds. If you need a mental re-evaluation of any kind, this is a good time to set it up. If you want to re-assess where you are at, there’s lots of support saying you will be re-vamping something or rebuilding or re-planning your approach. You can deepen and see new possibilities you’ve never thought about. That’s a great benefit. These new ideas may come from outside or from your own research or meditations.

November 10-17 (exact November 14) Sun in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn: Here is the aspect that says “trying harder with all your insight and all your heart will pay off.” The big plans and projects can add the ingredient of effort now—especially wise and targeted effort.

November 11-16 (exact November 14) Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces: Use this energy to examine where you have a crisis of faith or to observe the crises of faith around you. You may resolve one or see how it could be resolved if you’re not directly involved and have some wisdom around these issues from living and breathing on the earth for a while. If you are experiencing tension between what you value and what another values in a relationship or in finances, do trust that it’s temporary and have patience. These may be the hard days of the month, money-wise.

November 12 Full Moon in Taurus: Moon trine Pluto closely and Saturn loosely in Capricorn, Moon oppose Sun/Mercury Conjunction in Scorpio: This full moon is closely linked with nature and animals and slowing down to experience the animal within. Use it to examine if you’re on the right path by checking in with your body and heart. This is the day to rest instead of overwork—in fact the “work” of this day would be to follow your senses as your guide. Your intuition. Do you need rest? A nutritious meal? To snuggle? A walk among the trees to smell the pines? Is it snowing or raining? Do you need to “snuggle” with nature? Take that drive while the sun is out. Ignore the phone and play hooky. Let go into the abandon of Gaia as she tells you the secrets to opening your heart to healing. Go to the ocean if the sea is calling to you. Make your heart as happy as you can to replenish yourself. Life will thank you.

November 10-18 (exact November 14) Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces: Your connection to the divine is activated and opened up so you have direct access to some mighty psychic messages, should you choose to notice and call upon them. Angels are standing by on the line, waiting to take your order—LOL!

November 16-25 (never exact as Mercury is retrograde and then turns direct on November 20 at 11 degrees and North Node sits at 10 degrees) Mercury in Scorpio trine North Node in Cancer: When fate asks you to view the world as family, we are talking about relationships. Viewing the world in terms of relationships instead of how you can use and consume and trash the world around you. It’s a shift to seeing things as developing spirals—circles with no end—instead of starting and stopping processes—dots and lines. The North Node in Cancer says it’s time to shift our attention to relating to one another instead of consuming one another. You can do it when you pay attention.

November 19 Mars in Scorpio: Now, the planet of direct action follows Mercury in Scorpio. It’s time to make some major changes—to put muscle behind our dreams and insights. Where previously, we have thought a lot about what’s important to us and we have laid a groundwork, Mars in Scorpio engages the people and places around us to begin to shift our lives. Scorpio energy provides quick transformations—and there is not another sign in the zodiac that does this. Scorpio is the energy of the phoenix at its highest expression. This means, Mars in Scorpio allows us to finish up the things that need to end in our lives and from the fire of these endings; begin anew and rise into the sky as a new creature. Allow yourself to let go into the phoenix fire and begin anew during the next few months. Letting go is much easier typed than done. The fire burns.

November 20 Mercury stations and turns direct. (See above Mercury Retrograde text on November 1).

November 19-29 (exact November 24) Mars in Scorpio oppose Uranus retrograde in Taurus: Immediately upon entering Scorpio, Mars will activate the question to Uranus in Taurus of why so simple? The answers in our lives will likely look too obvious and simple. It may have been right in front of us all along. It will be important to allow yourself to be surprised by honoring the body’s wisdom and by slowing down—or I think Uranus in Taurus could provide surprises from outside circumstances to slow down Mars in Scorpio. Allow oneself to integrate the Uranus in Taurus energy softly and when you are diving deeply into Mars in Scorpio activities… Please understand that there will be nothing done without doing it from a healthy and comfortable place, as prescribed by Taurus. Wherever Taurus is in your chart, this needs to be integrated into your new Mars endeavors.

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November 22 Sun in Sagittarius: The Sun enters Sagittarius and we begin to turn toward expansiveness. How will we grow and journey and, furthermore, help others, during then next month? Is it any wonder the holidays fall during the sign of “too much?” Too much food, wine, merriment, spending, or anything? On the other hand, who can resist (not me for sure) the way a Sagittarian holds space (lots of space—an enormous amount of space) for you when you’re needing room to grow or cry or vent or simply be yourself? Who else allows you to express your full self like a Sagittarius friend? Who else allows you to be comfortable, so comfortable? Like there is room for you in their life? Like it’s going to be okay in the end? Like it’s an adventure and we have time to live out the plot? Like the air in the room is moving in a cool breeze but at a good pace, in a way that you can breathe. This is no tornado or storm but a cool Summer day… That’s how Sagittarius feels. We move from Psychology to philosophy; Scorpio to Sagittarius; the therapy room to the university. The sign of the Socratic method, of Plato and Tao and Nietzsche. Sagittarius certainly seeks meaning and freedom.

November 22-26 (exact November 24) Sun in Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries: What meaning is to be made out of wisdom and pain from your life? Find the growth from the insights you have gained, and it will give you energy to move forward.

November 21-26 (exact November 25) Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius: Right before a New Moon and a new phase emotionally, this aspect is a big boost of energy to consolidate the end of the Venus in Sagittarius transit that helps us to wrap up our process of expanding what we value and what we are inspired to bring into right relationship as we begin the work of making it so when Venus moves into Capricorn.

November 26 New Moon in Sagittarius: New Moon & Sun trine Chiron in Aries, semi-square Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, quincunx retrograde Uranus in Taurus:  This New Moon allows us to see how we may need to adjust ourselves to be who we want to be to usher in a new age in our lives. It allows us to understand that we need to let go of what has transpired in the past and make sure we are attaching ourselves to the right goals and projects NOW to create the future we want to build for ourselves. That means making choices. Choices inevitably narrow our worlds, because they exclude other possibilities.

November 26 Venus in Capricorn: This is the time frame for you to put commitment into relationships that you value. Conversely, the relationship you value may be the one you have with yourself and you may feel most like being alone during the holiday season because you are focused on a big project or the big work of your life at this time. Socializing and parties may have been better suited for October and November and you may find yourself seeing the beauty of effortful striving in December. Make the holidays about being and doing things together instead of about things and I think Venus in Capricorn will bless your relationships. You my find this to be a unique holiday season that strengthens the bonds that are dear to your heart, because of this Venus in Capricorn influence, overall. Remember that the Moon rules Cancer, the sign opposite Capricorn, and include children and nurturing in your plans by thinking of games and activities that can help them build social, cognitive and physical skills, because play is the work of children.

November 26-30 (exact November 27) Venus in Capricorn square retrograde Chiron in Aries: As Venus heads into Capricorn, the tension that will arise will likely be that there seems to be a lot of work to do. Someone (maybe your inner critical voice from childhood authorities) will be saying you should work harder and harder, but that only leads to collapse. Collapse of your body, your spirit, and your mind/emotions. Aries energy is the warrior and thinks there is something to battle and breakthrough. However, the breakthrough often happens in the small, quiet moments instead of the loud calls to battle action.

November 26-December 1 (exact November 28) Venus in Capricorn trine retrograde Uranus in Taurus: Sometimes doing nothing is doing a lot. We can learn through just being. If you tune in to the energy in nature and the energy of your own body to observe what you are and what you want, you may get a lot further than all the busy work in the world. If you’re in the U.S. this Thanksgiving, allow yourself to rest as deeply as possible, and take a true retreat. Enjoy healthy foods and the many good smells emanating from the environment. Make a little nest of heaven on earth.

November 26 – December 3 (exact November 29) Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn: What a nice bump of motivation to awaken us to our compass that tells us about what we believe. After our family gatherings (if you’re in the U.S.), it’s natural we will look at how we conceive of what’s moral and important in our development. It’s overall a time to see where we are at in out development and test the waters for the next phase of what we might build and become. We may get a glimpse of what we are ready for working toward.

November 24-December 2 (exact November 28) Mercury DIRECT in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces: This is a transcendent time when you can link into higher divine mind if you meditate, use automatic writing, or pay attention to your daydreams. Pay attention to how you feel and your intuition.

November 28- December 8 (exact December 3) Venus in Capricorn sextile Mars in Scorpio: Venus relates to Mars in a very elegant dance in this aspect, opening up new possibilities for us to relate to one another. Venus is the planet that activates our relationships and Mars is the planet that is our actions. What this says is that there will be plenty of support for positive interactions to build and promote relationships through depth and doing the hardest parts of things. You can approach and tackle the subjects you have been unable to approach in the past, taboo places, with confidence and success, during this time frame.

November 29-December 9 (exact December 3) Mars in Scorpio trine the North Node in Cancer; Sextile the South Node in Capricorn: Mars provides karmic information here that the actions we take to heal relationships will be the highest actions when we approach them in a nurturing and safe way. If we provide a soft landing for everyone around us, we will be on the path for our highest and best good. If we find ourselves pushing and feeling the sense of single-minded purpose, we are on the Capricorn and South-Node side. There is energy for that, but it is not the highest and best use of our wisdom according to astrology. Use the mother earth, water, Gaia energies. Use water logic to remain flexible. Don’t cling to the shore when faced with whatever you are faced with—allow the current to teach you how to swim in the uncertainty of the river.


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