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Continuing Influences

Leaves  May 8 2020 11:22:19 am (MDT +6:00) (exact January 12), return to orb May 17-December 26 during Saturn retrograde (never exact), Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: This is one of the most powerful aspects of our lives, and a once in a lifetime occurrence. The opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct a new world. A steady and consistent effort can provide a way to work within the world that will honor our values in a noble way. Nature is larger than man, and we need to align with a higher vision as we make a new world, culture, society, and systems. The idea that men are machines or the ideas that our parents and the world has transmitted are not aligned with higher values. Saturn is the lord of karma and Pluto is the great destroyer/transformer/re-maker. Together, they can embody some larger conversations among nature and mankind is part of nature.

January 1-October 30 (exact February 20, July 27, October 12) Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces: When the expansion of universal governance meets consciousness in the most active of supportive aspects, this can provide an interesting mix. This is a non-personal aspect but I think it will affect us all in personal ways depending on how it touches our chart. With Venus integrating alongside Neptune, relationships and/or values will certainly be deeply activated. Business and financial relationships may shift to a deeper or more spiritual slant. What planets do you have located in water and earth signs in the middle degrees? They may be activated by this influence.

February 4-December 23 (Exact April 4, June 29, and November 12) Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: This is the aspect that brings us the telescope and the microscope. How much more literal and down to earth could the fusion (conjunction) of the planet of expansion and size (Jupiter) conjunct transformation (Pluto) be? Now we’re looking into black holes, still looking at space in new and revolutionary ways… In conjunction also with Saturn I feel it does have something to do with time and “event horizons.” However, in spiritual and evolutionary terms, we can take that into examining the black holes in our own lives. Where are we losing power? What energy holes and vortices need to be “closed up?” That’s a revolution and transformation that can serve us if we telescope and microscope in and out within our lives and take a look at how we are doing.

March 18-May 9 Venus in Taurus/Gemini trine Mars in Capricorn/Aquarius: Venus and Mars move in harmony for a few months, making it a beautiful time to form new relationships, focus on current relationships, and in general take lot of actions in a dyadic (one-to-one) sense. In fact, it’s a good time to study about what works in relationships and communicate about it. It’s a great time to talk about it publicly, if you’re planning any events, relationships are a great topic. People should be very interested in the topic of relating, whether it be romance, compatibility, creative coupling, and all the aspects of what makes two people attracted to one another, mate, stay together, not stay together, etc. You can practice it in real life or study it academically.

April 28 – May 2 (Exact April 30) Mercury Conjunct Uranus in Taurus & April 26-May 10 (exact May 4) Mercury conjunct Sun in Taurus:  This transition into May leaves us so either bereft or tired that we need to wonder if we have let April and March go through us like a collection of days that we have been unable to process—a book collection that sits on our shelf of life experience unread and unopened. Lots of words but we are illiterate. Things may be occurring in a language we don’t understand.  Time to dig into the deeper processing soon…

April 5-June 15 (Exact April 29) Saturn in Aquarius (and Retrograde after May 11) quincunx North Node as it moves from Cancer into Gemini: The ability to dream and have faith in the family of humanity is severely tested during this time, or families themselves face emotional crises that render them sensitive to the constraints surrounding them as they adjust. They go back and forth. With Saturn retrograde, it’s probably wise to think of the north node shift as our collective destiny of viewing ourselves as a family to dealing with the practical matter of learning and expanding our networks in a more active than an emotional and sensitive way. We may need to adjust to more flexible ways of processing—Gemini is a sign looking for constant connection, communication, feedback, friendship, stimulation, and energy. The methods of processing life and the world are expanding. In-depth philosophizing about transformation is not what’s happening now. Methodologies are emerging. The sheer amount of conversations and the need for stable peer relations and networking is what you’ll see arise during the next few years. Everyone likely needs to adjust in order to navigate numerous demands for their attention. In fact, attention itself could be the currency of Gemini North Node times!

Pluto remains Retrograde.

May 2020 Astrology Trends:

May 1-14 (exact May 3) Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces: The perpendicular relationship between a baby bird trying to fly and the sky as the bird falls from the branch it was just chirping happily upon could characterize this aspect. Venus is the beautiful bird in an air sign who must fly or perish, and Neptune provides the sky itself with all the spaciousness and opportunity and also the risk. Altitude can be a terrible thing when you are falling and a glorious thing when you can use your wing muscles. Venus in Gemini also has a relationship to the air and planet earth—Venus is said to rule the earth. So, air and earth issues (such as a planetary virus) can be affiliated with Venus-Gemini transits. With Mercury in an earth sign as well and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction ruling things of size (whether very small or very large—and this can be said to be both), the picture is that Venus in Gemini has a part in the global pandemic and so the aspects of her Gemini transits point to a part in the timing of global health events.

May 2-6 (exact May 4) Mercury in Taurus conjunct Sun in Taurus: Your body is the receptor of messages and insight as you awaken to a new phase of growth. This spring is asking the little bird in you to crack open its shell in order to learn to take flight. Mercury is the god of messages, and in order to communicate, it will need to connect with the earth through Taurus earth energy. The thoughts during May will be part of relationships that link with the Venus cycle (Taurus’s ruler) during May through July as Venus and Mercury are disposited, or located in each other’s natural home signs, during May. With Mercury and the Sun meeting now, there is inner creative work hatching that will later be shared, and what will be shared will be important to more than one person. Value what is being created and inspired at the beginning of May.

May 6-May 18 (exact May 15) Pluto in Capricorn trine Sun in Taurus and
May 8-10 (exact May 9) Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn and
May 9-20 (Exact May 17) Jupiter in Capricorn trine Sun in Taurus and

May 9-11 (exact May 10) Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter in Capricorn:
This group of influences between the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and the Mercury-Sun conjunction in Taurus is an opportunity to become the embodiment of the larger purpose or spiral out into existential narcissism as others flatter you or you retreat into an inner fantasy world. We either allow Pluto’s transpersonal nature to puppeteer our lives with its mission (inevitably larger and wilder than our conceptions) or we become an existential mockery to our own vanities. Your values and how you choose to embody what you relate to and identify with is crucial to whether you can avoid becoming a target of the transpersonal trickster appealing to your appetite for power and instead become an agent of Pluto–rather like an investigator. You may feel you’re both one person and a figurehead—somehow larger than yourself. In the process, you may be gifted with wisdom and insights you never knew you possessed as you’re asked to re-shape and re-form the world in your sphere.

May 3-8 (Exact May 6) Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces: There is something larger to your consciousness than your ego—than your desires. There is a framework that is streaming through the cracks in your armor and in your usual ways of deliberating to you now that is ripe with compassion, mysticism, universality, and the highest forms of creative expression.

May 7 Full Moon in Scorpio: The Full Moon in Scorpio sees the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces while the Sun sextiles Neptune. The Moon also opposes Mercury in Taurus, and quincunxes Venus in Gemini. Just keep working on your art and creativity. This may bring to fruition something for the COVID-19 story world-wide. Things can come to light, in your life and in the world. Fixed energy means determination. What you can do is keep looking to your physical isolation to become creative and try to heal and let yourself feel as calm as possible. Dreams may be vivid and you need an outlet for this. Sleep, in fact may either improve or be elusive on this full moon. Stick with how you need to adapt and you will emerge stronger.

May 8-May 11 (exact May 11) Mercury in Taurus square Mars in Aquarius: Your need to act and defend from the collective, group level exists now in tension with your personal growth and need you have to stick with and develop the thoughts that are tender as young plant shoots in the spring garden in a windy storm. It’s like there’s a tornado and your newly developing consciousness and growth is desperately attempting to stay rooted. The best we can say is: this, too, shall pass. There is struggle and need all around you and all inside you. Did it need to be from every direction, Life? At least if you know to expect it and know it is temporary, you can prepare some strategies to weather it. Mercury’s influences are mercifully fast.

May 5-13 (Exact May 10) Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces: Another thing happening as a result of our sky, our atmosphere—is photosynthesis. The root of all life on planet earth, from plant to animal to human animal—we omnivores barely stop to contemplate the vastness of how we came to be in the moment of life we are in—what with our appetites and drives and survival reactions. This is a moment to stop and realize what a miracle it is to even be alive and how many millions of years and varieties of evolutionary events had to occur to result in a creature you call “you.” And to go ahead and feel how interconnected we all are—all forms of life. Or you may feel inclined to eat, drink and be merry if you’re not so reflective! HA!

May 11 Mercury in Gemini: Mercury pulls up with a sigh of relief into its own driveway. Coming home into the sign that understands how fast it wants to move.  As Mercury moves like a bullet train through its home sign of Gemini this month, it’s almost like they’re speaking in shorthand. Expect large amounts of data and communication during this time. Talk to your peers, sisters, and brothers if you can. Take a quick class in something you need to learn quickly.

May 11 Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius: There is a test before us this year. That test is one in which we are going to need to lock in our singular, lone ability to do the things that are good for the group—good for humanity—and no one will see us doing it. We will need to do something other than narcissism. Other than be seen to do what it is we are brilliant at doing. If we were to perish before we are ready (and when does anyone ever feel ready to die?), what would we choose to do anyway? I realize I would choose to love. Maybe write some things. Move my body and enjoy the beauty in the world, taking in as many breaths as I can. Soak in nature’s amazing beauty like my body is a sponge for it. My Saturn is in a Stellum with Venus in my first house in Taurus—so my body and receptivity carries heavy weight in the things I do when no one is looking. I simply breathe and be and enjoy being alive when there is no audience. Maybe a Leo Saturn would put on a costume for their own epic production. Aquarius Saturn is going to invent something, however. Solve some problems. Resolve some issues on a grand scale. Saturn retrograde has us gazing inward with an intellectual, scientific bent. This is a test of your Astro emergency broadcast system.

May 11-13 (exact May 12) Mercury in Gemini trine Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius: This is the input and output of large amounts of data from all directions. You can tap into the data stream if you “mine this trine.”

May 12 Mars in Pisces: Mars, on the other hand, hits a wall in Pisces as together they need to consolidate Mars’ journey around the zodiac during the past approximately two years. Mars’ home sign is Aries, which comes after Pisces. But before Mars can move into Aries, the trip through Pisces is like taking a hit of LSD to clean out the tiny gray cells. It could be a good psychedelic trip or a bad one. It could be clean LSD-25 from an Albert Hofman lab the 1950s or it could be 1980s crap LSD from the streets. In Pisces, Mars takes the acid trip and has no clear idea what he’s taking. He’s the warrior and pioneer planet there to explore and protect and he’s tripping. Let’s see how it goes.

May 13 through June 25 Venus Retrograde in Gemini: You’re going to need to talk to yourself during this time period. That means you need feedback. I don’t know where Venus is in your chart, but mine happens to be in the first house—house of my body. I need to be writing down and journaling about my relationship with my body. Lifelong relationship issues show up as how I treat my body. I need to prioritize my body, no matter what delusions get in my way. No matter what obstacles I face. Where is your Venus? That is where you need to reflect on what you need to receive during this retrograde period. You are valuable there and it will be tempting to undervalue yourself. You’re going to have to look deeply into how to change to emerge from this time with your values intact so revisit whatever you have learned about Venus and your chart. If you need to see where Venus is in your chart, and where to adapt, you can contact Charts are currently on sale.

May 12-May 20 (exact May 14) Mars in Pisces trine North Node in Cancer: Mars sends strength and fortune to the family of humanity, as if to say: “I’m here to protect you—please remember the archetype of the inner steam engine train. Find your will and your core and I’ll see you on the other side, soldier! We shall never sleep; never surrender! Not even during my visit through Pisces!”

May 14- May 29 (exact May 21) Venus Retrograde square Neptune in Pisces: The sky is going to seem awfully big to that little bird who tried out their wings, as Venus retreats into the shadow period of her retrograde time. Until Venus conjuncts the Sun and emerges into a new Venus cycle, this is a time of deepest retreat when you really need to consider your true nature and how to be your authentic self as you review your values. Creative pursuits you return to time and again hold the key to your healing and processing. As you move forward, you’re going to find you need to be true to your values and ethics or uncover them now. It won’t do any good to blur the lines of ethical behaviors and thoughts. Shadow and creative work and humble acceptance is the path here.

May 14 Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn: The expansion of things such as the COVID-19 virus (since that’s the major correlation with Jupiter in Capricorn thus far) may appear to lessen as Jupiter turns retrograde, but it’s likely only going to be temporary until the planet turns direct again on September 13. This is an exploratory, philosophical, search-for-meaning phase. Pan, son of Hermes or Mercury, in ancient Greek myth, watches over the shepherds and the huntsmen. He made friends with the Gods in Mount Olympus, and despite his horns and hooves, he was gentle and loved music (pan flute) and chased the nymphs. The hunters, who were often intimidated by Artemis, made sure to give Pan adoration instead. Pan’s stories are the ecosystem of Capricorn, and when Jupiter retreats in Capricorn, it is sometimes into Pan’s lair that we find him. Pan and Apollo (another name for Jupiter) famously had a contest to see whose music was preferred—everyone chose Apollo’s except King Midas. Apollo was furious to not have 100 percent of the votes and turned King Midas’s ears into donkey ears. Pan didn’t or couldn’t rectify the situation. Midas had a barber who kept the secret as long as he could, covering up the ears in a variety of ways. One day he went to the mountains and dug a hole into the rock to yell out his story because keeping the secret was simply tortuous for him, He screamed it out into the wild, thinking he was alone. He yelled “King’s aaasss ears!” What he didn’t know is that he had dug a hole into echo’s rock. You can still hear the sound of his voice yelling “King’s aaasss ears!” in the mountains. I don’t know if the moral is that Jupiter and Pan getting together has consequences beyond what you would think, or that sound carries in the sign of Capricorn and in the mountains. Or cooperation is better than competition. That’s something to reflect upon while Jupiter travels through its retrograde period.

May 14-16 (exact May 15) Mercury in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries: Watch what you say and take what others say with a grain of salt. People can either heal or hurt with their words. Gemini and Chiron can also be the fast transmission of things through the air—e.g., viruses that are airborne. Misleading or revealing news about this subject can come during this time.

May 15 (through June 25) Venus turns Retrograde in Gemini (21 degrees to 5 degrees): Venus, who usually wants to be touched and held, is restricted from doing so for the four months she is spending in Gemini. This is due to the global physical restrictions. Travel and finances are similarly restricted. However, Venus calls things to herself, and she will call love forth even in the current state of the planet. Venus turns into an action planet, using relational skills to express herself rather than physical touch. She will “touch” with her intellect and creative nature. Spirit becomes activated after the retrograde. There is a shadow period and then a more active period probably in July. There is the practical side of the influence outside the body of the air sign meaning an air transmitted influence. Everything from masks to networks are involved. Kindness and values are also involved. With Venus being part of the mix, the world is extremely lucky because Venus brings many benefits such as compassion, heart, and kindness in the actions of people.

May 20 Sun in Gemini: We begin to shine with adaptability. You’re going to need to feed your soul some stimulation this month, so plan for it. Also plan for some fun, or you will feel starved.

May 20-28 (exact May 24) Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius trine Sun in Gemini: Find some new ways to use time. Things may be cyclical rather than linear. Give yourself permission to recreate some new and uplifting ways to work that emerge. It will be the right time to reform some brilliant strategies and share them. You can reorganize and consider those who can’t yet see your vision as a toxic energy you can’t vibe with.  You’re working inventively, not cruelly (the new smarter not harder).

May 20-29 (exact May 25) Mars in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus: Yay! Mars will help us find some kind and perhaps prayerful movement that aligns with our enlightened vision as we use the retrograde energy to design a new way of operating. We can make this way circular and cyclical rather than based upon the linear processes we have been told to squash ourselves into. This means rest is acknowledged and spirit is acknowledged and supports, and the entirety of life becomes acknowledged in a complex view of what it means to live a day.

May 22 New Moon in Gemini: This is a time to develop or plan to develop new communication techniques or skills. It’s time to let go of the past and get comfortable with the new ways of doing things. That means letting yourself melt into positive vibes, positive attitudes as much as anything technological. The technology of the heart is equally as important. What you allow in your network—your inner core—is important. Your heart may need a spam blocker.

May 17-May 25 (exact May 22) Out-of-Bounds Mercury conjunct Out-of-Bounds Venus in Gemini, and on May 25th Moon (Cancer) also Out-Of-Bounds: Mercury’s final trick before changing signs will be to fly up like a trapeze artist leg-in-leg with Venus, out of bounds with Venus May 17-25, in conjunction, and reach over to connect hand-to-hand swinging over to the Moon, who is in the sign of Cancer, and also out of bounds on May 25, where Mercury is moving next. These out of bounds placements means the functions of receptivity, mentality, and instinct are extreme during these days. Mercury will be watching Venus sing her opera and read her poetry but will not be feeling his heart moved, he will merely write down the words to count the number of verses. Then he will listen to the Moon’s needs and desires, noting carefully any symptoms that match a clinical mental health diagnosis, but failing to provide empathy and understanding. He may look up evidence-based treatments to make a list of them. To hand off to somebody like Mars, Saturn, Neptune or the Sun.

May 26-June 20 (exact June 6) Sun in Gemini square Mars in Pisces: Mars feels guilty, like he might be carrying an ocean of disease and the Sun wants to talk all night and then all day again. Mars is exhausted, having had a long talk with pestilence the day prior. Mars is bedridden in Pisces, all the cultures of the earth beating in his overflowing and sad heart. The Sun has awakened bright and luminous, ready to let Mars know it’s all in your perception or how you look at it. Truly, we can start some observational studies and attend to these matters. Pestilence can’t win if we use science! Mars turns his droopy gaze to Big Brother Sun. “We can try,” he says, “but you’re moving into Cancer before too long…”

May 28 Mercury in Cancer: Mercury in cancer means to watch out that our fears and biases don’t get center stage when we are transferring messages to and fro. Slow down and try to operate from a neutral perspective instead of the emotional and reactive mind.

May 28 (exact)-June 1 Mercury conjunct the North Node in Cancer / oppose the South Node in Capricorn: It’s a time to consolidate your statement about viewing the family of humanity and how you feel about that. You could write or speak about your perspective on how it makes you feel to see broken systems and the results to families—children, loved ones, elders. Be passionate and try to record your feelings at this point. When the north node moves into Gemini, we won’t have this time for emotional and passionate responses. To have written it down will be inspiring later.

May 25-June 1 (exact May 29) Sun in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries: A time when we see ourselves and others favorably. We tend to feel optimistic about our chances and a flavor of survival is possible. A boost of encouragement in a landscape where we have been fighting for survival.

May 28-June 6 (Exact June 3) Sun Conjunct Venus in Gemini: This is the beginning of a new Venus cycle, like a New Moon for your relationships, values, finances, and creativity. Spend some time in the seed of what you truly value and want to create during the next few years. In a Gemini Venus cycle, it seems about the sisterhood/brotherhood/siblinghood of all people and things that will stimulate comprehending and processing the world together. It’s viewing the world as a peer views the world, standing side by side, and learning how to think and be unwaveringly ethical instead of the flexible ethics Gemini and Mercury together have. With Venus, ethics are involved. Thanks, Taurus.

May 30-June 5 (exact June 2) Venus Retrograde in Gemini square Mars in Pisces: She says, “I just set us up a family account with encrypted teleconferencing and let’s call my parents, your parents, the grandparents, your brother Scott, and my sister, Sarah. I think in England She and my niece and nephew are just waking up so now will work for everyone.” He says, “But my edibles just kicked in and I can’t form full sentences with both a noun and a verb.” The active Venus and medicated Mars aren’t on the same page.

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