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Continuing Influences

  • Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (exact January 12, 2020), in orb until December 26 except May 8-17, even during Saturn retrograde (but never exact again)
  • January 1-October 30 (exact February 20, July 27, October 12) Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces
  • February 4-December 23 (Exact April 4, June 29, and November 12) Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn
  • April 25 – October 4 Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn
  • September 29 – Saturn in Capricorn turns direct after being Retrograde since May 11
  • June 23 to November 28, Neptune Retrograde
  • August 15, 2020 – January 14, 2021 Uranus Retrograde in Taurus
  • July 29 – December 20 Mars in Aries square Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn (Exact August 4 – Mars Direct & Jupiter Retrograde and October 18—Mars Retrograde & Jupiter is Direct) (also exact January 21, 2021 – Jupiter in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus when both are direct)
  • August 15 – October 10 (Exact August 24 – When Saturn is Retrograde, and September 29 – When both Saturn & Mars are Retrograde) Mars in Aries Square Saturn in Capricorn
  • August 1, 2020 – January 5, 2021 (Exact August 13 – When Pluto is Retrograde / October 9 – When Mars is Retrograde / December 23 – When both are Direct) Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn
  • September 15-October 13 (exact October 6) Mars in Aries sextile North Node in Gemini
  • September 15-October 13 (exact October 6) Mars in Aries trine South Node in Gemini
  • September 27-October 3 (Exact September 30) Chiron Retrograde in Aries oppose Sun in Libra
  • September 29-October 4 (exact October 2) Sun in Libra quincunx Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (exact January 12, 2020), in orb until December 26 except May 8-17, even during Saturn retrograde (but never exact again): This is one of the most powerful aspects of our lives, and a once in a lifetime occurrence. The opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct a new world. A steady and consistent effort can provide a way to work within the world that will honor our values in a noble way. Nature is larger than man, and we need to align with a higher vision as we make a new world, culture, society, and systems. The idea that men are machines or the ideas that our parents and the world has transmitted are not aligned with higher values. Saturn is the lord of karma and Pluto is the great destroyer/transformer/re-maker. Together, they can embody some larger conversations among nature and mankind is part of nature.

January 1-October 30 (exact February 20, July 27, October 12) Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces: When the expansion of universal governance meets consciousness in the most active of supportive aspects, this can provide an interesting mix. This is a non-personal aspect but likely will affect us all in personal ways depending on how it touches our chart. With Venus integrating alongside Neptune, relationships and/or values will certainly be deeply activated. Business and financial relationships may shift to a deeper or more spiritual slant. What planets do you have located in water and earth signs in the middle degrees? They may be activated by this influence.

February 4-December 23 (Exact April 4, June 29, and November 12) Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: This is the aspect that brings us the telescope and the microscope. How much more literal and down to earth could the fusion (conjunction) of the planet of expansion and size (Jupiter) conjunct transformation (Pluto) be? Now we’re looking into black holes, still looking at space in new and revolutionary ways… In conjunction also with Saturn I feel it does have something to do with time and “event horizons.” However, in spiritual and evolutionary terms, we can take that into examining the black holes in our own lives. Where are we losing power? What energy holes and vortices need to be “closed up?” That’s a revolution and transformation that can serve us if we telescope and microscope in and out within our lives and take a look at how we are doing.

April 25 to October 4 Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: (24 59 to 22 29 degrees.): Psychological shifts, empowerment through sifting through conflicting beliefs, restarting transformative projects while letting go of major things—these are shifts. Letting go can make you feel constrained at times. It’s tough to feel your life is actually expanding but it will be. You will say goodbye and hello at the same time. It seems like that kind of scene where you’re standing in a hallway and you have to set down the many suitcases and burdens you are carrying in order to open the door and step into a beautiful new destination. Maybe a whole new dimension you could never have imagined, but it’s the kind of door that only you will fit through— not the baggage. Set it down during the retrograde. Leave it behind. Wear only what you want to take with you. Or wear nothing at all. Pluto is going to set the wardrobe anyway, so I’d not be forming strong opinions.

September 29 – Saturn in Capricorn turns direct after being Retrograde since May 11: There is a test before us this year. That test is one in which we are going to need to lock in our singular, lone ability to do the things that are good for the group—good for humanity—and no one will probably see us doing it. We will need to do something other than narcissism. Other than be seen to do what it is we are brilliant at doing. If we were to perish before we are ready (and when does anyone ever feel ready to die?) what would we choose to do anyway? I realize I would choose to love. Maybe write some things. Move my body and enjoy the beauty in the world, taking in as many breaths as I can. Soak in nature’s amazing beauty like my body is a sponge for it. My Saturn is in a Stellum with Venus in my first house in Taurus—so my body and receptivity carries heavy weight in the things that I do when no one is looking. I simply breathe and be and enjoy being alive when there is no audience. Maybe a Leo Saturn would put on a costume for their own epic production. Aquarius Saturn is going to invent something, however. Solve some problems. Resolve some issues on a grand scale. Saturn retrograde has us gazing inward with an intellectual, scientific bent. This is a test of your emergency broadcast system.

June 23 to November 28, Neptune Retrograde: With the reversal, or retrograde, of Neptune’s motion, we have the chance to see how this planet has been operating on us from its home placement in Pisces. Neptune is in a powerful placement and yet it is in a sign that does not “do” power. Neptune itself is a dreamy planet. I experience it as a portal and a calling operator, unlike Mars or Saturn or Pluto. Those planets manifest in ways that are visible and Uranus can manifest, when triggered, in a lightning flash. Neptune operates slowly, like water. In a water sign, that is enhanced. We might see many signs of escapist activity occurring—and it needn’t be anything that hits us over the head. Virtual reality and living and perceiving more from our fantasies than from observable reality. Increased reliance on pharmaceuticals and difficulties accessing our own agency to get things accomplished. Then there are the usual suspects—alcohol and (mine) eating, harmful substances and sexual preoccupations. Neptune can cover the exploration into DNA alterations, fantasy, envisioning, our capacity for spirituality. On what I think is nowadays the more positive side of Neptune in a heavy time for the planet, Neptune can inspire our capacity for playful and fun activities, and the fascination for exploration about human consciousness itself. All humans may find themselves engaging in more meditation and sleeping more. It will likely be the cumulative effects of beauty causing the tipping point for change and awakening of the masses. This can happen in Incremental pushes, not lightning bolts—raising the group consciousness of humans the way water slowly raises the level of what is floating upon it. In retrograde, Neptune is a little less cloudy and we may be able to see the functions here slightly more clearly or attempt to support them with our heart’s intentions.

August 15, 2020 – January 14, 2021 Uranus Retrograde in Taurus (10 degrees to 6 degrees): This is a time when we change our habit about how we deal with what we fund, create, and relate to. We need to turn our attention inward to understand our own addiction to the status quo as much as understand how culture and history have misstepped. How are we harming ourselves, and in turn, how does that harm the entire environment we live in and those around us? How do our simple daily habits defeat us time and time again? A change in mindset and in our thinking about how we walk through each day—looking down at our feet step-by-step—can begin to develop the impact of our thoughtlessness and neglectful impact and the retrograde allows us another chance to engage with Uranus in Taurus. Some mindfulness can beget a new conversation in several dimensions. Several Astrologers say Taurus is the sign ruling the planet Earth and I am tending to agree more and more.

July 29 – December 20 Mars in Aries square Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn (Exact August 4 – Mars Direct & Jupiter Retrograde and October 18—Mars Retrograde & Jupiter is Direct) (also exact January 21, 2021  July 29 – December 20 Mars in Aries square Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn (Exact August 4 – Mars Direct & Jupiter Retrograde and October 18—Mars Retrograde & Jupiter is Direct) (also exact January 21, 2021 – Jupiter in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus when both are direct):  This aspect speaks to tension can conflict between new action and expansion. It seems like the idea of reopening “the world” is challenged during the entire Mars in Aries traversal during the latter part of this Year. With Mars in Aries wanting lots of Action and Activity and Jupiter being the planet of making things bigger—the problems only grow bigger the more activity occurs. So it’s difficult to see that the best active initiation is to do as little as possible and let the transits work through until Jupiter and Mars can find new ways to be together as Jupiter and Saturn move through Aquarius and new social methods are created. Mars is very initiatory. But its impulses need to be tempered now instead of expanded. Use physical activity in safe environments to burn off the Aries energy and self-regulate with Saturn’s help and wisdom. This is a time to develop maturity and support others as the Mars Warrior, but not to put you or your loved ones at risk. The timing of this conflict aspects seems to put us well into 2021 before there is any easing of social restrictions, and I think it speaks to the astrological conversation about being patient with staying physically distant and all the attendant needs for patience and the emotional, physical, financial, and social toll it takes on each of us. However, knowing it will be long-term can give us the ability to plan for it and plan for the inevitable inner and outer barriers we will need to navigate. We can do this! We have to, so let’s buckle up and find the backup plans for our own health like Mars in Aries wants us to do!

August 15 – October 10 (Exact August 24 – When Saturn is Retrograde, and September 29 – When both Saturn & Mars are Retrograde) Mars in Aries Square Saturn in Capricorn: The tension between wishing to take immediate actions to change what you think is wrong in society and in groups and structures, especially in defense of self or others, runs into delays.

August 1, 2020 – January 5, 2021 (Exact August 13 – When Pluto is Retrograde / October 9 – When Mars is Retrograde / December 23 – When both are Direct) Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn: Influences well beyond your instincts and will to change and initiate actions will rule the day. There is a stress point between the two that my feel frustrating. It’s important to know the time isn’t right to act on impulse.

September 15-October 13 (exact October 6) Mars in Aries sextile North Node in Gemini: If you question your own actions and the actions of others (approaching your behavior with humble curiosity), you will be reaching for the best life has to offer right now. The concept of beginner’s mind has never been more important to finding the next needed step. This is creating great karma, says the stars. Keep asking questions with an open mind. Keep growing into new consciousness.

September 15-October 13 (exact October 6) Mars in Aries trine South Node in Gemini: If you stick to your dogged plan, using things such as philosophy, religions, history, what you already know, principles, and being unable to pivot—plan on meeting your worst karmic fears. This is the south-node-go-to-automatic reaction we all automatically respond with when faced with what we already know. We think we can categorize things today into familiar systems that already exist when the skies are saying—not if you want the best and highest outcome; you can’t. You will need to ask new and better questions. Astrology is saying new systems are being formed and old systems are irrelevant nowadays.

September 27-October 3 (Exact September 30) Chiron Retrograde in Aries oppose Sun in Libra: The Sun is highlighting our inner and outer hurts. Where are we wounded? How are we in danger of our lives and essences? Where do we feel a fundamental sense of being either a burden or a sense that we have been stabbed in our will to survive? The task is to integrate joy and pain—to find the center of our self-generative core. For this, we may call upon help from another trusted friend, partner, or lover.

September 29-October 4 (exact October 2) Sun in Libra quincunx Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: We may find we change our ideas about what it means to be ourselves and what we know about the parts of us that are smart. We may simplify—and in the simplification—discover something joyful indeed!

As October Opens:

Full Moon October 1 (Aries)
Sun in Libra
Mercury in Scorpio (watch for its Retrograde during October)
Venus in Leo
Mars Remains Retrograde in Aries
Jupiter in Capricorn
Saturn in Capricorn has just stationed and turned direct
Uranus Remains Retrograde in Taurus
Neptune Remains Retrograde in Pisces
Chiron Remains Retrograde in Aries
Uranus Remains Retrograde in Taurus
Pluto Remains Retrograde in Capricorn but is about to turn direct

October 2020 Astrology Trends

October 1 Full Moon at 9 Degrees Aries: October opens and closes with a set of Full Moons in the first and second signs of the zodiac—Aries and on October 31, Taurus. A “Blue Moon” means there are two full moons in one month, and October, with its signature full moon howl, enclosed in full moons. Instinct seems to play a big part this month, as the Moon is the ruler of our instincts and the impulses that occur to us in the moment. The Moon is our gut feelings and our emotional states. If we start with how we feel, and honor our selves this month, from start to finish, we will be serving the connection we have to nature and learning how we fit in to the larger scheme of things. Aries is impulsive and quick, so the start of the month will fly by before we know it, but we should realize that both Aries and Taurus ask us to let the body lead the way. Deal with the messages your body is sending. Listen to what you need to release and let go of. Use exercise for the first half of the month, and negotiate how you can begin to use “being” (perhaps through meditation, yoga, mindfulness practice and awareness) toward the second half of the month. At the end of the month, you should feel more peacefulness. However, there is a lot of active energy moving through your body here at the start of the month and you may need to consciously channel it.

October 1-14 (Exact October 7) Uranus Retrograde in Taurus oppose Mercury in Scorpio: Before Mercury Retrogrades, it begins its conversation with Uranus. You are going to need to understand what brings you peace and how to think for yourself. In order to balance out your own higher and mundane beliefs, you’re required to take a journey deep within many dimensions—they may involve your past, present and future psychodynamics. This may involve surprising revelations. You may be shocked or experience a level of anxiety you could not have predicted. However it turns out to manifest, the stars are telling us we will discover new things about our minds by the time October and November are lived through. I guess I will buckle up and choose to learn new things about myself or welcome the idea that I, too, will be learning to believe and think differently than I have in the past. This is challenging, but we’re up for it. This first half of the month is an invitation to be open to the awareness of this requirement of us, the need for change and adaptation. When we deeply accept it, we will be better friends with Uranus later in the process.

October 2 Venus in Virgo: Venus in Virgo is an earth sign and a sign where details can be enjoyed. You may turn to writing and maybe even writing letters. You might love to improve your health and well-being. You might find you want to clean up your system for finances or organize something that helps you get through the day a little easier. Maybe you feel ready to mentor someone or to go to school for something you’d thoroughly enjoy. You can change to make relationships or life smoother for yourself and you begin to see in detail how.

October 4 Pluto in Capricorn turns Direct. The lord of the underworld provides karma, authoritative long-term changes, and the view from a distance in a more direct and straight-forward manner. As straight-forward as Pluto can be.

October 5 Mars Retrograde in Aries sextile North Node in Gemini: Mars initiates us to revisit our drives, protective instincts, automatic behaviors, and the ways in which we feel driven to change.

October 4-5 Mercury in Scorpio quincunx North Node in Gemini: Go ahead and allow yourself to adjust your thinking on the fly. The adjustment may be deeper than you expect and come as the result of new information or a question you’re asked.

October 6-7 Mercury in Scorpio oppose Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: Keeping it simple may be a challenge for you as you wish to probe deeper and deeper into the meaning of things. Allow yourself some peace and quiet as you absorb the world around you. There is room for both the psychology of things and the animal comforts of simple being. Maybe find a quiet spot in nature if you need to or have a good cry if your body is tensed up with depression or anxiety symptoms.

October 11 Sun in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn, October 15 Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, October 18 Sun in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn: Tension grows between the force of harmony / balance / art & beauty / scales of justice and the trip being taken to excavate the underworld. The three headed dog of the underworld, Cerberus, is becoming a metaphor for the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto meetup in Capricorn. There’s a place in Greece where Heracles was said to have brought Cerberus, the hound guarding the gates of Hell, up from Hades to deliver as his 12th impossible labor, or test. Each of these planets could be said to be one of the heads of this hound that we each need to control and bring into the light. The place where the hound was raised from Hades is where the poisonous plant wolf’s bane grows and thrives. It’s said Heracles choked Cerberus into submission. Some say Persephone used her powers to allow Heracles to tame the monster. No one knows for sure, but most stories go with the choking and fighting resolution. Which may be why we are facing starving the current corona virus of its power through isolating ourselves instead of being able to directly “kill” it. Just as Heracles could not kill Cerberus but had to negotiate its journey out, we are having to find a way back to the sunlight from the underworld while taming a wild beast, indeed. Each of us also has a part to play in our own self-regulation, staying safe, practicing COVID-safe behaviors, navigating uncertain societal circumstances, re-imagining our futures with different expectations and methods of interacting and knowing one another. What tests have we undergone?

October 8-13 Venus in Virgo trine Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: If you have been wanting to explore and research something new to make yourself feel super good, this is the time to take advantage of how to do something indulgent for yourself. It’s a nice time to get into the details of healing, or something to do with the body, soul, mind, appearance, relating, or even money styles. Maybe you are finding your intrinsic and unique sense of self worth that connects you to a pure sense of child-like wonder you haven’t felt in forever. Or you are stepping through a new doorway to a new “you.”

October 12 Mercury in Scorpio sextile Venus in Virgo: This is an active boost of support for projects that support you freeing yourself from trouble, complication, chaos, and dysfunction. Maladaptive patterns can be cut.

October 13 Sun in Libra oppose Mars Retrograde in Aries: The Sun in the sign of communication and multiple perspective opposing Mars retrograde can render us a little paralyzed about deciding what to do. It can activate the archetypes of the individual vs. the group, or the me vs. the we. Alternatively, you may wonder if you should exercise vs. do something for someone else. You can maybe see so many ways to move forward you can’t quite take a next step at all.

October 13 Sun in Libra Trine North Node in Gemini: The time is right to ask questions and process more information than you’re likely to be used to. It truly is okay to look at many perspectives. However, it’s probably not the time to resolve things or find answers. Listen and reflect.

October 14 – November 3 Mercury Retrograde from 12 degrees Scorpio back to 26 degrees Libra: This theme of the underworld prevails during the season of leaves and temperatures falling and Halloween. We can learn to love the time we spend in the shadow realm as Persephone did, taking inspiration from stories about every brave mortal who has faced the tests and rituals of traveling through each gate to meet her there. In fact, Mercury is the god and the archetype who can take us there—who has served as the guide from this world to Hades and who travels freely between realms. We often take inspiration from looking up; it is time to find the inspiration from looking deeply into, beneath, down, within, and into the abyss. Sometimes darkness is space and wonder and stillness. What will we learn from this new journey? Retrograde also involves coming back. Libra air energy will be a wind and a whisper that pushes us back up to the place from which we started.

October 14-23 (Exact October 19) Uranus Retrograde in Taurus oppose Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio: With both Mercury and Uranus retrograde, and on the Scorpio and Taurus axis of signs, you are examining which beliefs are worth keeping and which ones are manageable. As in, what sort of belief system supports you as a person and your community? You may actually see people moving backward for this time and it may cause you to reexamine your personal commitment in relation or take a step back from being able to have relationships with others. Astrologically, I would like to give you permission to do so, because sometimes Mercury retrograde brings people back into your life. In Scorpio, with the other aspects occurring, this is an invitation to step back and take the inward journey to stop and see how worthy your connections and actions and beliefs have grown to become. How does a connection impact your ability to function, feel, express yourself, and just be a person who lives a viable and joyful life?

October 16 New Moon in Libra: As the Moon hugs the Sun in Libra, there appears to be a great deal of personal emotional energy added to the powerful setup of the Sun opposing Mars retrograde in Aries (what should we do?) as well as square to Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn (authorities and insecurities).

October 21 Venus in Virgo square North Node in Gemini: Maybe you would really like to tune out and take a break because your nervous system is overstimulated and frankly you’re questions are staggering about continuing as-is. Also, you have daily life to live. How will you deal with both responsibilities and burn-out? This is likely to affect you both where people and money are concerned.

October 19 Venus in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn, October 21 Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn, October 24 Venus in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn: Call upon the divine feminine in order to navigate the difficult situations you are diving into. This means to ask to receive and to actively practice letting go in order to resolve situations. This is very different than “fixing” and “acting as if.” What does the mother do to give birth? She does not control every one of the million brain cells developing each second in the child’s neurological system. The mother mirrors from her heart and receives the natural development occurring within the relationship as well as knowing some facts and details. The mother witnesses and plays and coos and loves and hugs and becomes close to the child. What does the lover do? You can be Venus in many forms. But Venus loves. Venus doesn’t need to act and resolve.

October 22 Sun in Scorpio: In Libra, you were looking at your reflection in the pool. Perhaps you climbed up on the high diving board and balanced out on the edge, deciding which diving feat you would attempt. You leapt from the diving board, feeling the air surround you and twirling in a circle or two. The moment you hit the water, whether it hurts and you feel the terrible resistance because you don’t yet understand how to meet the water with your body at that velocity—or whether you slip under the surface because you know surface tension and how to navigate the dive with ease—this moment is Scorpio. In Scorpio, we deal with our belly flop pain or we deal with working our way back to the surface to take a breath again. Either way, we are dealing with feeling something and working toward the surface of the water.

October 25 Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Sun in Scorpio: This is the part of the journey into the underworld where you look at what you have been projecting on to others and what harm that has done to your actual power and actual resources and fundamental energy. What are you perceiving in others that is actually something you can own within your own character to make a difference in the world around you?

October 27 Venus in Libra: Your eye turns toward creativity, harmony, partnerships, and peace. You may wish to balance your life with boundaries and focus on the things you enjoy more. You won’t hesitate to view things from multiple perspectives if you’re strongly associated with Libra.

October 31 Full Moon at 9 degrees Taurus: Work on breathing and operating from inside-out instead of being swayed by materialism, greed, hungers, addictions, and anything you think will appease you “out there.” Take time with nature or meditation or center yourself to find the simple way to be and be coherent in your heart. This full moon is full of Taurus treats. No tricks, please.

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