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ALERT: December 2020 will be the final time our newsletter is provided in this format. In 2021, our newsletter will be provided through, where you will be able to find the Astrology Trends 2021 Annual Report and other Astrology Resources. Look for a detailed Report on the Pluto-Eris Square there, as well.

Continuing Influences

• Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (exact January 12, 2020), in orb until December 26 except May 8-17, even during Saturn retrograde (but never exact again)
• February 4-December 23 (Exact April 4, June 29, and November 12) Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn
• June 23 to November 28, Neptune Retrograde
• August 15, 2020 – January 14, 2021 Uranus Retrograde in Taurus
• July 29 – December 20 Mars in Aries square Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn (Exact August 4 – Mars Direct & Jupiter Retrograde and October 18—Mars Retrograde & Jupiter is Direct) (also exact January 21, 2021 – Jupiter in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus when both are direct)
• August 1, 2020 – January 5, 2021 (Exact August 13 – When Pluto is Retrograde / October 9 – When Mars is Retrograde / December 23 – When both are Direct) Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn
• October 14 – November 3 Mercury Retrograde from 12 degrees Scorpio back to 26 degrees Libra
• Active in orb from late 2018 through early 2023, Pluto in Capricorn Square Eris in Aries. Exact Dates: Jan 26 2020, Jun 14 2020, Dec 10 2020, Aug 27 2021
Oct 8 2021,

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (exact January 12, 2020), in orb until December 26 except May 8-17, even during Saturn retrograde (but never exact again): This is one of the most powerful aspects of our lives, and a once in a lifetime occurrence. The opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct a new world. A steady and consistent effort can provide a way to work within the world that will honor our values in a noble way. Nature is larger than man, and we need to align with a higher vision as we make a new world, culture, society, and systems. The idea that men are machines or the ideas that our parents and the world has transmitted are not aligned with higher values. Saturn is the lord of karma and Pluto is the great destroyer/transformer/re-maker. Together, they can embody some larger conversations among nature and mankind is part of nature.

February 4-December 23 (Exact April 4, June 29, and November 12) Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: This is the aspect that brings us the telescope and the microscope. How much more literal and down to earth could the fusion (conjunction) of the planet of expansion and size (Jupiter) conjunct transformation (Pluto) be? Now we’re looking into black holes, still looking at space in new and revolutionary ways… In conjunction also with Saturn I feel it does have something to do with time and “event horizons.” However, in spiritual and evolutionary terms, we can take that into examining the black holes in our own lives. Where are we losing power? What energy holes and vortices need to be “closed up?” That’s a revolution and transformation that can serve us if we telescope and microscope in and out within our lives and take a look at how we are doing.

June 23 to November 28, Neptune Retrograde: With the reversal, or retrograde, of Neptune’s motion, we have the chance to see how this planet has been operating on us from its home placement in Pisces. Neptune is in a powerful placement and yet it is in a sign that does not “do” power. Neptune itself is a dreamy planet. I experience it as a portal and a calling operator, unlike Mars or Saturn or Pluto. Those planets manifest in ways that are visible and Uranus can manifest, when triggered, in a lightning flash. Neptune operates slowly, like water. In a water sign, that is enhanced. We might see many signs of escapist activity occurring—and it needn’t be anything that hits us over the head. Virtual reality and living and perceiving more from our fantasies than from observable reality. Increased reliance on pharmaceuticals and difficulties accessing our own agency to get things accomplished. Then there are the usual suspects—alcohol and (mine) eating, harmful substances and sexual preoccupations. Neptune can cover the exploration into DNA alterations, fantasy, envisioning, our capacity for spirituality. On what I think is nowadays the more positive side of Neptune in a heavy time for the planet, Neptune can inspire our capacity for playful and fun activities, and the fascination for exploration about human consciousness itself. All humans may find themselves engaging in more meditation and sleeping more. It will likely be the cumulative effects of beauty causing the tipping point for change and awakening of the masses. This can happen in Incremental pushes, not lightning bolts—raising the group consciousness of humans the way water slowly raises the level of what is floating upon it. In retrograde, Neptune is a little less cloudy and we may be able to see the functions here slightly more clearly or attempt to support them with our heart’s intentions.

August 15, 2020 – January 14, 2021 Uranus Retrograde in Taurus (10 degrees to 6 degrees): This is a time when we change our habit about how we deal with what we fund, create, and relate to. We need to turn our attention inward to understand our own addiction to the status quo as much as understand how culture and history have misstepped. How are we harming ourselves, and in turn, how does that harm the entire environment we live in and those around us? How do our simple daily habits defeat us time and time again? A change in mindset and in our thinking about how we walk through each day—looking down at our feet step-by-step—can begin to develop the impact of our thoughtlessness and neglectful impact and the retrograde allows us another chance to engage with Uranus in Taurus. Some mindfulness can beget a new conversation in several dimensions. Several Astrologers say Taurus is the sign ruling the planet Earth and I am tending to agree more and more.

July 29 – December 20 Mars in Aries square Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn (Exact August 4 – Mars Direct & Jupiter Retrograde and October 18—Mars Retrograde & Jupiter is Direct) (also exact January 21, 2021 July 29 – December 20 Mars in Aries square Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn (Exact August 4 – Mars Direct & Jupiter Retrograde and October 18—Mars Retrograde & Jupiter is Direct) (also exact January 21, 2021 – Jupiter in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus when both are direct): This aspect speaks to tension can conflict between new action and expansion. It seems like the idea of reopening “the world” is challenged during the entire Mars in Aries traversal during the latter part of this Year. With Mars in Aries wanting lots of Action and Activity and Jupiter being the planet of making things bigger—the problems only grow bigger the more activity occurs. So it’s difficult to see that the best active initiation is to do as little as possible and let the transits work through until Jupiter and Mars can find new ways to be together as Jupiter and Saturn move through Aquarius and new social methods are created. Mars is very initiatory. But its impulses need to be tempered now instead of expanded. Use physical activity in safe environments to burn off the Aries energy and self-regulate with Saturn’s help and wisdom. This is a time to develop maturity and support others as the Mars Warrior, but not to put you or your loved ones at risk. The timing of this conflict aspects seems to put us well into 2021 before there is any easing of social restrictions, and I think it speaks to the astrological conversation about being patient with staying physically distant and all the attendant needs for patience and the emotional, physical, financial, and social toll it takes on each of us. However, knowing it will be long-term can give us the ability to plan for it and plan for the inevitable inner and outer barriers we will need to navigate. We can do this! We have to, so let’s buckle up and find the backup plans for our own health like Mars in Aries wants us to do!

August 1, 2020 – January 5, 2021 (Exact August 13 – When Pluto is Retrograde / October 9 – When Mars is Retrograde / December 23 – When both are Direct) Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn: Influences well beyond your instincts and will to change and initiate actions will rule the day. There is a stress point between the two that my feel frustrating. It’s important to know the time isn’t right to act on impulse.
October 14 – November 3 Mercury Retrograde from 12 degrees Scorpio back to 26 degrees Libra: This theme of the underworld prevails during the season of leaves and temperatures falling and Halloween. We can learn to love the time we spend in the shadow realm as Persephone did, taking inspiration from stories about every brave mortal who has faced the tests and rituals of traveling through each gate to meet her there. In fact, Mercury is the god and the archetype who can take us there—who has served as the guide from this world to Hades and who travels freely between realms. We often take inspiration from looking up; it is time to find the inspiration from looking deeply into, beneath, down, within, and into the abyss. Sometimes darkness is space and wonder and stillness. What will we learn from this new journey? Retrograde also involves coming back. Libra air energy will be a wind and a whisper that pushes us back up to the place from which we started.

Active in orb from late 2018 through early 2023, Pluto in Capricorn Square Eris in Aries: Pluto square Eris is the most epic of energies. Heretofore, I haven’t studied the planetoid Eris, but this month, she entered into my life with a bang! It turns out she has been sitting on my natal Sun in the hidden 12th house, so it’s not a surprise I had no control over how the information would emerge. It would emerge in its own sweet time! The nice part of a 12th House connection is the sense of spiritual connectedness that comes from a 12th house sun placement.

This aspect for us all has been active since late 2018. Due to the retrogrades and slow movements of both Pluto and Eris, the planets move back and forth in and out of orb. The interesting observation from analyzing the orbs of this square aspect is that the planets have been moving much further apart than they will during the Summer/Fall of 2021, when the aspect will stay close to exact for an extended period of time. As the Pluto/Eris square interacts with the archetypal energy of masculine/feminine equality and also governmental and legal systems (Pluto in Capricorn), it is likely gender and civil rights legal discussions may become public discussions and important near the latter half of next year.

Exact Dates:
• Jan 26 2020
• Jun 14 2020
• Dec 10 2020
• Aug 27 2021
• Oct 8 2021

Pluto Eris Moving In and Out of Exact Square Orb from Late 2018 to Early 2023

Pluto Eris Moving In and Out of Exact Square Orb from Late 2018 to Early 2023

Eris as friend is a magical guide and has many mysteries to share; Eris as enemy invites us to endless and repetitious self-destruction. Pluto is lord of the underworld—the transformative catalyst we have engaged with in so many stories the past several decades in an attempt to make friends with suffering and death. In square aspect, they are having a loud argument and the heavens are not going to accept a passive state of existence from any of its inhabitants. It’s telling us to awaken and experience the adrenaline reaction of what it means to be in a larger system and learn new things about existence. Existential Expansion for Dummies (Not the Empire Edition), so to speak.

As November Opens:

Full Blue Moon October 31 (Taurus)
Sun in Scorpio
Mercury Retrograde in Libra
Venus in Libra
Mars Remains Retrograde in Aries
Jupiter in Capricorn
Saturn in Capricorn
Uranus Remains Retrograde in Taurus
Neptune Remains Retrograde in Pisces
Chiron Remains Retrograde in Aries
Eris Remains Retrograde in Aries
Pluto in Capricorn

November Astrology Trends

November 1, Venus in Libra oppose Chiron (Rx) in Aries: Whomever we are, there are multiple perspective through which to view “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” Try to choose calm and creative manifestations as you step forward cautiously in your relationships.

November 1, Sun in Scorpio oppose Uranus (Rx) in Taurus: A lot of thought about other people’s abilities and how other people are thinking. Watch out for how your actions can deeply boomerang back upon you and keep the karma clean. The law of cause and effect, of returns returning to you threefold, etc. is in full effect during this aspect. Give up you ideas about personal power and your own cleverness.

November 1, Mercury (Rx) in Scorpio square Saturn in Capricorn: Professor Saturn would like you to review your work before you hand it in. Did you use integrity? Did you resolve and answer all the blanks? Did you set up the foundations? Did you actually read the chapters? If you were cheating, you’re not going to much like the next assignment. You needed the preparatory depth work to be able to move on to the next chapters…Please, pretty please, do your work.

November 1, North Node in Gemini inconjunct 1) Pluto in Capricorn, 2) Jupiter in Capricorn: Sometimes you keep saying no repeatedly even though all around you life is telling you the answer was not yours to provide. One of the Capricorn mountain scaling truths to finally suss out is that the mountain you are climbing was alive all along. Bigger and grander than you. With secrets, creatures, systems, miracles, poisons and medicines both, moments that cannot be repeated, shade and sunlight and snowstorms and weather systems beyond a climber’s prediction capabilities. Once you start a relationship and a journey, your plans hardly matter. Your will is a little bit laughable. The present step and the present moment expands and what Jupiter is expanding in the Capricorn style is your receptivity to the mountain engulfing you as part of its being. Suddenly you are no conqueror; you’re more like the bacteria in the bowls of its gut. What adjustments are you willing to make to become a creature transformed as part of something instead of conceived of in your own making as a king of the mountain? The more you fight the more you destroy yourself and others. The more you listen; the more you can learn and expand your heart, spirit, and senses.

November 3, Mercury in Libra turns direct: Mercury reviewed some of the long-lost songs and values and art from a while back. We dreamed many dreams and hummed many tunes. We can use these ideas and steel our hearts and courage to think through the present situations. Consciousness and brain power re-engaged!

November 3, Venus in Libra inconjunct Uranus (Rx) in Taurus: I know we want to rest, but just a little more. You are brilliant!

November 6, Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn: Professor Saturn rubs up against the many competing ideas of Mercury in Libra as we want so much to respect and see this from everyone’s vantage point. However, the prof has to assign roles for the upcoming group projects. Some people need to be categorized and they need time limits. Some letting go is necessary. Mercury wants to keep options open. Oh well. Saturn wins.

November 6, North Node in Gemini inconjunct Pallas Athena in Capricorn: The wise warrior sister adds her powerful advocacy to support the highest and best outcome to help us move forward more humbly in our pursuit up that mountain and transform our systems to serve the mountain instead of Mohammad.

November 9, Venus in Libra oppose Mars (Rx) in Aries: Mars the masculine will and the aggressor wants to go back or wants to fight in some sort of caveman brain malfunction archetype. Venus in Libra should prevail since Mars in retrograde. Mars may cry into his sword and shield wanting to fight and having been outsmarted by Venusian diplomacy, developed skills and humanitarian abilities. You can’t win the fight if war is all you’ve got. You’ve got to be able to listen. And provide peaceful governance.

November 11, Venus in Libra inconjunct Neptune (Rx) in Pisces: It’s super hard to turn away from wishful thinking but turn away we must.

November 12, Jupiter conjunct 1) Pallas Athena and 2) Pluto in Capricorn: Pallas Athena meets with Jupiter, her mythological father and Pluto, the King of the Mountain (as well as the underworld). She named herself “Pallas” after her best friend who was killed in a tragic accident during training when they were young girls. She is wise and has integrated her own grief and sense of justice and advocacy into her very identity. She tells the truth and this to me means that justice and truth are about to expand and be supported by a major archetypal powerhouse. I want to be on team Pallas Athena. This begins new era of ethical restructuring and expansion of legal advocacy for light-bearers. Victory, equality of genders, the exchange of sorrow for security, and wisdom that takes you away from chaos are some of the themes.

November 13, Mars in Aries turns direct: Mars in Aries is exhausting this time. Sometimes, when the world is a relatively safe place, Mars in Aries can mean we engage in exciting activities like sports and try new things. But we are in lockdown and Mars is nipping at our desire to start things or get our way. So it gets channeled into the discord in group dynamics and politics while we are locked down and we can’t get away from it because we also need news about the corona virus. Where can we go for peace? Mars need to make its way through this Aries cycle and we need to develop and manifest our new world. Let’s focus on that. Defending ourselves and developing this courage is difficult. Let it emerge. It’s okay to be courageous in the face of people making insane decisions and tell the truth and it is also okay to accept our limitations. One gift of Mars in Aries is that we can go ahead and tell the truth about all of this. No more making nice and now we begin the grief process involved in forming and drawing conscious bubbles of support and boundaries instead of geographical identified boundaries. I think we do it unapologetically at this point.

November 14, New Moon in Scorpio (23 Degrees): Time for new ways of thinking, shadow and psychological processing. You are allowed permission to change and emerge like the phoenix from the flame.

November 14, Jupiter in Capricorn square Eris (Rx) in Aries: This is big restless conflict to say to you that you are becoming aware of things that are more important than how you have understood power in the past. The old stories of kings and castles are limited and new stories about choices that lead to local communities that can self-sustain are emerging. Use a little magic of your own instead of look to a king/queen type and asking them to be the bearer of the magic/power. That is also sourcing local.

Sun in Scorpio sextile 1) Pluto in Capricorn (November 14), 2) Jupiter in Capricorn (November 14), 3) Pallas Athena in Capricorn (November 15), 4) Saturn in Capricorn (November 19): The Sun wishes to support wisdom, truth, justice, emerging from the shadow to begin the process of doing the wise warrior’s work. This is easing the way forward with renewal energy from Scorpio to provide support and steady willpower for recovery and relief. It is astrological support for a path out of the darkness for a wise leader.

Sun in Scorpio inconjunct Eris (Rx) in Aries (November 15): You are going to make some adjustments to your courage to understand what you truly re able to stand up for. You are discovering a strength you had never imagined you needed to call upon before. The inner eagle’s eye is opening upon a vast and much more conscious and activated sense of who you are and what you stand for. You are telling the truth to yourself. You may be a little surprised and here is where you make some changes to accommodate the new truths.

November 28, Neptune in Pisces turns direct: Neptune turn direct and we focus on art and creativity. We consciously channel our energy into divine connection. Neptune helps us dissolve into a higher consciousness. We can access fully the spiritual and higher vision. Mystical experiences await.

November 30, Full Moon in Gemini (8 degrees): What connections and new awareness is available to you to help you understand and connect with others? How can you identify others who are part of your spiritual “family?” What have you learned as a result of how things have changed? How can that be integrated in the small ways you operate locally during the upcoming year? What sort of a journal can help you in the next year? How can you align head and heart?

November 30, Mercury in Scorpio sextile 1) Jupiter in Capricorn, 2) Pallas Athena in Capricorn, 3) Saturn in Capricorn: The month closes with mind and consciousness focused and steady, looking like they it is working hard in the service of the greater good for the group. That mountain climb is taking the energy of us all, and we are getting ready for a group assignment from Professors Saturn and Jupiter next Month. Group assignments are usually the toughest. How will we develop the skill to work together? Because there is always that one guy who wants to take over…

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