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As December Opens…

(Rx = Retrograde)

November 30, Full Moon Eclipse at 8 Degrees Gemini
North Node at 20 degrees Gemini and South Node at 20 degrees Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius
Mercury in Scorpio
Venus in Scorpio
Mars in Aries
Jupiter in Capricorn
Saturn in Capricorn
Uranus Rx in Taurus
Neptune in Pisces
Pluto in Capricorn
Eris Rx in Aries

Key Asteroids:

Chiron Rx in Aries
Pallas Athena in Capricorn
Ceres in Pisces
Vesta in Virgo
Juno in Scorpio
Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

December Astrology:

November 30, Lunar Eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini
December 14, Total Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius
Full Moon in Cancer December 29

As the month opens, the effects of the November 30 Gemini Eclipse come into focus. Eclipses are about light, both how we see, and shadow perceptions as the light narrows to cover the sun when either the earth moves between the sun and moon (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at night such as this November 30)—or the moon moves between the earth and sun (New Moon Solar Eclipse during the daytime such as on December 14, 2020).

This eclipse forms a moon-sextile and sun-trine to Chiron in Aries. The Sun quincunxes Uranus Rx in Taurus and also the Sun and Moon both form a T-Square with the dwarf planet (or asteroid) Ceres at 3 degrees Pisces. Loosely, you could say the T-square extends to a grand cross with the asteroid Vesta at 13 degrees Virgo, although I usually don’t allow ten degrees for an opposition. However, with the Sun and Moon sitting at 8 degrees, they pull together Ceres and Vesta to tell the theme of a story here about this Eclipse. Something is ending and something new is beginning.

Vesta is pious, traditional, and conservative (sometimes to the point of fanatic). It’s a lot like baby Saturn. In the sign of Virgo, Vesta rides the high road of service instead of the low road of perfectionism. It’s time to begin some work, healing, routine, and clear and clean up. Chiron in Aries linked to Uranus and Ceres—activated by the Eclipse of the Sun/Moon on the Gemini and Sagittarius axis is sending the message that it’s our appointment with the task list to discover and pioneer new perceptions and consciousness in regard to compassion as well as build capacity and ability to take care of people. It’s time to examine and expand knowledge and beliefs about how to decide what is possible to do in regard to ordinary life, fairness, and democracy, whether that be in a family or in a country or on the planet. Whether we “see” it or not, the eclipse kicks off a series of events inside individuals and groups that lead to action. These mutable (meaning transformational) influences are linked to the whole series of Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses that occur through December, 2021. Ceres is linked to education, food and eating, practical nurturing (mothering), protective forces, growth and development, and pain remediation. You can watch out for smother-love or separation issues for the shadow side of Ceres, but, on the whole, a Ceres connection portends loving-kindness and very practical solutions.

We have been experiencing cardinal eclipses for a year, in addition to fiercely influential and intense cardinal aspects from our toughest planets (malefics)—Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Aries. Jupiter in Capricorn increased the intensity to support the situation—only supported it toward the negative. Cardinal energy can be daring, pushy, constantly in motion, forceful… and when it’s full-bore upon us in such a queue—key planets, eclipses, several dwarf planets and asteroids, and their aspects occurring atop each other constantly—it is like the symphony that plays at its loudest with no pause for the musicians to take a breath nor the listener’s heartbeat to regulate.

So the mutable eclipse ushers in a welcome sign of the change to come. It’s a night of sleep. A deep meditation. A quiet gaze into the distance. And then picking up your backpack to finish the rest of the trip up the mountain, with sore blisters and torn jacket; helping your mountain climbing buddy. It’s finding your scattered gear, realizing you still have enough canned goods, and remembering your skills again after a sudden nighttime snow storm near the peak of your journey. You are almost there. You can do it. Let go of what you no longer have and/or need and have faith in your abilities.

This faith brings us to the December 14 New Moon Full Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This eclipse is connected to a Mercury and South Node conjunction in Sagittarius. It is trine to Mars and Eris Rx in Aries. Faith is an interesting proposition currently because the North Node is asking us to find the right questions to maintain an open mind and allow in the light of new knowledge. The South Node is asking us to give up some of our most cherished beliefs if we are holding on to them rigidly, especially. This work is intensely personal for each of us, because we each must journey into our own hearts to find the places where we cling to cherished “truths” that we use as weapons to hurt (and often betray, abandon, abuse, neglect, and do violence unto) others and ourselves. It is beyond time to learn the social skills that allow us to turn toward one another and weave a strong social fabric that provides for the worth of others to be acknowledged and recognized in simple, practical and everyday ways. For example, every child on earth deserves clean water, air, food, shelter, safety, and healthcare. Only our strange and maladaptive beliefs keep us from implementing solutions to allow them to have these things. Only a mental sickness that exists in some (primarily male) minds that sees power as the denial of human rights to those they deem unworthy.

So, I think some of the Mercury-Sun-Moon questions we may ask ourselves are how completely have I accepted myself and others? How flexible have I become in my acceptance of differences when I see myself in action? What small movement can I now make to increase my social skills in order to create peace? How can I use pain/grief/loss as the heart cracking open in vulnerability and see instances of tenderness toward self and others as how I slowly become strong and resilient? How can I actively accept imperfections in myself and others? How can I offer grace and loving kindness in actions and words and deeds—from small to large? When we start very small with all these questions—the tiny, daily actions and thoughts and beliefs accumulate until we notice one day it has become easy to accept ourselves and others—easy to be easy and graceful. Give yourself time and value this effort. You can try and fail and keep trying—making plenty of mistakes means you are doing something—that’s what transformation is all about. Awkwardness expected. When you see someone else acting or saying something awkward—know that they are probably trying a new way, too. Be gracious. Ask for and receive help and guidance.

On another front, you can ask many questions to open up new scientific thoughts and beliefs, too. And so many other dimensions of thought/belief/tradition to question—bringing the global local, ways of connecting across the globe, cultural and language ideas, ideas for mentoring/higher learning, philosophical and multicultural systems! Go for it! Mars preparing to meet Eris, connected to this eclipse, can ask you to become an advocate in a new way and learn to think about how the best warrior never picks up a weapon. What have you learned from the many challenges you have faced? What is wisdom? What is meaning? And how can we re-make our current world to focus our efforts locally instead of globally?

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 29 provides a restful end to the year and a definite portal point marking the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Rest and recuperate.

Ingress Dates:

(Ingress is the fancy term for when a body, such as a planet, changes from one sign to another.)

December 1-20: Mercury in Sagittarius. Minds turn toward the world-view, big-picture. Freedom is what you may become conscious of. I would say give others as much freedom as possible, too. It’s hard to focus on details. Philosophical thinking and the search for meaning. Information and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are in-style.

December 20-January 8, 2021: Mercury in Capricorn: Minds shift into thinking slower and more carefully about decisions. Caution, authority-seeking behaviors may be note-worthy. You may take on projects that involve heavy lifting and considerable mental effort.

December 7 (through March, 2021): Pallas Athena in Aquarius: Skills grow in the area of ideals, humanitarian and political arenas, social skills, even humor/satire, and advocacy.

December 15-January 8: Venus in Sagittarius: Take some time for thought experiments. Let yourself receive resources and comfort from a broad spectrum of sources. Reach out deeply and broadly; reach in deeply and broadly. Expansion of relationships and the enjoyment of things foreign. Change, growth, flexibility, adventure.

December 17, 2020 – March 7, 2023: Saturn in Aquarius: Saturn is known as a malefic but also a teacher. Saturn is at home in Aquarius. Prior to Uranus/Prometheus being identified and discovered, Saturn was as far-out a planet as human beings knew about. One of the lessons to consider from the very fact of co-affiliation of Saturn/Uranus-Prometheus with Aquarius is the idea that there is more innovation to incorporate into the collective human body of knowledge. Saturn can best be engaged honestly, actively, and responsibly.

As a “professor with full tenure at Earth University,” Saturn assigns us a group project when traveling zero to thirty degrees, or transiting, Aquarius. This group project involves assignments in gaining ability to work in groups (social skills) and invites innovation and originality (hallmarks of the sign Aquarius). As much as Saturn’s traversal through Capricorn asked us to experience/explore the caverns of the past (efforts in spelunking our shadow identities), Saturn in Aquarius will ask us how we wish to form our future. At this time, we exist on a pin-point between the two possibilities as the sign changes where a plethora of possibilities exist. As we move further into later degrees of Aquarius, the possibilities will become form—narrowed and fixed into realities. Let’s analyze and choose as wisely as we can, for our part, during this planning period of the group project.

December 19, 2020 – May 13, 2021 and July 28, 2021-December 28, 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius: Starting in December and moving through 2021, Jupiter supports Saturn in expanding the ability for people to focus on humanitarian and technical innovation and originality. Big ideas and breakthrough moments are possible, sparked by the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn—called the Great Conjunction—at the powerful point of zero degrees Aquarius on December 21, 2020. Zero degrees of a sign is a critical, potent point, providing an extra, turbo-powered blast of fresh energy to an aspect that occurs there. For the year that Saturn is at zero degrees Aquarius, Jupiter will be providing support for an undiluted look into the broth being stewed for the next 20-200 years. We will see a condensed peek into the essence of the challenges to face and the work to be done. This begins the 200-year Astrological cycle of Great Conjunctions in the element of AIR in addition to the Jupiter/Saturn cycle of approximately 20 years (when they will reach their next conjunction aspect). One of the concepts involved with new starts and journeys, especially collectively, is that you fall down many times before you stand up a new innovation. Also, with innovation comes risk and a bit of wild recklessness. Before a realistic implementation of new systems and ideals, optimism and exuberance abound.

The areas indicated by Jupiter include globalism, wealth, growth, expansion, children, adventure, foreign policies, higher education, and religion/philosophy/meaning. The areas indicated by Saturn include time, structures, work, effort, authority, boundaries, science, poverty, self-regulation, security, safety, and elders.

December 18-November 14, 2021 (Rx April 13-August 2): Juno in Sagittarius: Juno in Sagittarius will be adding fire to the desire for freedom. This focus on flexibility and the ability to do what you want, when you want, exploring the world and more and more… is the dynamic of Sagittarian expansiveness. What is over there? …Is a question the heart asks. But life is driving us local, and setting boundaries. Boundaries is kind of a dirty word to Sagittarius. So maybe think of having the freedom to innovate solutions to the problems that expanded to everyone across the globe—and how the Internet has helped us maintain the ability to connect and communicate. Find joy in learning languages and cultural facts and learning about others. Find ways to operate you haven’t thought of before, as you learn the joys of living locally and still being connected to a larger planet. Think about what a mother goddess such as Juno, wife to Jupiter, would say to the humans living under restrictions for the next few years and how to bring order and divinity to the hearts of the many. What is divine joy and freedom today? This year?

December 21-January 21: Sun in Capricorn: The Sun moves into a steady earth energy where you work hard and focus even harder. You’re thinking about the world out there and building up some… thing. Bringing a form to life; animating a project. You are more quiet and reflective, preferring your own company, likely.


December 15 Chiron Turns Direct in Aries: This is an existential crisis slowing down to a stand still and having the opportunity to slowly begin to reverse and gain ground. Since July 12, when Chiron went retrograde at 9 degrees Aries, to now when it is at 4 degrees Aries, a crisis of being has occurred which has caused the reexamination of the will and ability to live. Now, and through April, when Chiron finally passes the 9-degree Aries mark, we will be regaining the progress in our ability to self-regulate. Focus on self-care can resume in earnest without so much interruption and dispersion so you have to keep going over the same territory repeatedly. Depending on where Chiron is located in your chart, you may notice easing up on fear and an increase in your ability to gain mastery over your flight-or-fight responses and coping mechanisms.


December 14 Venus in Scorpio conjunct Juno in Scorpio: They are sextile Jupiter at 28 degrees Capricorn and Saturn at 29 degrees Capricorn. Let’s talk about intensity! This is urge and desire and passion and jealousy. This is the end of something and the inability to affect an outcome any longer. How will you self-regulate in the face of loss? Look to ten days from now for your new beginnings to emerge and let go because there are plenty of new opportunities and your brilliance is needed elsewhere. Before you can allow in new opportunities, you must let go of the current situation and the past. Your current conceptions are slipping away and that is okay. You can let go. With Mercury opposing the North Node, you will want to hold on to your cherished thoughts and beliefs, and it will be easy to think you have the answers. You can probably rest assured you don’t the minute you think you do. Try questioning your assumptions and judgments one by one instead and see where that leads. Be easy when you can and take the inner journey to allow yourself to honor the end of a cycle and thank the creator for all you have been given and all you have become and learned so far. Allow yourself to not know and to make space for the next journey.

December 22, Mars Conjunct Eris Rx 23 degrees Aries, kicking off Mars-Eris cycle:  They are square to Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn. There is tension and discomfort. Possibly hidden and secret problems. Female power. Mars advocates and starts a cycle connected to empowering the unseen needs and inviting to the table those who have been unseen and unappreciated.

December 22, Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Uranus/Prometheus Rx in Taurus: They are quincunx to Venus and Juno in Sagittarius. They are square to Pallas Athena, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius and trine to Sun and Mercury in Capricorn. This is the call to examine your triggers. Identify what has been deeply buried within, what is socially repressed, what revolution is necessary for you. There is so much feminine energy here—this is the goddess revolution either within you or in the general environment if you’re not doing it to empower yourself. All the repressed feminine needs to pour out and become balanced. We need to stand up and face what has been repressed and neglected or it consumes us.

December 22 Neptune in Pisces oppose Vesta in Virgo, square Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius: A lot of hard work trying to integrate and put into service and balance out needed resources, based on the better angels of our date with destiny. Dealing with entrenched beliefs and tendencies to martyrdom along with opportunities to find the best and highest within us.

December 22, Moon is also conjunct Chiron in Aries: The instinct to heal and to wound—both are present.

Mercury is Out-of-Bounds December 12, 2020-January 4, 2021: The mind needs to be let out to roam further afield than normal, so this is a month to brainstorm.

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