Your September 2016 Newsletter From Dominique

This Month: Astrological Trends * Ritual for Calling In Success

September 2016 Astrological Trends

Let’s review some forms of escapism. Substances, Obsessions, Deceit, Avoidance (A new acronym–SODA?). From overwork to opioids, this is a time of temptation for each of us when we need to look through the pain that keeps us attached to our addictions (and in our culture it appears everyone is addicted to something) in order to face problems and find balance. At this time, avoid kicking the can down the road or looking for a guru/hero outside yourself. Examine what you know to be true about yourself, what you are called to do, and do it. Just do it wisely—because overworking yourself to the point of exhaustion is another way to dissociate from being present in your life.

The month opens with a Virgo New Moon eclipse on September 1. Journal about what you want or decide what you don’t want. In one form or another, clarify your goals at month’s open. Discernment of your heart’s desire and honesty about your capabilities will help you feel confident to move forward. With Jupiter and Venus in conjunction to Mercury as it turns retrograde, it’s a time of optimism and blessing/fortune in relationships, finance, creativity, learning, expansion, and mentorship/broadening. Finding peace, successful negotiating, and an increase in confidence is indicated. We may need to rethink our ideal plans, and communicate about it. It may affect relations with others.

A lot may have been compromised during Mars retrograde during the Summer, and Mercury retrograde in Virgo from August 30 through September 21 (keeping Mercury conjunct Jupiter from August 20-September 9) allows you to see into the details of your plans more clearly. This is important because September 10 is a major day of realignment when the astrology seems to point out that the adjustments made to your life plans can impact the next 4 years.

On September 9, Jupiter leaves Virgo and enter Libra for the next year, providing focus and benefit for the humanities, social justice, relationships, and balance. We may sense harmony and a re-framing of ideas that provides a fairer outlook.

Saturn makes its final exact square to Neptune on September 10, although the influence will be felt all month and linger beyond. We have been under a lot of pressure lately—a diamond being forged out of carbon. Saturn is trying to give form for Neptune to shine universal light through—like sunshine streaming through the prism of a diamond. Dogma and dissolution are in a tornado of creation flying past us at high speed.  It’s difficult to find grounding at present. This shift is something we will be able to process over several years, and it’s important to allow ourselves a little space to breathe instead of get caught up in the external energy. It’s OK to allow Neptune to whisper its message of looking internally for guidance and let spirit speak to us of our highest and best path forward.

Sometimes we need some space to shut out the noise, and we need to TAKE that space instead of wait for the world to calm down. During the Saturn-Neptune square, if you need a peaceful respite, make one.

This is followed by the September 16 Pisces eclipse (Full Moon in Pisces). The Sun and Moon are in square aspect to Mars. It’s recommended that you find some sort of physical outlet since Mars in Sagittarius can go either way on an emotional Moon aspect day, with a square being a stress aspect. There is positive and negative stress. Mars is also in pleasant (trine) aspect to Uranus, so you could take a hike or drive to some new beautiful natural place to explore scenery and the wilderness. You can have a rigorous workout that day. You can have a full moon ritual full of fun and spirited activity. Make it a romantic, adventurous evening. There are lots of ways to steer the energy toward the positive. One thing to avoid is reacting to any emotional triggers that come up. Save that for another day. Find a way to experience freedom.

With the North Node (which speaks to destiny) in Virgo opposite Neptune, the slow dissolution of ideas that poison our relationship habits is occurring. For me, I can’t help but think this has to do with the social construction of gender and how we are processing this as a whole. This is reaching all of us individually in different ways.

Traditionally, an astrologer might ask an individual: in what ways are you hearing only what you want to hear? Are you shutting out important information about this lover you are idealizing? Are you believing someone when they tell you who they are, or do you think you can change them? These same questions could be applied at a collective level. Neptune asks us to step up to the highest good for all, and the North Node asks us to clean up our karmic act. This is in effect from approximately September 15 until November 3.

The Sun in Virgo is opposite Chiron in Pisces on the same day, September 15-16. Many people are interested in healing or helping others during the Virgo/Pisces focus. There are a series of eclipses during this year and the next, in addition to this short aspect, and Chiron and Neptune are traveling through Pisces for several years. These energies offer the idea of staying safely on shore while you offer others a lifeline.  Do not jump in with them and drown. That would be martyrdom. And unhelpful.

Staying strong and allowing ourselves to learn to help and support the suffering we see in the world without losing ourselves is one of the lessons of the Virgo/Pisces axis that we’re learning between the years of 2010-2018 and beyond. It seems we are unable to avoid feeling the depth of suffering—both our own and others’—with a broadened empathy and understanding. This is one of the keys to our positive evolution. The Virgo focus is also needed in order to bring helpful forms into being to build supports that provide resolution and healing.

We need to be sufficiently prepared before we try to be close to deeply wounded people. We can see how even being close to our own problems can cause us to turn to the SODA behaviors mentioned at the beginning of this article. If we can find resilience in ourselves—we begin to be ready to learn a path to help others. Observe, however, how well you’re managing your own state of being—the energy you bring into relationships—before you try to influence another. If you’re not steady—stay aware of your limitations and maintain your strength until you’re strong enough to take the next steps. You’ll feel when your abilities expand—it feels very natural as your capacity to give increases. It becomes easy.

On September 22, the Sun enters Libra. This is the Autumnal Equinox. It’s a cardinal sign that starts new energies emerging for the season. It immediately joins with Jupiter and spends several days at the end of the month conjunct and focused on diplomacy, relationships, artistic expression, reframing ideas, partnerships, and peace.

On September 30, The New Moon in Libra also occurs. Libran themes close out the month and offer a path of creative outlet amongst all the other influences that remain. The last week in September is a time to pick up the watercolors or the pen, or see a good friend and discuss the things of your heart and soul late into the night.


Guided audio meditations posted for free this month:

Nurture Your Inner Child Guided Meditation

Somatic (Body) Healing

Relaxation and Wellness

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 Nourishment for the Body and Soul

Ritual for Calling In Success (AKA letting go of fear and taking on new capabilities)

Make a list on two sheets of paper. Light a blue candle and a white candle. Let them burn for about half an hour while you complete the next steps.

IN RED INK: On one list, describe the things you feel you are very good at doing; from the sublime and ridiculous–talents, qualities, everything you like about yourself.

IN BLACK INK: On the other list, describe the things you feel you are terrible with–all your fears and failures of the past; bad habits, failings, vanities, etc.

Meditate by breathing in and breathing out through your heart until you can take pleasure in breathing and you feel very centered and grounded.

Say the following:

Spirit (or Universe or Life),
here are my good points: (read the list).
here are my bad points: (read the list).
Only you know the truth.
I need a place and work that encompasses all of me.
Thy will be done.
Thank you.


Tear up both lists and burn them safely and carefully in the blue candle. Carry the ashes to the nearest body of water and release them into the water. When you release them, say again: Thy will be done. Thank you.

Nourishing Recommendations

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