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November 2016 Astrological Trends

(WARNING! The skies hold a LOT of information at present—get your favorite beverage and snuggle in for an extra-long reading…)


As November opens, Neptune in Pisces sits in exact opposition to the North Node in Virgo. This opposition is active for November and December. The Sun in Scorpio is in trine aspect to retrograde Neptune, which adds a nice support to shine a light on this major energy and help you stop for a moment to absorb the context of all you have done, take a deep breath, and move forward lovingly and confidently prior to the holiday season and into the new year. There will be a heck of a lot happening in November and December, and the start of November is a beneficial (if brief) window to set your intentions and goals.

Saturn in Sagittarius is moving away from an aspect pattern called a T-square, that has been active for several months. Energy along the Pisces/Virgo continuum has been highlighted for about a year (will continue for another 6 months), and any aspect with the North Node involved always points to destiny being involved in a process. We are also seeing this year’s eclipses occurring along this continuum. Life has been asking us to use the highest form of the Pisces qualities that we have developed—compassion, imagination, sensitivity, vision, spiritual connection, dreams, inspiration—and do something viable and healing on planet earth with them.

This dynamic also gets activated throughout November/December with personal planets, reminding us how we have learned to release the things that are unhealthy for us while developing our capabilities to build the foundation to bring the world of our dreams to fruition. Throughout the past year, we have been tasked with transcending our boundaries to become more than we thought was possible, translating our dreams into reality, we have surrendered our escapes and our excuses—and all in order to focus on what was needed in the physical world to fulfill our deepest longings. What we face now is the need to stay flexible and keep moving forward even if we are slowed down (and here let me interject you have permission to slow down) and keep believing in ourselves. We have the capability to create the life of our dreams! Life/God(ess)/Source has a plan for us and we see only our portion of it—everything will coordinate at its appointed time—let’s use Pisces faith along with the Virgo manifestation muscle we have been flexing so much over the past several months. It will be nice to again be able to feel from the place of Pisces oneness and universalism, and to feel Neptune reemerge as the nodes move away from opposition/conjunction with it. Neptune in Pisces energy is our direct line to spiritual unification when it is at its highest and best use. It has been a little dampened down while we had so much practical work to do for a time. Neptune even turns from retrograde to direct on November 18, adding more emphasis to the theme of purposefully reconnecting to our spiritual connections at this time in a powerful way.

One of the personal planets involved is Venus in Sagittarius. Venus has just passed its rendezvous with Saturn and is approaching a trine to Uranus in Aries which will be active from November 2-7. This should give some relief from the harsh conflict of the Mars energy as well as any Saturn-meets-Venus tests to the finances and relationships you may have recently encountered. This will provide unexpected support to appease any recent unexpected frustration or annoyance, especially in relationships. At the same time, Venus is in square aspect to Chiron, however, so you may be either recovering from something that is painful, or connecting to a deep level of processing even as you feel the tension ease.

The feminine and masculine are very intertwined here, or there is a sense that the external and internal are both a part of the energy involved at the month’s beginning. Two spirits must be kept in mind. Balance and moving beyond a simple understanding of issues is important. Viewing anything in a reductive manner will only serve to make you head back to the beginning to start over. Venus in Sagittarius asks you to expand your awareness, your senses, and your heart. Uranus in Aries pioneers new insight. Chiron in Pisces brings universal depth.

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (exact on November 3 but in range from the first through the fifth or so) adds to the energy of reflection and assessment. Do some detective work with this energy at the beginning of the month with this combination. Make sure to respect ethics and avoid the low use of these energies—and don’t let others abuse their power, either!

Then Mercury moves into inconjunct aspect with Uranus in Aries on November 5th through 7th. At the same time, Venus in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Pisces. This has the potential for beneficial interactions with unusual and interesting people, and unexpected good fortune—especially financial! Also, allow yourself to go with your creative impulses if that’s the way it plays out for you. Uranus can bring unexpected brilliance your way.

The Sun in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn highlights the United States election occurring, with the signs of Scorpio and Capricorn both being interested in politics and position power. The prediction of this astrologer is that Clinton will be the president, and many astrologers already concur according to the charts out there. You can read Alan Oken, for one example and astrological analysis.

Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn comes into focus November 6 through about January 10. This aspect will be exact November 21-25, 2016 and in August of 2017 as well. It’s a long-term aspect that will have us challenging several areas. The first area is success & relationships. The second area is Philosophy/religion & society. The third area is cultural taboos or changes in laws.

You will see these areas on a collective level, but the interesting thing will be to observe how they play out on an individual level for you. What challenges will you face, and how will you manage your conflicts that emerge from these arenas? We will see. This influence is only beginning, unlike the Virgo/Pisces influence, which is in full swing—and which you can likely see in yourself now. For example, I can see myself slowing down for the next year as compared to this year in my studies—in relation to the Virgo realm. However, in the Libra-Square-Capricorn realm, I could see myself working to help pass the equal rights amendment next year were it to be reintroduced, after Clinton’s election this year. That is a real possibility now, with the political climate. That would be in the third area above of changing the laws of our culture. I am sure I will also face issues around success and relationships in the first area, where I will need to be careful to balance out the urge to succeed at things vs. cutting corners. It’s so easy to want to accomplish something quicker instead of staying the course on each and every detail. To maintain the patience to actually build a new system is time-consuming and to be a person of ethics within our times when people want things quickly…

Well, quickly is not how things actually get built. Let’s be the voice of reason during these times when people can envision things a lot faster than they can actually make them. We need to be the space-makers and be rational in order to allow for manifesting the good life—not just concerned with how capitalists value things. They have built unsustainable systems and now we are building communities and systems that will be sustained ling after we are gone. Let’s be careful and forward-thinking—not merely reflexive and swayed by those who are loudest among us. We live in important times when Pluto is shifting from destroying the systems that have not worked into rebuilding the systems that will work. That will play out in governments, in smaller communities, and right down into our daily lives. We are all in the middle of chaos right now. That won’t last forever. Sometimes we need big eyes and big minds to build things that are organized and meaningful for the future, even in the face of present-day bullying and short-sightedness, to say the least. We can use Jupiter’s expansiveness to look at the big picture in that manner instead of allow ourselves to become overwhelmed. Instead, let’s begin to build the future—as Pluto’s emissaries! How grand! (And yet we will need to remain humble enough to attend to every single detail to be effective and successful… Can we hold both in our daily consciousness?)

On November 9, just after midnight EST, Mars moves into Aquarius. From fire energy, our actions turn toward air qualities. Aquarius is a humanitarian—but more with brilliant insights and ideas. Systems and networks are favored. The collective is the focus. Freedom, spontaneity, wisdom, social justice, even some detachment may be some things you will notice in the actions of people. People will also be able to follow through on what they say more easily.

The Full Moon November 14 in Taurus at 22 degrees will be the Supermoon that will be closest to the earth since 1948 and the closest until November, 2034. This full moon in Taurus asks us to slow down and get grounded. Use the time to enjoy nature—in fact, moon gazing is a very good idea on this night! Enjoy yourself, tackle any financial issues, get some time away from the stress. Good food, good friends, and good stability. Find some.

Then, on November 11, just before midnight EST, Venus moves into Capricorn. In our relationships, creative life, and finances, the focus moves from inspiration to perspiration.

There’s an interesting pattern in the skies that repeats over and over that appears to be communicating something to us that is worth talking about. It starts in November with the Sun activating a trine to retrograde Chiron in Pisces and quincunx to retrograde Uranus in Aries from the 10th through the 14th. Chiron in Pisces uncovers our deepest fears and wounds in life and finds the weaknesses at the foundation of our identity. Uranus in Aries asks us to pioneer a new path and offers brilliant creative inspiration and considerable energy. The Sun’s relationship to them at this time is beneficial. We can use it to identify where our identity needs to change and channel our energy to make adjustments. If we can’t safely express our tension positively, we may find anxiety about the need to make changes results in rash actions and rebellion—in Uranus low-side fashion. (The Sun is not the only personal planet that will be enacting the Chiron/Uranus dynamic duo.)

From November 12th through the 18th, Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles Mars in Aquarius. This is a time to make big progress on your most important projects. The things you have felt behind on will get a big boost forward or you will find yourself with a boost of energy to get going on plans that you have in the works. The 15th, especially, is a day to plan to be extra-busy with the things that are important to move your life into the place it needs to be.

As Mercury moves through Sagittarius it will move into square aspect with the North Node from November 16th through the 20th. For these days, it may be nice to realize there’s an energy of conflict and tension between expressing oneself and being clearly understood. If you’d like to speak your mind, try doing it during the beginning of the month. Actions also require adjustment, as Mars in Aquarius is in quincunx to the North Node from November 19th to the 22nd. People are just at a place where they need to work on their communication. Time to sit in the back seat instead of try to drive. I plan to relax and attempt solo work during this time frame as much as possible. It’s always possible, of course, to use times such as these to practice connection to a higher source of communication and practice speaking from the higher self.

On November 21, the Sun moves into Sagittarius in the afternoon at about 4:30 EST. The themes of Sagittarius are teaching and mentoring, travel, freedom, philosophy, and exploration. Change and independence will be in the air! Wisdom can be welcomed and I always enjoy Sagittarian energy to the maximum. The stars open their arms to the month of Sagittarius with a Mercury and Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius from November 21st through November 25th, being exact on the 23rd. This can open a lot of serious dialogs on philosophical topics. Some people may find this aspect to get them in a rut if they are prone to negative thinking—but in Sagittarius it has the option of manifesting in a way that truly moves some social justice conversations forward in meaningful and lasting ways. This seems exciting to me! This aspect has the potential to touch many people in ways that set long-term plans into action and provide useful outcomes.  Mercury is also sextile Jupiter while conjunct Saturn, which means these goals are amplified and expanded. The themes of justice and humanitarianism appear to be linked.

After the Saturn influence, Jupiter continues to move into action linked to the topics that arise after November 21st, because Mars in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Libra from November 23 to December 9. This aspect is exact on December 1st and 2nd. This gives staying power to the plans conceived at the end of November. What you start now will be able to be implemented over the long term. Very auspicious, indeed!

On November 23rd, Venus in Capricorn is also conjunct Pluto. This lasts until November 27 (and is exact on the 25th). The Moon is conjunct Jupiter that day in Libra, too. This adds a divine feminine energy to the mix in order to propose that the most powerful approach in these times will be one of divine feminine power. Also, relationships of all sorts will get a boost from reorganization and stabilization. Sweetness in Romance is also favored.

Chiron and Uranus are again activated by Mercury in Sagittarius from November 25th to 27th. This time, Mercury moves into square aspect to Chiron in Pisces trining Uranus in Aries. While your mind may be moving in ways you can hardly contain—both psychically and in the world—and you may be meeting amazing new people—you may not find you have the ability or skill to communicate about it with Chiron in the mix. If you want to use the high side of this mixture, it will take an amazing amount of self-regulation and slowing down—as if you are talking in slow motion compared to the processing speed going on internally. It will be OK to allow yourself to have the majority of your conversations with higher powers and leave the conversations of the world for a time of more groundedness. Chiron is getting ready to turn direct on November 30, so it is doing some powerful processing at month’s end. The better course all around may be to listen instead of talk, anyway.

Another signal that receptivity may be the best course, even though it will feel as if the world is buzzing all around us, is that New Moon on November 29 in Sagittarius will sit in a T-square aspect to the North Node in Virgo and to Neptune in Pisces. The Pisces/Virgo axis will be present in full force again for us to ponder at month’s end and into the holiday season. Some of the thoughts about the holidays this year that Pisces and Virgo may raise could have to do with spending, perhaps. This will be a great year for Virgo’s frugal and practical practices. For my part, I plan to have a DIY holiday season. Plans are already in the works for recycling materials to make gifts. We have medical bills to pay that far outstrip any need for presents under the tree. I imagine a lot of people have similar circumstances that have expanded in their lives as Jupiter moved through Virgo last year—which highlighted any needed healing, repairs, and maintenance in our lives. So as the holiday season progresses, perhaps what we want for Christmas is for those we love to make a payment on one of our credit cards or student loans for us, yes? Maybe we want help in becoming more financially literate from the person in our family who pays their bills early—how do they manage to do that? Perhaps we want help cleaning the leaves from the gutters on the roof from our kids. It’s in these kind acts that the true gifts are found during the Virgo/Pisces times. What would REALLY help you? Let go of the tokens and try asking for what you really want. Allow someone to truly help you with something meaningful this year. See what happens. Maybe it will bring you together in tears. Maybe it will be a disaster. Who knows? That’s what true receptivity is like.


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