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This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

January 2017 Astrological Trends

Happy New Year!

Air and fire can seem extreme together when they combust, and at present, Jupiter in Libra couples up with some planets in fire signs in a way that expands flames for a while, but it seems wise to recall that fires recede after a moment. One of the slower aspects during January is Uranus in Aries opposing Jupiter. Uranus is the unexpected, quick and brilliant flashes, and electricity. Jupiter also sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius. Later, on February 28, Mars will also meet up with Uranus in Aries to oppose Jupiter, so that will be another flash-point in the year to watch for, energetically speaking. Nothing wrong with preparing ourselves to be able to control the fire. Our job is to be expert firefighters, to call on the Archangel-Michael-type energy to protect us and to pave the spiritual way to transmogrify fire into light. Electricity is incredibly useful within a system that works. However, it requires wisdom and knowledge to utilize it. I believe it’s important to be willing to be humble and learn about all sorts of things in the world, even the things that shock us.

Also, Saturn in Sagittarius is in teacher mode with Chiron in Pisces (square aspect off and on for a year), slowing us down to say, “look, here.” Before we can move forward, we need to understand something about the education of all of us. Universalism is inherent in Pisces energy, and there is something between teacher Saturn and wise mentor Chiron to learn that causes us to slow at this point in time. We’d be wise to listen and learn as thoroughly as possible. Saturn asks us to be responsible and Chiron asks us to be kind and ethical.

January 12 2017 Full Moon

2017 Opens with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, touching back into Sagittarius on January 3, and then not to turn direct until January 8. On the third, Mercury sextiles Venus in Pisces at zero degrees—which is a power degree, or a critical degree. Both last–29 degrees—and first–0 degrees—are critical degrees of a sign in astrology. This will happen for Mercury moving backward in Capricorn at 0 degrees and Sagittarius at 29 degrees on January 3rd and 4th. For Venus, it will happen in Aquarius at 29 degrees and Pisces at 0 degrees. On January 3, the point they truly make exact aspect and cross each other is at 0 degrees, 31 minutes in each sign. This means the “power” point of relation between Mercury and Venus has to do with themes of Capricorn and Pisces. This means getting real about creating heaven on earth in our relationships. Using the ease of Venus manifestation to plant a lot of Mercury seeds of thought that can later blossom into beautiful trees. Now is the time to plant those acorns that turn into oak trees. Any kindness done in relation to others at this time is sure to pay off generously in the future. Have some faith about that. There is a lot we can’t see when dealing with 0 degrees—a lot to learn but also so much energy for seeds to burst forth!

Some ideas to use this sextile energy: write music, a business plan, entertain others, do anything creative or social or feminine or creative/artsy.

This moves us into the idea of Venus moving into Pisces on January 3, which is what is occurring as Venus touches 0 degrees Pisces. It will stay there throughout January until it moves in Aries in February. During Venus in Pisces, there is a deep dive occurring. So use it for your highest and best purposes. Venus is exalted in Pisces and this energy can be utilized for some boundless creative connection and manifestation. (A lower form of “deep dive” could be giving in to addictions and over-giving.)  Venus will even meet up with Neptune January 12-15 to add powerful spiritual energy to this beneficial month of relationship and creativity. Venus can also help us with financial matters.

The Sun highlights Capricorn and Aquarius during January. From January 5-9. The Sun is conjunct Pluto, so there is light cast on the power of personal transformation. Then, right away we will feel the tension between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra from January 10-12 because the Sun will hit the mid-point between their opposition. It will be important to look to the wisdom of teachers and elders, with a sextile to Chiron in Pisces, as a way to ease those tensions. The Sun’s moving into that position will likely make us burn with the sense that we want to expand justice and humanity in order to balance out whatever we feel nervous about. We need to go back to the basics and recall that indirect approaches are often even more effective, and remember self-care above all else. Uranus in Aries can really bring some unexpected new anxiety, while Jupiter in Libra telescopes in our internal perception before we know it.

Mars is finishing up an entire 2-year cycle this month as it traverses Pisces. When the month opens, Mars and Neptune are conjunct. This means a sense of introspection rather than action. We can connect with the universal, but it’s not the right time to do anything about it. Again, the middle of the month holds a sense of making the decision about whether we will feel the victim or connect to wisdom as Mars touches Chiron and Jupiter from January 12-19. Making adjustments over and over to our actions as we work to align ourselves with our purpose will likely be challenging. It may be difficult to separate our individual self from the collective, as we feel what everyone else feels with Mars still in Pisces. From January 18-23, Mars will square Saturn in Sagittarius. Here, we can trust that any limitations, tests and challenges are experiences that can be overcome later. During this week, the more you try, the more resistance you face. Instead of passion, use plodding and patience. Strengthen your plans instead of express your passions.

The Sun moves into Aquarius January 20. Time to test out new ideas that haven’t been tried before, feel your way into originality, and enjoy time with friends!

January 27 2017 New Moon

January 28, Mars returns home to Aries. Like a traveler who finally comes home, when a planet enters its home sign, it feels great like it’s sleeping in its own bed and eating its favorite foods and able to really relax! Mars in Aries means we feel easy about what we do. Mars is action. We feel we can move forward with plans; we feel confident and energetic.

On January 29, Mercury conjuncts Pluto, so put your mind on what you want to transform in your life. Mars in Aries gives you some power to take action. Putting your mind to it can yield some results to help you set up new systems in your life.


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