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This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

February 2017 Astrological Trends

The warrior and the pioneer both face uncertainty. The willingness to stand in the red chakra knowing oneself is what training is all about. Playing games for sport is a lot of fun—football, soccer, etc. Some of the movies we watch are epic tales of good guys fighting bad guys. But when situations arise in our lives that are truly frightening we realize those things did not prepare us to stand firmly within our first chakra selves. Our stereotypes of a hero are nothing like the warrior within.

The warrior within is strong and emerges only after a spiritual journey where we have faced our own darkness and integrated many aspects of ourselves. We are no longer fooled by form and often we are a wounded healer. Our strength is not muscular and is often not even our own. We know any actions are better in groups. We are often free from ego and ambition by the time we can stand in a warrior’s strength. We have flexibility and are willing to face hell although the worlds we create are heaven.

As Mars begins its journey through the signs once again, staring with Aries, we have a chance to reset our compasses—our moral and behavioral compasses. What is your true north? If you check, you’ll likely find that the past several years have taught you a thing or two about coherence if you’ve been on a spiritual path. If you’re feeling irritated—it’s time to seek your spiritual core and values. I can promise you the astrology says there’s no way around being revealed for who you really are through the next year. You might as well learn about your authentic moral character if you haven’t already.

With Mars so prominently in the mix, be ready for mistakes, learning opportunities, blunders, etc. There’s simply no other way to move forward than to act out our plans and ideas. And some of them will succeed and some of them will not. Some of them will partially work. Some people will evaluate their outcomes differently than we do—we’d call that “controversy.” The point is to do something different than sit on our hands—Mars will be moving direct the entire year and so should we be. Act, move, decide, regroup, try again, get up, keep going. Resilience is the name of the game.

What will you need for resilience? Will you need a group to support you? Get friends of like mind. Will you need a strong spiritual practice? Get to it. Will you need regular exercise to keep your sanity? Excellent idea! Do it—no excuses unless you’re sick! Mars is all about respecting the body. Will you need to schedule enough down time to make sure you’re not worn out? Make it a discipline to take excellent care of yourself! Make sane priorities for yourself and then move into your highest and best version of who you are becoming.

Because this year and this month is also about blossoming, I want you to think about planting the seeds that will blossom later in the year like little plant starters in your window this month. It should be a good year for gardening—both inside yourself and outside in your physical garden (if you are in the western hemisphere and getting ready to plant for the season here). Especially at the time of the lunar eclipse on February 10 and the solar eclipse on Sunday, February 26, when there is a lot of energy for sowing seeds in the fertile soil. Good fortune will abound for any of your high and noble intentions. (And, well, the sling-shot effect is in force for greedy, ignoble and selfish intentions.) Later in the year, Leo energy, and its association with the sun, will help with the flowering of these seeds.

Full Moon February

During February, Jupiter turns retrograde in late Libra. It’s a time for new humanitarian and artistic philosophical development and introspection. For me, the subject of Dadaism has come up more than once in different contexts, and with the political climate I wouldn’t be surprised if some manifestos emerged from the artistic world like they did in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, since Jupiter is square Pluto in Capricorn—which signifies political institutions.

Personally for you, you may need to deal with an issue of personal growth and wellness. Where are you out of balance? February is a time to look at that. You may have already started to see situations that attend to your or others’ addictive behaviors, character flaws (greed / insecurities / financial problems / grandiosity / honesty / narrow-mindedness), ability to be generous and charitable, and humanitarianism. During this year, after identifying which area is of concern for your life, you’ll have time to evaluate your plan and enter the next phase of your growth. With Uranus opposing Jupiter, there is sure to be a lot of tension in the mix to highlight the areas of life to focus on and to bring to light surprises that disrupt the status quo. These events may be the catalysts that drive home the need for expansion and change that change your beliefs. With Saturn in the mix, there are sure to be some stabilizing influences if you need support, or you may unexpectedly be called upon to be a teacher or mentor for others to calm a situation. This may change your role or belief about yourself.

These influences are directly active through June 9, 2017. They trail on indirectly as Jupiter moves through the shadow period until September 9, 2017.

Venus enters Aries on February 4, adding to the motivational energy of movement and momentum. There is lots of passion with both Mars and Venus in Aries. Yin/Yang together in a fire sign means a lot of inspiration and perspiration together through the month for the personal planets of love and action. So if you’re in a relationship or forming a relationship—a good month to pay attention to one another deliberately. The weekend prior to Valentine’s Day might even be superior to celebrate the one you love. It looks like a good year to plan a fiery, romantic date! If you don’t have a Valentine, don’t sweat it—enjoy some radical self-acceptance or self-care instead. Try something new that you think you may genuinely enjoy, or do something you KNOW you like. Make sure to treat yourself—is the point. Even if it is a great book, some Handel playing the background, and a cozy fire at home—that sounds wonderful to me—an Aries! Aries is all about the individual, too.

The Sun moves into Pisces on February 18, while Mercury remains in Aquarius. Our focus can soften as the Sun moves toward Neptune. Our minds may still be racing but our hearts may turn toward spiritual matters. Meditating may become easier again. We’ll be able to sense the oneness as the Sun moves into a water sign, and the feminine energy will be welcome.

Avoid your urges to power and conflict on the days surrounding February 22 when Mars squares Pluto. Go for the high road and have a wild date night—using the tension as passion! Or get in a good work out. But when you get blocked by others—laugh or shrug it off and imagine a sit-com laugh track—“Oh, Mars/Pluto!”

Similarly, February 27th brings a Mars-Jupiter opposition. This is when you forget self-control, humility, and patience exist. Instead, remember they exist. Make your meditation practice strong on these days and practice loving kindness instead of competition. It’s fun to win. It’s more fun when everyone wins. Careful not to overestimate your abilities at the end of the month.

The February 26 New Moon / eclipse also brings the solar conjunction with Neptune and Mercury’s entrance into Pisces. It’s a big shift of energy that day, and a good time to focus inward. As stated—a time to plant seeds. Prayer and meditation is highly encouraged. With a Mars-Jupiter opposition, the world of form will be like a chimera anyway—illusory. Better to focus on the world of emptiness—if that’s not an oxymoron…

New Moon February

With five planets in Pisces at month’s end, the skies are asking us to pause for a few days to focus on the spiritual and internal. We rest. We Pray. We meditate. We love. We expand our awareness. We awaken. On February 28 when the Moon moves into Aries, we slowly start the outer action again. Let it be so!


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Nourishing Recommendations

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