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March 2017 Astrological Trends

Sun / Mercury / Neptune in Pisces:

At the beginning of March, Pisces is highlighted with the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune moving in concert from March 1 through March 6. There may be many times when you feel especially connected to the spirit world, to people who have passed to the other side, to psychic events, or to the oneness of it all.

Venus Retrogrades in Aries on March 3. It will be a challenge to let go of the self during the month of March. Aries is all about the self. We may have to back up and realize when we act for the benefit of everyone, we can include ourselves in that action. Sometimes, it will go against what is comfortable. It’s a time of stretching ourselves. Venus in Aries is simply not as comfortable as last month’s Venus in Pisces, and RETROGRADE, to boot! Darn! We may face our issues more than once. I’m not so sure Venus likes to be assertive and straight-forward like Aries does—within or without oneself. (My chart’s Venus-ruled, so please know when these things hit, I will be right there in the center of the Venus aspects with you, holding your hand and whispering… It’s only temporary!) We can look to Neptune at home in Pisces, the higher-octave and higher-expression of Venus during this time. If we double-down on meditation practices, we can connect to our hearts in the face of surrendering (aka, being honest instead of feeling good when we need to make tough decisions).

Mars in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius on March 4. For a few days, you may find you have extra energy available to get started on some big tasks. There is support for exercise, inspiration, and you might find you have a little more fuel in your proverbial gas tank.

March 10, Mars enters Taurus. We can feel our energy consolidate and slow, as if a seed that has been planted and burst forth is now peeking out into the sunlight and unfurling. Each day brings steady progress instead of new unexpected things. We feel we wish to be grounded and steady. Mars in Taurus is still a time of immense stamina and tireless energy, however.


During a sensitive time, such as this, take gentle care of yourself and be willing to retreat whenever you need to. It’s also a time when you could pick up a psychic virus (Mercury conjunct Chiron March 9 – 12) so surround yourself in white light and carry forth as the beautiful being you are. This influence wanes but may stick with you as the Sun and Mercury move through Pisces together until Mercury enters Aries on March 13. The Sun continues in conjunction with Neptune until March 17, so you may feel very sensitive/attuned through more than the entire first half of the month!

Happy Astrological New Year!

This is a nice way to prepare for the Spring Equinox on March 20—the Astrological New Year! With Saturn and the Moon almost exactly conjunct in Sagittarius the chart of the new year, it looks to be a powerful year of learning about the feminine. The Moon is the ruling planet of the sign Cancer (see the discussion about Cancer, the missing element in the wobbly T-square aspect pattern below). Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus are set up in their T-square pattern (see description below). Neptune sits squarely in exaltation in Pisces, allowing a channel into higher consciousness. Chiron is close at hand to the Sun this year in order to activate helping or hurting, depending on our karma/actions. Venus is retrograde, and in my mind that signifies that we must go to her—or that she is in a Persephone storyline. Venus is in Aries and Mars is in Taurus, and Mars and Venus are in mutual reception. To me, this signifies that both archetypes are going to play a bigger part this year than they might otherwise. Look for issues of finance, creativity (arts—especially music), romance, and the kidney system to be in the forefront, as well as energy, transportation and movement, exercise, and the circulatory system (arteries). Of course, Venus and Mars are issues of female and male, and perhaps the issues of gender, period. Mercury is also in Aries this year, meaning some novel thinking may be in the mix as well.

Let’s also remember that Saturn/Moon squares Chiron in Pisces on March 20. This emphasizes the idea of slow and steady progress being the path forward.  You can tell you’re taking the higher path if you can breathe deeply and let go of any projects that are no longer useful. It could be a time of hitting your head against a brick wall. It’s OK to give up things that have outlived their usefulness! Surrender! Let it go! Move forward instead. If there are projects that benefit others, you’ll find yourself feeling a sense of satisfaction when you work with integrity toward the greater good. That’s how you’ll know you’re on the mark and passing Saturn’s test at this time.

T-Square – Jupiter / Uranus / Pluto:

The T-square between Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Libra is activated February 23 through March 3 by Mars in Aries and again in Late March by Mercury moving through the late degrees of Aries between March 25 through March 28. While the T-square energy of Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter has been occurring for months, these days may bring to light action and communication of some sort about the issues involved in the T-square, which is about tension. In particular, Pluto in Capricorn in politics and systems, and their structure. Jupiter in Libra is about the expansion of social justice. Uranus in Aries is personal freedom—the unexpected flash-point that brings tension/anxiety and can’t stand to wait. Maybe there will be a break in your routine or maybe a breakdown. There is a gaping wobble in the physics of a T-square in astrology, however—a place from which this aspect gains its tension. A T-square is like a 3-legged table, and this one is with 3 very powerful, slow-moving planets that can’t gain their balance.

The missing point is in Cancer, right about 19 degrees, where you would expect to find some representation of the divine feminine, a mother figure, or the family. Something to provide a sense of nurturing. That is what’s “missing” from the energies surrounding so much of what’s occurring presently, from an astrological viewpoint. If we are wise, we might fill that is for the environments we encounter. Slowly, as we watch the world evolve, as painful as it may be to our human form, perhaps we can be forces for healing if we embody a “19 degrees Cancer” presence for a month, energetically speaking. That means sometimes we dream the world into being, that our vision takes the long view, and that our cardinal feminine energy is powerful. That we imagine Summer even though it is Spring. That we view ourselves as divine mother, that we view others as our family, that we cherish more than admonish, and that we stick closer to home than otherwise we might. Our personal stories may bring us to our healing. Clearing out the home may integrate us through to transformation quicker than we think. We can witness and enjoy and give birth to the innumerable manifestations that make the world work. “Home” can be a metaphor in many ways, as well.

When we are thwarted; just go home for a while. It’s okay to have confidence and patience. Exercise moderation, even if you feel threatened.

Late Month:

On March 29, Saturn trines Mercury/ Moon in Aries. You could get a boost of inspiration plus clear mental thinking or mental pictures that help propel you forward today if you look out for it. It could come from a teacher or mentor, or some source of new information.


North Node Note:

We’re getting set up for May, when the North node has moved from Virgo into Leo and will move into a fortuitous trine aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius. Both the North Node and Saturn are karmic elements in the zodiac, and point toward the time when we can have some support for sustained fire. Let’s talk about the upcoming flames. There are 3 fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Aries is the sparking (inspirational) fire, Leo is the contained (or fixed) fire, and Sagittarius is mutable (leaping) fire. Saturn slows things down and teaches us to move from a to b instead of from a to x to h. So, we are headed toward a time in the middle of the year when we’ll be able to use fire energy in very productive ways. Saturn will mentor us and allow us to learn to “use fire,” sort of like we envision cave men of old learning to make fires. If you get my drift, a possibility of human evolution is at hand, according to astrology, right around June 1. It would be so nice to use the Pisces energy this March to call in your connection to spirit / oneness / whatever greater force you believe you are connected to in order to be part of the explosion of inspiration. The North Node’s journey through Leo will ask us to live with heart, courage, innovation, and authenticity. And, in another sense, to feel free to get a haircut, update our wardrobe, and enjoy our creative self-expression!

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