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August 2017 Astrological Trends

August 2017 Astrology Trends

On August 3, Uranus retrogrades and during this 2017 period (through November), you may find yourself doing the internal work that will help you reach a new level of freedom from limitations you’ve faced for lifetimes. This is a very intense possibility, and that is the setup of Uranus in Aries in a trine relationship to the North Node in Leo. Suddenly, you’ll have the possibility to break free from patterns that have stymied you seemingly your whole life. How exciting. How exceedingly strange, however. This is stepping out into the unknown, holding the hand of fire energy—will it burn or will it enlighten you? Who knows?

I wish I could offer guarantees. I have no guarantees of my own. There is very little comfort in risk. There is, however, the long game. With faith and an eye for a level of consciousness that exists in a realm broader than one lifetime, we can feel safe in living and dying. We may not need to grasp and cling to the details of experience so desperately when we notice the impermanence of reality. To view life as a fixed object would be delusional, for we are constantly passing through its various dimensions.

August Stormy Sky

The need to win, to have things go our way, to form stories with protagonists and antagonists, to hold to our opinions, and to narrow the human experience implies that what we already know will work and exalt current controls and knowledge. Both Uranus and the North Node involve letting go and learning new things through experience. Experience is more than abstract. Fire is inspiring; it occurs prior to the embodiment of a new understanding. Fire is the sweat and tears and risk and trial and mistakes of learning.

Instead, I offer you support in trying the thing you thought you could never do. The thing has been blocked to you your entire life. The thing you gave up on. Allow your sweet, vulnerable heart to listen to life’s fire moving all around you, sweeping you, too, up in the change.

August Storm in the Pines

Here is what I mean: For years, I have abstained from sugar, mostly. It’s been too tempting, with changes in our household and my energy level, however, to keep that up recently. While many foods are ok for me to pass by, sweetener in my coffee is a slow drip to a lot of increased sugar for me. However, during July, each time I would go to a coffee shop, I would say, can I have a Latte with sweetener? Each time, at a variety of stores—the barista would forget the sweetener. This has happened so many times—at least 15 times!—it became outrageous. My husband has witnessed it and has even ordered for me because I kept thinking I forgot to ask for sweetener. When he ordered, they also forget the sweetener or else put it in his coffee instead! Last night we started on a roll about how life or God/dess is getting the message across to me: I am done with sugar/sweeteners! “The eleventh commandment,” he said, “thou shalt not have sugar.”

“My cheeks hurt from laughing so much.” I tried to drive straight in the lane around the curves at night while wiping the laughter tears! Sometimes life provides destiny—beyond our willpower—when we need to do something. This is a really good-natured example and I am listening. What it implies for the next several months is a change to my level of mindfulness around what I allow into my body, however. That feels like a large loss of control and a surrender on a level I’m not sure I’m ready to face, but I’m also realizing it’s destiny at this time. I wonder how life is “speaking” to you about your destiny.

This should really light up and become a focus in your life with the grand trine around August 31 when Mars is in the late degrees of Leo, and Saturn Moves into the late degrees of Sagittarius. This occurs only after Saturn turns direct and begins to move forward again on August 25th.

Mars will move on fairly quickly, so a sparking event may occur in Late August/Early September that has you thinking on these issues, but Saturn will join into the fire energies for the duration (And Saturn and Uranus will continue in trine aspect through January). Saturn is also a karmic worker of the zodiac, making changes permanent and teaching life’s lesson plans. (With Saturn, I’ve noticed, however, you sort of begin to feel like you have a syllabus again—not as if you’re in a position of no information going in.)

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7 highlights the art and science of compromise. There are so many aspects occurring around the time of the Eclipse, that they appear to be showing how we need to view things together, not in isolation. So, the eclipse occurs against a backdrop of the Jupiter in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn. Meanwhile, Jupiter is in sextile aspect to the Sun and Mars, who are located together in Leo. So Jupiter, which expands the area it traverses, asks for balance and harmony, but it is in conflict with Pluto’s overhauling of the systems of the world. There is support in that confident and optimistic action are available to support relational activities. People are feeling personally powerful and willing to take action during the first half of August. Further, with the Sun in trine aspect to Saturn, the actions taken have staying power.

One of the other problems, however, is Mercury opposing Neptune. This portends possible deception and tells a cautionary tale that it’s extra important to forego deceptive practices—suspicion, distrust, fear, confusion, spying, gossip, and scandal—in favor of devotion, passion, faithfulness, and unconditional love. Build honesty, trust, and open communication in relationships. Use skills of self-control and practice loving communication. Make sure you are not one of the people who mistakes loving kindness for weakness or idealism, for that would be a mistake. The energy of Venus sextile Mercury can help you create pleasant interactions and focusing on down-to-earth Venus energy (meaning comfort yourself or find a creative focus) may be the way out of any anxieties that arise. By any means, in any event, stay honest—with yourself and with others.

Mercury Retrograde on August 12 starts at 11 degrees Virgo and moves back to 28 degrees Leo  before turning direct on September 5. It will be in its shadow period (before it gets back to 11 degrees Virgo) until September 19. This retrograde has us examining our self-worth and our level of trust in others. Loving words and compromise will conquer distrust. We need to turn toward unconditional love even when we don’t feel like it, and many of the themes of the lunar eclipse are linked into the Mercury retrograde time period, also. Taking the high road of these energies, when we practice compassion, loving kindness, and empathy, we can feel confident in ourselves. When we take the low road of these energies or encounter those who are not managing so well, other things may cross our paths. If we are in a relationship, we may doubt or find out our significant other has been unfaithful. If we are single, we may doubt ourselves in a significant manner. The way out is finding the recipe for unconditional love and faith. Preparing ourselves for the middle and end of August, spiritually-speaking, would be wise. If you haven’t found a source, spiritual practice, a mentor, someone to help you when you’re down—consider getting some support earlier rather than later.


The New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21 is looking fortunate! The Sun and Moon along with Mars and the North Node in Leo are trine Uranus in Aries and the themes that have been discussed take center stage for your general enlightenment! I would be a little shocked if you weren’t a shining wallop of insight all day and then all night long. Honestly, if you can record your thoughts… they’ll probably be brilliant! What an amazing day to begin something or dream a new dream. Create, create, create! You have the green light if you can see it through the fact that your light will be shining so brightly you’ll likely have trouble seeing anything.

(Again, the only thing that could cause you trouble is deception or harmful intentions, with Mercury opposing Neptune occurring. Ethics are really important to life according to Astrology right now—lol!)

Speaking of ethics, on August 22, The Sun moves into Virgo, and we wish Virgos Happy Birthday! The Sun and Mercury move into Conjunction for the rest of August, and Mercury finally moves out of opposition to Neptune, so you can feel easier about communication again. You’ll feel your heart and your head are in alignment again. However, then on August 31, the Sun moves into opposition with Neptune. During the beginning of September, just don’t buy much. Retreat, allow yourself healing time, and if you feel taken advantage of, realize it’s a passing energy.

On August 26, Venus moves into Leo. Feel free to express your love, your heart, and your talents. Go ahead and change your style if you feel so inclined. If you wish to be seen, feel free to go out and be seen. Allow your feminine side out and wear a fancy dress to a fancy occasion if that’s something you enjoy. Write a passionate love letter to your spouse if that is more up your alley. Show your talents to the world by creating a Web site if you find this more appealing. In some way, self-expression will be in the air.

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