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This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

November 2017 Astrological Trends

The month’s underlying energy of Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries (exact November 11 but present all month) will provide deep support for making progress on transitions you’re making in your life. If you’re learning in technical areas or need to work with a group, this is favored this month as Saturn and Uranus make the exact aspect one last time in 2017. You can experiment with creative endeavors and your own self-expression, so take the green light and move forward as much as possible. Your thoughts should be clear and your energy sustainable. If you’re teaching, things should flow well. If you’re learning, you should be able to understand complex subjects by breaking them down.

Mercury in Scorpio trine Chiron (first week) in Pisces while Saturn in Sagittarius squares Chiron (all month) provides an opportunity to discern whether we’ve answered the following questions. Have we used this year of Saturn-square-Chiron to actually address our inner-child/inner-adult issues to let go of the past and recognize the need for healing? Or do we still express the shadow side of our Chiron wounds through agonizing over old hurts, brewing resentments, avoiding responsibility, engaging in self-punishing behavior (substance abuse, for example), martyrdom, or escapism? If so, we have an opportunity to consider stopping here and engaging in some form of therapy or getting mentoring in order to clear our psyche for the next phase of life.

Saturn will be moving out of Sagittarius in December and before it moves on, it would be nice to receive some of the gifts its passage offers. Saturn in this placement provides us insights into the truth that our truth is not the only truth. It is asking us to see through beliefs that are faulty. Seeing the world as black and white can lead to erroneous conclusions about the people around us, so it’s important to view them in a complex and flexible manner. It takes a level of maturity and humility to live that level of awareness from the inside out, however. To walk that talk requires us to acknowledge patiently the rights of others to live with equal amounts of freedom that we do—not only ask that they provide us with our freedoms. When we look at our own dogmatic feeling of righteousness, we may be surprised to see how we cause suffering to others and need to learn skills in order to live and let live.

The North Node in Leo is asking us to do our own individual part, but no more. Saturn asks us to put our shoulder to the wheel for that part, but no more. Saturn asks us to know our limits and boundaries. One of those boundaries is knowing that it’s not our place to tell others how to live—even in our own minds. Control dramas are born out of our delusions of more control than we have or need. Happiness is born out of relaxing into being merely part of a larger whole. It’s nice to be together when we are not responsible for it all…

Full Moon November

On November 5, Mercury moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius. You may find yourself seeking knowledge to expand your world view. You mind may turn toward philosophy and debate, enjoying any information which helps you see the big picture. You may begin to place increased importance on freedom of speech and thought.

Prior to moving into Scorpio on November 7, Venus opposes Uranus in Aries from November 1st through 5th. It’s possibly a risky or anxious time in romance/love, creativity, or finance.  Once Venus moves into Scorpio, intensity becomes key in relationships. Both emotionally and in the bedroom, feelings deepen and you may head into thoughts of the “soul mate” variety. Feel free to thoroughly enjoy your partner with gusto during the next month! Especially from November 9th through November 14th, when Venus conjuncts Jupiter, you may find yourself focusing on Venusian issues—which again are love, creativity, and finance.  These days also bring together the two planets of luck in the sign of Scorpio—so Scorpio themes such as investigation, transformation, sharing, depth, mysticism, astrology, healing, power, the ocean, death/rebirth, psychology, mystery, etc. are favored.

Venus then trines Neptune November 13th through 17th.  Instead of the steamy, physical side of Venus, this aspect brings out compassion and fantasy. Relaxation, beauty, singing and music, creativity, tenderness, charity, empathy, and entertainment are all indicated.

Mars squares Pluto November 15 through 22 (exact November 19). This is a time when people are either finding their inner warrior’s song—with Mars in Libra adding the wind instrument and Pluto adding the earth element, or voice, to ground them—or people are preying on others if they are using this energy on the low or immature side. It’s possible to use this to find a lot of inner strength, so make sure to stay connected to your highest ethics and keep from cutting corners. Mars in Libra slows down enough if you have a humanitarian outlook to allow you to consider how to rise like a phoenix from any attacks those predators may throw at you. I’m sorry this is such a time of opposites and embattlement. We are being called to clarify our messages of human and natural rights at this time. Let’s have faith we will emerge with stronger rights and freedoms at a higher level of unity.

New Moon November

On November 21, the Sun moves into Sagittarius and focus moves from the water element to mutable fire. We highlight the search for meaning, truth, travel, and teaching/mentoring. Sagittarius is an active and generally happy sign. Most Sagittarians I know have a deep love for animals and children, so if you would like to spend some time focusing on them during this month, all the more power to you.

November 22, Neptune turns direct in Pisces. This is a shift to a more subtle Neptune energy, although Neptune remains strong in its home sign of Pisces. You may find your sleeping patterns return to normal, and psychic energy or subconscious energy mellows so you can relax easier. If you’ve been having trouble with relaxation, sleeping, or meditation, this is a good time to re-enter your practices and find your rhythm again.

Mercury conjuncts Saturn November 28th to provide a bookend to the mental energy around focusing on the Saturn/Chiron theme of 2017 discussed earlier in the month. This is seeming to say—seriously, people—consider your level of maturity and flexibility around how well you have healed your inner child. It seems time to release your resentments and move forward if you haven’t already. This sets us up for the things destiny is asking us to face beginning in December as Pluto transforms the world around us. If we thought our own personal history/storyline was difficult to release, it will be only a preview to release a collective Karma/storyline.

Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries from November 29 to December 3. Think about cardinal rules. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Make love, not war. Helping others is a cure. Things like this help us pass through the Mars-Uranus opposition, which has active trigger Mars in the passive-but-cardinal sign Libra while revolutionary Uranus passes the last degrees of fiery Aries. When we take charge of our intention, the general boomerang energy should be quelled because whatever we do will bounce back upon us relentlessly. Let that be love, creativity, and passion instead of aggression, resentment, or something even worse like we see in the media hype surrounding us presently.

A Destiny Note and Peek into December:

Pluto in Capricorn inconjunct North Node in Leo occurs November 26 – December 21 (exact December 10). This is fission-time in our collective destiny. The North Node is the pointer to our destiny, and Pluto shows us where we need to relinquish control. We will feel that there is something we should be doing, but in the fires burning all around us, and the feeling that we ourselves are being consumed by the changes occurring, too, we likely can’t see what it is we’re supposed to do. It’s time to relax and let the old life burn away. The best we can do is be here, show up, be a human being. Life will lead us—and our delusion that we control things will be revealed to be just that—a delusion. (We can look to the year 2020 as the year when things will straighten out again, just to give you a timeline of sorts.) Currently, the Scorpio energy can whisper to us that we are living the phoenix myth—that what gets burned will rise from the ashes. Have faith that we needn’t clean things up right now or attempt to put things together yet. This is the fire stage. We can do our best to do the tasks that are in front of us and keep our focus simple and easy. We are one small part in a larger drama. The North Node asks us to focus on our hearts and keep in touch with joy and our own individual passions in order to do the best healing at this time. Returning to our own hearts and keeping an eye on the universe’s timeline can provide a sense of relief through the existential dramas emerging with Pluto’s transformations of systems and governments. Both Aquarius and Leo, where the nodes are located, are fixed signs, and it’s difficult to deal with the changes of Pluto’s Capricorn, cardinal upheaval. But one thing that is steady is the ability to center one’s heart on the beauty of the human experience. One thing that is certain—no matter what laws or abstract ideas humans make—nature’s laws are greater and bigger. When we attune to nature, we can feel the pulse of reality.

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