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March 2018 Astrological Trends

March comes in like a lamb, and goes out like a lion.








March 1 starts with a Full Moon in Virgo and Venus trine Jupiter (arguably astrology’s most beneficial aspect). While you want to watch for overindulgence, you can find yourself enjoying a holiday, relaxation, love, investment, the arts, creativity, and expressions of affection of all sorts. One of the overindulgences to look out for is idealizing others, however, with the Full Moon on the Virgo-Pisces axis. Make sure to keep from exposing yourself to the predatory nature of others as you traverse the social world. Use good and faithful judgment and keep your wits about you as the Sun is hugging Neptune in Pisces and the Moon is in opposition aspect to both of them. This gives a flavor of not only Jupiter over-indulgence, but Neptune self-deception as well. It’s so nice to have a soft view of the world, but carry the skill of discernment in your heart alongside your higher self.

Also, be aware this can manifest on a physical level. Indulgence in substances such as alcohol or processed sugar can weaken your immune system and render you susceptible to an infection or virus. Items such as fast food can leave chemicals in our bodies that render our digestive systems in shock. It’s difficult to understand our sensitivities unless we give ourselves a break from the environments that surround us, and take a break from the constant barrage of messages about substances and indulgences. Advertisers would have us busying ourselves with constant thoughts of what do I need next? What might we think instead if we were free from their brain washing? What does true relaxation even mean?

Equally, mind-viruses or energy viruses can be passed from person-to-person if we are not minding our personal energy space. If we find we’ve picked up toxic vibes such as anger or aggression following an interaction, we can breathe in golden energy like an egg around our body and breathe out a waterfall of gray or silver going out of our feet until we feel centered again.

The Full Moon trine Saturn assures me that there is plenty of support for us to find solid ground during these first days of the month amidst the two weeks around this Full Moon phase. If you are wondering, trust common sense, responsibility, and rational thinking over instinct at this time. Trust your mentors and ancestors. Also, if you are doing things that are healthy, exercising, seeing medical providers, etc., during the first few weeks of March consider yourself on track.

One technique to harness the Saturn and Pluto earth and Neptune and Jupiter water energies during this month is visualization. Strong visualization skills reprogram our subconscious mind through the reticular activating system (RAS). Since the mind thinks and communicates in pictures instead of words, using images like in a movie to imagine your reality makes your body respond as if the images in your mind are real. When you use your senses, and feel as fully as possible into the visualization, you can create new realities into your life. Spend a few silent minutes each morning in March to inhabit the future you would like to create. This will help you achieve your heart’s desires!

March 9-13, Mercury in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn. It seems like a stress aspect involving communications between individuals and institutions or systems. It may be hard to find the right things to say and you will perhaps want to do your intense mental work alone rather than in a group, or you may need help from experts.

March 11-16, Venus follows up with a square to Saturn, implying a blow or challenge to one’s personal sense of self-worth. It may be difficult to feel independent and accepted, so if you feel a little down during these days, please know it is temporary. The stress may show up in the areas of finances, creativity, or romance/love. You may wish for support but you may end up needing to be the one supporting others. Make sure to attend to/keep up with any responsibilities on these days instead of giving in to the urge to ignore them. During the same time frame, March 10-16, the Sun in Pisces trines Jupiter in Scorpio, so you can use this sister aspect, one of the best aspects in all of astrology, to call in good fortune. Even though Saturn asks you to be responsible and thorough, you can be assured your efforts come with outstanding gifts! It may be the old adage—played by the music of the stars—what is good for us does not always feel good. Your benefits could be personal, spiritual, or material.

The New Moon occurs on March 17 at 28 degrees Pisces. The Moon and the Sun are in conjunction to Chiron in Pisces and in square aspect to Mars in Sagittarius. Mars also Trines Uranus in Aries. Chiron is the wounded healer and the wounds being examined late in Pisces may have to do with either extreme misfortune (poverty, adverse childhood events, suicide, the death or loss of a loved one, etc.), gender issues (with the Mars aspect), or accidents (plane, auto, drowning, etc.)/natural events (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.). The New Moon square Mars suggests a challenge to our ego self that can only be overcome by connecting to the higher self and that this needs to be channeled constructively. This may manifest on a personal or a collective level. The beneficial connection between Mars and Uranus seems to mean that sudden insights are possible at this time if tactics like curiosity and investigation are used. Look for the unexpected—meetings, chance encounters, fleeting thoughts, intuition, inspiration, quick changes, science, the online world, technology… The Uranian distractions are likely the path forward. Instead of sticking to routines, make sure you follow the signs from spirit. Allow yourself the excitement of Uranus’s voice in your life from March 8-19. The square from Chiron to Mars is active from March 8-19.






The square from the Sun to Mars is active from March 16-17 and then again on March 20-29. When the Sun moves into Aries on March 20, and Mars has moved into Capricorn the aspect becomes a fire-earth energy instead of a fire-water energy. This means there are Sun ego drives that want to start a fire with actions to defend and fight, while Mars has moved into Capricorn, where people are domineering and hide behind “the system” when threatened. It’s simply a great time to retreat and keep to your own counsel, allowing yourself to use this fire-earth energy for personal rituals and prayers instead of falling for the bait of public debate and discourse. You will know you’re on the right track if you end up following your exercise or health plan instead of ending up exhausted. Use the Mars-Sun connection physically and spiritually instead. During this same period, Mars is approaching its conjunction with Saturn, which means Saturn is asking astrologically that we test our personal actions for accountability.

Between March 16-22, an aspect occurs that is very dear to my heart because it occurs prominently in my chart! Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Aries. The Venus-Mercury conjunction provides a wonderful time for diplomacy and communication about love and creativity. The head and heart are together, and in Aries this is a passionate union! Instead of focusing on the issues of the day, focus on the people you love if you would like to be in relationship during this time frame. It’s a wonderful time to spend telling the people you care for that you love them. If you would like to surprise a loved one with an expression of your love, this is a nice time to do that. You can find peace and enjoyment in creativity, writing, making new friends, and pioneering or initiating something new (even a new partnership).

In fact, the Mercury-Venus conjunction, and what it brings up for you, previews the issues that you will deal with during the Mercury retrograde period that begins March 22 and ends April 15. If you are meeting new friends or lovers, you may feel strong feelings of déjà vu or have past life memories during the retrograde phase. You may find yourself processing thoughts of friends you have not thought about in a long time, or encountering people from the past—since Venus is a social planet. You may examine and transform parts of yourself that have profound effects on your social interactions and social self, as Venus square Pluto occurs during the Mercury retrograde period. There is a new start energy in Aries that will not be denied, as if life is planting us like seeds in its garden. It’s usually fast and furious when it comes to Aries. In Aries, events do not always unfold skillfully and smoothly. Pluto’s involvement means a depth of change that cuts into the arena of “beyond our control” which signifies life is being lived through us and we sometimes become achingly aware that we are not the center of the universe. When touched by this vastness, our coping mechanisms can sometimes turn toward attempting to control more and more of our personal space. This would be a mistake. A better approach would be to relax and accept the Pluto changes and learn new ways to be as the Aries Spring equinox does its best to renew our lives. We want to be the seeds that take root and blossom; not the seeds that fly away on the winds of change.

March 26-30, Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries and there is an energy of attraction to the unusual, extraordinary, and exceptional in the area of romance, creativity, and finance. This is a fleeting energy so allow yourself some room for expression but make sure to understand it’s a passing curiosity and passing impulse. Uranus can give a wild stir to the imagination for a few days.

March 26-April 1, the Sun in Aries squares Saturn in addition to Mars in Capricorn. This adds a more sobering influence to the end of March. In addition to Saturn (in its home sign of Capricorn at present—so its influence is strengthened) asking Mars if actions are practical and prudent, that wisdom guides the warrior, and that anger is transformed into disciplined and long-term actions—Saturn will also challenge the Sun in Aries to assure that self-control, self-discipline, and wisdom rule the day over the abdication to ego and authoritarianism. The karmic nature of these dramas is assured astrologically because the Sun is also trine the North Node in Leo, and the North Node and Saturn are Astrology’s two main signifiers of karma. This means a sober feeling and some possible internal/projected conflicts occur near month’s end.

What occurs for you—is on schedule and is important for you to process as part of your fate and destiny. The stars, angels, and deities are watching you and rooting for you! They are on your side and wishing for your success in overcoming any conflicts and karma that emerges at this time. Keep an eye out for your particular part to play. (Again, you may not be the center of any of the drama—and in that case—I applaud you for having very little karma to work out! Yay!)

The March 31 Full Moon at 10 degrees Libra integrates the themes of Saturn’s wisdom and Mercury’s retrograde (Since the Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Aries), as well as the North Node’s destiny touchpoint at this moment in time. This Full Moon asks us to take a full in-breath and out-breath and truly stop to realign ourselves (quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces) before moving forward this Spring. Much is asked of us in life at this time. A Full Moon is a time for us to reflect (reflecting the sunlight at night) and using the Mercury influence to do some deep journaling on this day—it’s a Saturday—would be a very beneficial action for you to consider. You could do this as a vision board or as a written creative project. What a gift it would be to cleanse your psychic palette before moving into April. You can even write this out as a dialogue between the planets! Ask the planets about their message(s) to you moving forward. The Moon in Libra will be thrilled to channel the messages for you.


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