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May 2018 Astrological Trends

All month long:

Jupiter in Scorpio continues to trine Neptune in Pisces May 1-September 9 (Exact on May 25 and August 19). This is a long-term influence that provides an influence toward community, a spirit of giving and receiving, and a connection to the larger universe to provide us with the justice and expansion. It requires you to reach for your visions, however, and in May there is a lot of opportunity for you to connect with your higher self and with collective energies as well as higher powers to create heaven on earth as much as possible. The idea that we are co-creators of heaven, instead of passive recipients to some authority, is a very real part of spiritual and moral development. As we use our relationship with the divine, so the world around us flows. We progress from a concrete set of understandings into a more flexible sense of reality, and Jupiter and Neptune can help us to advance our human experience into new territory this year if we allow ourselves to grow. This involves not only transcendence but becoming microscopic with our attention to what it means to be human and in relationship on all levels—and Pisces and Scorpio take us to every dimension we can imagine. That is the gift from water signs. Water provides greater resistance than air, greater flexibility than earth, and greater soothing than fire. Scorpio is the depth and power of the largest ocean. Pisces is the integration of the element itself—able to take any form—from ice to liquid to steam. The trine aspect is beneficial, allowing you to find your depth in creative projects, social justice, spiritual activities, a higher standard of values, ethics, and helping others, defining and institutionalizing human rights, helping others informally, making sacred spaces, mentoring and teaching, and many other manifestations I am unable to imagine.

Chiron moved from Pisces into Aries on April 17. The first few degrees (zero and one) on any sign—especially Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac, so essentially the first two degrees of the entire 360 degree circle of the zodiac—are powerful. May is a time where we are getting out of complacency. It’s a time where one’s sense of being has been violated and we are either examining that or a wound may be perpetrated. Head wounds occur in the sign of Aries. Over-compensation may be observed, when people try to be the first in everything. Hand-in-hand with this is pioneering service in which people come to be of great service to humanity. Chiron engenders the energy of healing and self-regeneration. Alternatively, it brings to bear the perpetrator and the maverick.

Saturn in Capricorn quincunx the North Node in Leo May 1-31. All month long, you may keep wondering if the changes you are making are pushing too far. How will you do when the you, you have always known, pushes past into new territory? You will have to please yourself as you move forward and may need to develop some very new ways of evaluating how to be in the world that are uncomfortable. What you have been taught up to now may not suffice for the future and will need to be adjusted. The old rules no longer support what is necessary for the evolution of your soul’s journey. Rethinking and restructuring your automatic behaviors, systems, rules, and boundaries may become a daily activity as you integrate your changing identity.

Within May:

May 1-2, Sun square North Node in Leo. We all are at a point of destiny where you need to decide if you’re going to cling to the past (and this is a past-life link) or move into your future. It is a point of allowing and letting go. The key is to allow ourselves to feel our own unique identity as much as possible, as the sign of Leo is asking us to let go of the past in favor of a creative future. Be willing to create something new. The Sun in Taurus asks you to embody the new at this time.

Venus in Gemini sextile North Node in Leo May 1-5. A lovely karmic aspect that allows you to meet partners, enjoy loving relations, and communicate romantically about issues involving destiny.

May 1-3, Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. A drive to push through is stimulated. Use it wisely and instead of ruthlessly getting your way or engaging in power struggles, use it to exercise or finish something.

May 1-6 Jupiter Sextile Pluto. This is the end of a transit that peaked in April that provided legal and business influence. You could have the ability to better yourself or have found solutions or resources to improve your conditions, especially professionally.

Sun in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces May 2-10. This is a time to focus on the quiet sensitivity inside that allows you to read people and situations. For example, my experience is that I find myself seeing a few moments into the future. It becomes difficult to distinguish between the present moment and a few seconds into the future because my senses tell me what is about to occur. It takes great attention to ferret out what is being presented as a prediction vs. what is being experienced, and with Neptune dissolving the barriers between dimensions, time, etc., how much does it matter? Well, it matters when we are driving. It may be interesting to see how Neptune and the Sun interplay for you—does it show up in your body, like it does for me, or in your dreams perhaps? Do you hear ancestors (voices) or auditory messages? Have you tried automatic writing, journaling or creative arts?

Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces May 4-10. Take care with all perceptions in relationships. You and others may not be able to see clearly through the veil of this stress aspect, which is no big deal in a healthy relationship for a few days. In a toxic situation, however, this can escalate to a downward spiral. Also, take care not to do any self-harm in the realm of substance abuse, overeating, and over-indulging in anything injurious.

May 6-15 Mars in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries. You have a wild side that wants to be unharnessed. How can you do this and keep from blowing up the world? This aspect states we may not be aware of how our desire to experiment may lead us to mistakes and unintended consequences that affect places that have restrictions, rules, and structures.

May 5-8, Mercury in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. The more you push your thoughts and theories onto others, the more they will push back. You know you’re in a zero-sum game when it’s more about the argument than the content. Keeping an open mind is the actual win during this transit.

Then, May 8-13 Mercury in Aries moves into square with Mars in Capricorn, which has just moved past its conjunction with Pluto. Remember to act with caution and tact during these days. Rushing and impulsive actions will lead to wrong conclusions, rushed decisions, and foot-in-mouth situations. These could result in arguments, disagreements, and fights. Avoid decisions and negotiations where you can. In fact, stay in your room under the covers. Yes, do that. Or run a mile in a secluded forest.

Sun in Taurus opposes Jupiter in Scorpio May 5-12. Sun trine Pluto in Capricorn May 8-15, On May 15, the New Moon also trines Pluto in Capricorn. This New Moon and the Sun aspects to Jupiter and Pluto in the days surrounding it portend a time of deep and intense personal experiences for people where they examine their egos and find success only if they do not let greed go to their heads. It says that success will fall into place with very little effort based upon past previous good deeds and service to others. Those with tendencies toward lack of self-control may have trouble with excess and wasting any good fortune that arises, giving way to the opportunity to examine their own actions and internal drives in order to promote growth (which could still be seen as good fortune). Pluto is adding a depth to the karmic nature of the personal transformation at this New Moon.

Also, May 8-16, Mercury is sidling up to be in conjunction with Uranus at the final degree of Aries and as they both change signs from Aries to Taurus. Then Mercury moves into Taurus on May 13. Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15. Mercury conjunct Uranus at 29 degrees and then at 0 degrees gives a boost of energy to the already strong insights you get from the conjunction. You can do your brilliant thinking on these days of the month. You may find you have flashes of insight and speak a lot faster. Maybe you can barely keep up with your thoughts. If you want to wander outside your routines, it is a great time for that, because you’ll be easily bored. Go ahead and be erratic and interesting.

Then, Mercury trines Saturn in Capricorn while squaring the north node in Leo from May 16-21. Now, with Saturn’s influence, it is time to settle down and concentrate. You can catch up on paperwork and attend to details during these days. Corral the ideas that flew into life the past week. While the square to the North Node may have you wishing to play, spend some time at work, too.

On May 16 Mars enters Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius provides energy for a larger picture in life. We may change our focus to humanitarian and social justice issues.

Then Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus May 16-27. Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus is different in that Mars in Aquarius amps up the social rebellion and disruption energy while Uranus in Taurus changes its focus of unexpected events to the subjects of relationships, finance, and creativity. Mars and Uranus still want to express something wild together—it’s the subject matters that change.

Venus sextile Uranus May 17–21. An excellent time to meet new friends and be sociable. Also, a good time to indulge in entertainment and creativity.

Venus enters Cancer May 19. We may find ourselves feeling very tender and focused on our family relationships during the time of Venus in Cancer. Our emotions come to the forefront.

Venus square Chiron in Aries May 19-23. Conflicts may emerge in relationships. You may feel others doubt you, or you may have an inner conflict regarding a relationship. Balance may be what you’re seeking, or you may desire more than you feel you’re getting.

Sun moves into Gemini May 21. We will find ourselves wanting to be with people more. Our curious nature emerges, although our energy may scatter as well. We may or may not focus but we will enjoy our Gemini month.

Mars trine Sun in Gemini May 21-29. This is one of the best aspects for self-confidence and creativity. Start new projects, take initiative, enjoy your partners, and remain conscious of what you are doing. Use your instincts and use this boost from the stars.

From May 21-26, Mercury in Taurus opposes Jupiter in Scorpio while trining Pluto in Capricorn from May 24-27. You may be able to talk anyone into anything while Mercury trines Pluto, but the big Mercury-Jupiter ideas you have need harnessing. There’s a danger here of unrealistic expectations that needs to be narrowed down to what is achievable and there’s the sign for a need to focus and make things smaller than what is pictured in the mind. This is especially true in business at this time. So be willing to questions the ideas that emerge during this opposition. Find the balance between boring and disruptive.

Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn May 24-29. Taking a retreat will serve you well if you run into relationship problems. Trying to work things out will only make them worse. Possible financial difficulties will be helped through preparation work.

May 29, Mercury moves into Gemini. Mercury is at home in Gemini. Your mental faculties will be at their peak and your mind should feel stimulated and happy.

Full Moon in Sagittarius May 29. The Full Moon sextiles Mars. There’s a playful and competitive spirit to this time. You can feel compelled to seek intimacy with a significant other, family, and friends. Fight for a worthy cause, seek refuge with your clan/tribe, and find a new mate this Full Moon.

May 30-June 3, Mercury in Gemini trines Mars in Aquarius. Mind and motion will be moving in harmony. Enjoy a time at the end of the month where your mouth and your hands will be working together in your life, even if they are working at high speed.


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