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This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

November 2018 Astrology Trends

Continuing influences…

 October 23-31 T-Square in Fixed Signs at 0 degrees. Venus in Scorpio Opposing Uranus. Square to North Node in Leo.  This configuration is a conflagration of stressful aspects that will test your resolve prior to the North Node moving into Cancer. The questions destiny will be asking humans: what in your relationship history has empowered or disempowered you? What have you done with the resources you have been given to uplift others? What creative efforts have you put forth to manifest the ideas that have been given to you? How have you learned to be in the physical world gracefully? What does it truly mean to be a human being?

Individual Elements of T-Square:

August 13 to November 6 (nearly exact October 10 and October 30-November 6) Uranus in Taurus square the North Node in Leo. These are fixed signs, and part of larger aspect patterns (T-square and grand cross patterns). I wouldn’t be expecting people to budge, and you may be surprised by the stubbornness you see around you during these times. Some people may be fixated on being crowned King or Queen (the Leo influence)—and they may be willing to do very unexpected things to get there. On the higher path, it is time to embody values that are more sustainable and earth-centered. Spend this time spiritually connecting to the earth and loving the planet. This can manifest in many ways—and with Uranus in the mix, how can we pretend to predict? In the past, Uranus (ruling the nervous system of both humans and the planet) has brought earthquakes and seismic activity. In social structures, Uranus in Taurus brought global fascism to the forefront in 1935-1942. However, on a personal level, Taurus is about what you value. Through the year 2026, the foundation of how we relate to our values and the planet is changing. Tension is denoted by a square aspect. The North Node in Leo can bring all of us to our personal crisis and our personal catharsis around our own values and ethics. I wouldn’t spend time trying to directly get others to agree with you, however, as each person will need to make their own decisions. Taurus is about embodiment—not conversation. The best way to convince others during these coming years is to clearly embody your personal values instead of speaking them. A human being and doing will be stronger than a human blathering and lying. Also, Taurus can tell the truth by how they feel in their stomach or gut. They’re very physical creatures. So, pay attention to when you feel queasy or uneasy, and make sure to rest enough to be in touch with your body. Slow down if you can and use body signals to guide you—not intellect or emotions or even the heavens. According to the stars, get grounded to get strong.

October 24-November 3 (exact October 30-31) Retrograde Venus in Scorpio square North Node in Leo. This is an opportunity to see the tension between how the desire to create a future that meets the vision of one individual can fail to accommodate a deep dive into the needs of relationships and truly meet the standards of what would be needed in partnership with others. It’s an opportunity to review what is meaningful about true desire and leadership.

October 24- November 3 (exact October 30-31) Retrograde Venus in Scorpio oppose Uranus in Taurus. When you receive a call from your long-lost ex-lover who wants to be reminded that there was a reason you’re no longer together… When you receive a strange, out of the blue offer to buy your house… When you suddenly need to redecorate your third bedroom into a place to hold Japanese tea ceremonies even though you were raised Lutheran… When you suddenly wish to try neon purple on your hair and feel inspired to try a modeling career in South America even though you live in France… It could be Venus opposing Uranus. Use vision boards instead of acting on these impulses. Please. And curb the spending.

(–end of individual t-square aspects–)

October 31, Afternoon, Venus Retrograde changes signs to move back into Libra. Venus now focuses upon the humanitarian ideal in partnerships. Libra is an air sign and Venus is at home in Libra. Venus uses its time in Libra to create peace on earth and equal rights. Venus says that every human has value and each partner in a relationship has equity. This is the year to dress up as the Notorious RBG if there ever was one. October 30-November 3 (Exact October 31)

Mercury in Sagittarius trine North Node in Leo. The North Node is getting ready for a big change into Cancer, and this aspect is all about change. Here’s an opportunity to take one last look at yourself before the focus changes to caring for others. It will be a favorable look. Truly take a pause to appreciate and love yourself. You are so loveable!

October 19-November 8 (exact November 1, 12:43 PM MST) Jupiter in Scorpio trine Retrograde Chiron in Pisces. We can acknowledge our mysterious fears/phobias, addictions, and obsessions even when we don’t fully understand them. There’s a final opportunity prior to Jupiter entering its own sign in November for us to delve deeply into the things that have been buried in our unconscious and have been expressing themselves in our behavior and in our group consciousness. One possibility is your encountering ways that help you heal—people or resources. We can look to our histories—past lives, built cultures, childhoods—and see beneath the surface to the roots of our taboos, unconscious desires, and those things that have been swept under the rug for too long. As we examine the shadow parts of ourselves and our partners, what attracts or repulses us? What does that symbolize for us? And, if we are a phoenix, burning in the fire at this moment, what parts of us do we want rising from the ashes when we are remade?

November Planetary Influences…

 November 1-December 2 (exact November 3 and November 28) Venus (Retrograde then Direct) quincunx Retrograde Chiron in Pisces. Venus probably wants a big party for Thanksgiving and a new dress or at least a new table cloth and to invite friends… because… Libra! Chiron is asking us to look at our original psychic wounds as far back as birth and past lives because… Pisces! Probably with a quincunx adjustment occurring, there will be deprivation issues to contend with, such as abandonment or monetary issues. Oh well, make it a jug band Thanksgiving! (Did you ever ready the children’s book, “Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas?”)

November 1-9 (exact November 6) Sun in Scorpio trine Retrograde Neptune in Pisces. This is a transcendent time when our personality and our spirituality are in alignment. Use this time period of high intuition to connect heart and spirit along with any psychic impressions you receive. Receiving is the name of the game, and loving kindness should abound and be plentiful. Tap into it for your highest happiness.

November 7 New Moon in Scorpio. This is a positively busy (and positive!) New Moon! Uranus moves back into Aries the same day. The Sun and Moon are in trine to Neptune to offer a tremendous transcendent spiritual boost. They are also in sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, providing the element of transformation and manifestation. Chiron and Jupiter are in trine aspect as well (the final day prior to Jupiter moving into Sagittarius), giving an increased potential for healing activities. This is an excellent new moon for healing and prayers and rituals. It’s highly recommended you plan something around the element of water or water medicine healing for your New Moon celebrations.

November 7 Retrograde Uranus moves back into Aries. It returns to Taurus for good on March 6, 2019 after turning direct on January 6, 2019. When Uranus returns to Aries for a few months, our zeitgeist returns to the cult of the individual for a little while. We may feel impulses toward personal expression, be turning toward our personal devices and technologies, experience identity crises, and feel our attention span to be shortened compared to the time we’ve spent in the first few degrees of Uranus in Taurus. Things may feel sped up in our nervous systems and in the social world surrounding us. Radical decisions and changes are possible within Aries again. When Uranus moves into Taurus for good in January, change becomes a slow-moving and effort-driven process. Within Aries, change is fast and can be something that feels like a fire has swept through the place.

November 7–December 2 (exact December 1) Venus in Libra (Retrograde then Direct) oppose Retrograde Uranus in Aries. Along with Uranus’s move from Taurus into Aries, Venus is in opposition. Venus is ruled by Taurus and Libra, so this is poignant to be in a stressful opposition relationship to Uranus, the planet of upheaval. Venus is the planet of beauty, harmony, and peace. Uranus is a planet of radical change and is entering into one of the signs that has been known to symbolize war. It’s as if the two are in peace negotiations with one another. Venus is in her ascendency, however, so as she moves into direct motion and makes this aspect for the second time it appears she may be able to tame the weird and wild impulses caused by Uranus events. In general, the energy is one of impulse, initiative and spontaneity being balanced with harmony and social grace.

November 7- 8 (exact November 8) Jupiter in Scorpio quincunx Retrograde Uranus in Aries. Jupiter is expanding and exploring the depths of our emotional life while Uranus sets up situations that disrupt the status quo. This may require us to process our reactions and make unexpected adjustments. Avoid friends who seem to encourage or influence your less-than-stellar behavior, especially, during this time period. What may these behaviors be? Addictions, over-indulgence, emotional dysregulation, negativity, gossip, bullying behaviors, and others.

November 7-8 Mars in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio. Here’s a time where you might wish to dig in your heels and where the depth of emotions may seem endless. In a few days, your perspective may change and the fight-the-good-fight attitude that comes along with this aspect may drain. You may risk some physical and emotional exhaustion, so aim for some moderation. Physical exercise is a good outlet for processing your need to advocate as you consider your options.

November 8 Jupiter moves into Sagittarius. The Moon also conjuncts Jupiter as it moves signs, adding power to the shift. Jupiter moves into its home sign. Jupiter stays in a sign for 18 months to two years, so this is a significant shift. For this time, the following subjects will expand in our collective and group lives: adventure, philosophy, study, religions, and foreign cultures. Enthusiastic and inspirational teachers should emerge to broaden our cultural awareness and spiritual understanding. During the next two years, guard against recklessness, over-confidence and extravagance, but enjoy the confidence, generosity, and integrity.  The nice thing about the perspective of Sagittarius is that, while it is a broad perspective, it isn’t detached. It’s generally joyful while not being petty.

November 8-15 (exact November 9) Jupiter trine North Node in Leo. Benefits accrue now from a higher place, and your ability to express your strengths gets an enormous boost this month. That is, if you pay attention to yourself. The North Node, which in astrology rules our Dharma, is about to shift into Cancer (the sign of the family and which will bring out the Great Mother in all of us for a few years) so we have one last chance to focus on ourselves. Spend some time with our creative nature, on our hearts, which are like our inner hearths. Especially spend some time appreciating how much you have grown and how much courage you have embodied over the past year or year and a half. I bet you are really something! It is entirely appropriate to tell your stories if you haven’t already, or already started.

November 9-16 Mars in Aquarius square Jupiter in Sagittarius. The need to stand up for your beliefs remains, with Mars in Aquarius, and as Jupiter shifts to Sagittarius, your perspective may broaden to include a wider scope. It’s still a stress aspect, which can ultimately work in your favor as you work out a plan for how to proceed. The thing to watch for is to avoid impulse and to stay smart in your approaches. Choose your words and battles carefully.

November 10-23 Mercury in Sagittarius square Retrograde Neptune in Pisces.  Mercury (the mind) in Sagittarius wants to be honest and Neptune (the spirit) in Pisces may wish for a beautiful, transcendent world above all. This could set off some tension either internally or in relationships. Try not to deceive either yourself or anyone else. It just may be that communication is difficult to translate through these opposing wishes and both things are important. Take your time and keep the doors of communication open. Luckily, both Sagittarius and Pisces have an open mind! We will all get there.

November 8-14 (exact November 11) Sun in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn. What a great opportunity to illuminate the construction of our potential to fix something that is broken in our lives. From a bad habit or process to a material matter, use this time to make an improvement to yourself or your environment.

November 15 – Venus turns direct at 25 Degrees Libra. We start to move forward again in relationship and material matters. However, until December when Venus passes the post-retrograde shadow period it’s probably wise to hold of on purchases and fashion changes such as haircuts and makeovers. Relationship issues and impulses may still arise during this time frame. The inner ego may need balancing, so keep to a steady and humble attitude.

November 15, about 6 PM North Node moves into sign of Cancer. With the North Node moving into Cancer for the next 18 months or so, the focus of our collective Dharma is changing into the Divine Feminine. The North and South Nodes travel in unison across the zodiac wheel from one another, so while the North Node (Dharma) is in Cancer, the South Node (Karma) will be in Capricorn. We will Shift from the Leo/Aquarius sense that we need to express ourselves and create a drama based upon humanitarian and revolutionary themes to a very different sense.

The past is denoted by earth-sign Capricornian themes—government or nation, structures and systems, working hard, material wealth on a national level, scaffolding, building, construction, perfection, and ambition. The future is denoted by water-sign Cancer—the mother, the family, domestic life, nurturing, emotion, fertility, sensitivity, security, the subconscious, change, intuition, instinct, and giving. A lot of the challenge will be to stop making things harder than they have to be. “Let it be,” can become a great mantra for us during this transit of the North Node in Cancer as we trust the moment by moment process instead of planning industriously. Because we can be humble enough to see that we can tolerate failure and express our emotions honestly. This time is not for opportunists and martyrs and isolationists. Control issues will likely get drowned out as we find we are not entitled to the things we thought we were (November 15-January 31, 2019 (exact on December 23, 2018 from 1 PM MST to 7 PM MST) North Node in Cancer Trine Retrograde then Direct (Chiron stations and then turns direct on December 8) Chiron in Pisces). Try to view everyone as your larger family in order to find comfort. A sense of humor will help, too.

November 15, 3:41 PM MST Mars at 00 00 Pisces Quincunx North Node at 00 00 Leo. The North Node is in Trine aspect to Jupiter (1-degree Sagittarius). The Moon in Aquarius is trine Venus in Libra while Venus is opposing Uranus in Aries at the same time, with a very loose square to Pluto in Capricorn.

November 16 Mars moves into Pisces. When Mars travels through Pisces, our drives change to focus on a spiritual path forward. Our emotions feel like they emerge from our subconscious. We feel our way intuitively. We may experience life from a victim stand point if we’re not careful. When we’re threatened, it’s important to develop strength to deal with people and situations during the Pisces Mars transit.

November 16–December 2 (exact December 1) Venus in Libra square North Node in Cancer. Rather than shopping therapy, why not have a good cry? Those emotions won’t look as good in the things you buy as they will feel if you get down to the root cause of what’s behind the pain. It’s probably something from the past or something someone said that’s triggered you and was painful.  

Mercury stations and turns retrograde November 17-18 at 13 degrees Sagittarius. When Mercury stops (or stations) and turns retrograde, it does so at almost an exact square to the Neptune/Moon conjunction on November 17. This strengthens the stressful mental/spiritual/emotional tensions in the air. While you may wish to enter a debate, it’s recommended you bide your time.

Grand Trine in Water November 22 (at time of full moon—with Venus oppose Uranus T square to North Node also and Sun stellum, is conjunct Jupiter and Mercury).  This Thanksgiving (if you’re in the U.S.) is chock full of aspects that say family issues will be magnified for us all, for better or worse. It’s a great month to prepare for the gathering with a big dose of meditation and loving kindness to all.  Let’s get our hearts in the right place and space to be truly welcoming and accommodating to those whom we love and cherish. Let’s help and include those who have been abandoned by those who should be wrapping them up in their arms. Let’s treat the whole community as family, in other words, and we will have a great time. And let’s remember to make it an economical holiday if we are in the U.S.

November 17-22 (exact November 20) Sun in Scorpio trine Retrograde Chiron in Pisces. Here is the chance for you to face your healing with the Pisces themes for one of the last times. Soon, Chiron will be in Aries and it will be healing-through-action. There will not be time to contemplate and feel the vastness of what is ending in your life. Take this time to soak in what is coming to a close, because life will really not be the same again. Some of the deepest pains are existential and universal.

November 17-22 (exact November 20) Sun in Scorpio trine North Node in Cancer. As we begin to understand our personal Dharma through the North Node’s traversal of Cancer, the Sun begins a series of Grand Water Trine aspects with Chiron in Pisces that have us reviewing our place in the larger “family” of things, as well. From systems to our personal families, how are we treating one another? A deep dive and research can be done with the Sun in Scorpio.

November 16-26 (exact November 20) Mars in Aquarius/Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius. Stubborn Mars in Aquarius may keep trying to fight the good human rights fight while Jupiter in Sagittarius has already left the building to fly to the Netherlands to observe their healthcare system. Once Mars enters Pisces, Mars may leave the building, too, to get sloshed before seeing all the relatives at Thanksgiving dinner. The problem is, they’re going to have a fender bender in the parking lot before either of them gets anywhere.

November 22 Sun enters Sagittarius at about 2 AM MST. Looking at the big picture is the shift that takes place when we move from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Instead of the detective we meet the explorer. However, sometimes when we take that wide, optimistic view point we can miss the small details. Sagittarius is able to tame their fire—to use discretion and wisdom to inspire the world around them—because they can find the “true north” for themselves and others. They are focused beyond only themselves and able to nurture hope and faith. It’s an expansive energy. Bring your compass.

Gemini Full Moon, November 22 10:39 pm – Whoa! U.S. Thanksgiving falls on a Gemini Full Moon this year—a New Moon that welcomes close travel, talking and communicating.  The Sun will be in conjunction with Jupiter, providing a sense of giving and well-being. Mercury is in loose conjunction with them in Sagittarius as well, so most of us will be in the mood for talking. A variety of perspectives should be welcome and stimulating for all. Mars is in square aspect in Pisces, so just look out for over-indulging in whatever you are famous for over-indulging in! Mars is also sextile to Saturn in Capricorn—so if you have a plan, and you stick to the plan, you will be fine. Alcoholics—stay away from the bar. Overeaters—stick to your portion like a hawk. Venus is opposite Uranus and square to the North Node, loosely. I’m not sure who may show up unexpectedly, so as long as you keep that open mind open, it should remain fun. (See below for more details on some of these aspects.)

November 24, 2018 Neptune turns direct at 13 degrees Pisces. Neptune turns direct after being retrograde since the Spring and now we can resume our mediation and our dream journals. Our sleep may improve. The years of Neptune in its home sign of Pisces are great for integrating spiritual practices into our lives. Let’s continue.

November 22-29 (exact November 25) Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is such a great time to expand something positive in our lives. Maybe an exercise program or a new business venture. Some sort of positive habit. It’s possible to magnify a shadow aspect of oneself—let’s avoid that! Something gets bigger and better about us during this time—let’s consciously attend to what that something shall be, shall we?

November 24-28 (exact November 26) Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius square Mars in Pisces. Mercury wants to take some leaps and is feeling overly-optimistic while Mars may lead you into trouble and over-indulgence or escapism due to acting from an emotional place. Conversely, Mars may cause tension due to pessimism. So, you may find yourself exhausted.

November 25-30 (exact November 27) Retrograde Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. A great time for learning and studying, especially picking up a subject again that you had previously put down. You can re-write or edit something. Mercury retrograde is a time to return to something that needs to be gone over again as opposed to starting something new.

November 24- December 12 (exact December 3) Sun in Sagittarius square Mars in Pisces. Also portends some fatigue. The Sun wants to move on to something new and Mars wants to finish up something old. Jupiter is also in the mix, along with Mercury retrograde, so Pisces mars is throwing a little bit of cold water on the Sagittarius fire and slowing things down. That’s okay; simply being aware that going slower is an option is half the battle! Since Sagittarius can miss so many details, it’s likely a blessing in disguise.

November 25-28 (exact November 27) Retrograde Mercury conjunct Sun in Sagittarius. This is a fun and combustible fire energy! Enjoy the mind and the heart traveling together through the terrain of wit and charm in freedom loving, social, androgynous, possible guru-level Sagittarius.

November 21-December 2 (exact November 27) Mars in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn. As a balm to the Mars in Pisces fatigue, here comes a beautiful aspect between Mars and Saturn to say: stick to your systems, friend! Stay on course with your routines of health, food plan, positive psychological practices, and spiritual supports so you can make it a good day each day! Saturn in Capricorn can be a big support to us during late November and December. This is also a time to observe limits in things such as finances and keep fantastic boundaries around our personal and emotional space. Saturn has taught us well the past few years.



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