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December 2018 Astrology Trends

Continuing influences…

 November 1-December 2 (exact November 3 and November 28) Venus (Retrograde then Direct) quincunx Retrograde Chiron in Pisces. Venus probably wants a big party for Thanksgiving and a new dress or at least a new table cloth and to invite friends… because… Libra! Chiron is asking us to look at our original psychic wounds as far back as birth and past lives because… Pisces! Probably with a quincunx adjustment occurring, there will be deprivation issues to contend with, such as abandonment or monetary issues. Oh well, make it a jug band Thanksgiving! (Did you ever ready the children’s book, “Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas?”)

November 7–December 2 (exact December 1) Venus in Libra (Retrograde then Direct) oppose Retrograde Uranus in Aries. Along with Uranus’s move from Taurus into Aries, Venus is in opposition. Venus is ruled by Taurus and Libra, so this is poignant to be in a stressful opposition relationship to Uranus, the planet of upheaval. Venus is the planet of beauty, harmony, and peace. Uranus is a planet of radical change and is entering into one of the signs that has been known to symbolize war. It’s as if the two are in peace negotiations with one another. Venus is in her ascendency, however, so as she moves into direct motion and makes this aspect for the second time it appears she may be able to tame the weird and wild impulses caused by Uranus events. In general, the energy is one of impulse, initiative and spontaneity being balanced with harmony and social grace.

November 16–December 2 (exact December 1) Venus in Libra square North Node in Cancer. Rather than shopping therapy, why not have a good cry? Those emotions won’t look as good in the things you buy as they will feel if you get down to the root cause of what’s behind the pain. It’s probably something from the past or something someone said that’s triggered you and was painful.

November 21-December 2 (exact November 27) Mars in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn. As a balm to the Mars in Pisces fatigue, here comes a beautiful aspect between Mars and Saturn to say: stick to your systems, friend! Stay on course with your routines of health, food plan, positive psychological practices, and spiritual supports so you can make it a good day each day! Saturn in Capricorn can be a big support to us during late November and December. This is also a time to observe limits in things such as finances and keep fantastic boundaries around our personal and emotional space. Saturn has taught us well the past few years.

November 24- December 12 (exact December 3) Sun in Sagittarius square Mars in Pisces. Also portends some fatigue. The Sun wants to move on to something new and Mars wants to finish up something old. Jupiter is also in the mix, along with Mercury retrograde, so Pisces mars is throwing a little bit of cold water on the Sagittarius fire and slowing things down. That’s okay; simply being aware that going slower is an option is half the battle! Since Sagittarius can miss so many details, it’s likely a blessing in disguise.

December Planetary Influences…

December 1 Retrograde Mercury enters Scorpio. Mercury intensifies communication, asking us to look underneath the surface, as it forms a GRAND WATER TRINE with the North Node and Uranus that all the personal planets will as they move through the final degrees of Scorpio. Mercury, however, is doing this repeatedly in this retrograde period. This means you can feel you have a “cooling off period” during Mercury retrograde when things flow easier, if you can tap into the higher-vibe grand water trine energy, and also it can mean you can feel a little suspicion or paranoia, if you are feeling the lower energies of Scorpio at play. Maybe a little of both will occur. When Mercury leaves Sagittarius to move back into he sign of Scorpio, any effects or consequences that seem out of proportion to the causes or mistakes that are associated with them should ease, however. This is the result of Mercury moving away from Sagittarius and from conjunction with Jupiter.

December 2 – Venus moves into Scorpio. Venus possibly goes on the prowl in Scorpio. Gosh, I guess we can explore our most powerful desires, and desires for empowerment. Venus in Scorpio heightens the intensity in relationships instead of the harmony. We may begin to look at how others use what they have got, and how we can become alchemists in the culture around us.

Grand water trine

December 1-13 (exact December 2 and December 11) Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio trine North Node in Cancer. Mercury stations and turns direct December 6. This trine lasts double the usual amount of time, as Mercury ends its retrograde, stops, and resumes its forward motion. The first half of December thus becomes a wonderful time to review and then begin to act in a deeply mindful and transformative way, based upon our best understanding of our life’s calling. This looks like it connects to past and present family, based upon the signs of Scorpio and Cancer being involved, and it looks to be acts of the heart, such as small or large kindnesses being extended. It’s possible to allow these two weeks to pass by with nothing occurring, so you need to take advantage of these positive aspects and utilize them consciously.

December 1-13 (exact December 4 and December 9) Retrograde Mercury trine Retrograde Chiron in Pisces. Chiron also stations and turns direct December 8. When you understand that forgiveness helps you more than it helps the one you feel harmed you, you’re going to be well on your way to integrating the things you need to for Chiron in Pisces and Mercury in Scorpio to feel they have bestowed their blessings upon you. Or you can let them pass through the heavens silently. They will patiently wait as long as you need for them to wait. It would be nice for you to listen and allow them to heal your heart this early December season. Or maybe you are the one who needs to be forgiven. Grace is available for all of us.

December 1-13 (exact December 2 and December 9) Retrograde Mercury quincunx Retrograde Uranus in Aries. This is a time when it may be difficult to find words or a way to communicate the inner fire or the higher thoughts that are coming through so quickly that they’re hard to organize coherently. There’s a lot of intuitive inspiration; it’s just hard to explain the depth of it all. It can feel like so many original ideas. Staying grounded can be an overwhelming feeling. It can feel like you don’t want to miss anything, too.

December 2-9 (exact December 5) Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Now that Neptune is moving in a direct manner, a square aspect to the Sun can cause difficulty in self-expression and a tempering of our egos for a few days. If you feel out of sorts or a depressed system, try to rest and pick up dream messages to figure out what is going on.

December 2-14 (exact December 7) Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is Inspiration, art, spirituality, integration, the ending of something major, sleep and rest, and dreaming. Pisces is one of the receivers—so make sure to make time to rest and dream and feel free to be creative during these days. Letting go and not planning too much would probably be a good idea. Act by not acting, and a lot of Zen or Taoist principles might be put into play while Mars is in Pisces—and in conjunction with Pisces-ruled Neptune—add about 20 leagues to that. In its lower expression, Mars and Neptune in Pisces would have you battle or indulge in addictions, lose your mind, experience depression, or overcompensate with its polar opposite—Virgo themes (too much over work, service, control, and organization)! It’s let go and let God time.

New Moon December 7 in Sagittarius. The Sagittarius New Moon is generally a time when we feel the urge for an adventure, and with Jupiter also in Sagittarius, our urge to take off may be even greater. On the same day, Mercury is stopping to turn direct in Scorpio (while in trine to Chiron in Pisces), so our mind may be telling us that although our heart wishes to go afar, the better trip to take is deep within. In fact, with the Sun and Moon square to Mars and Neptune in Pisces, it appears that may be exactly the destination that is most preferred. The universal space within, the one consciousness, is accessible to us all at this time, even if there’s a little bit of a rough ride to get there. To achieve transcendence we may need to forgive, find a peaceful solitude, or take charge of our own energy in some way to expand our understanding of spiritual maturity. This New Moon can bring a catharsis.

December 8 Chiron turns direct at 27/28 degrees Pisces. Chiron retrograde shows us our wounds, and when it stations and turns direct it shows us how we will recover. Sometimes these wounds are physical; sometimes non-physical. The broken places that we have been limping around with may have opportunities to become whole again. 28 degrees Pisces is associated with the phalanges of left foot, so if there is something going on in the left side of your body, especially your foot—consult a doctor between now and February, 2020. These are times when those with Chiron returns can be made whole again (I am one of them and am planning for left hip replacement). The Sabian Symbol is: A fertile garden under the full moon. This is a particularly nice Sabian symbol. Thinking of the seeds we have planted, this means we’re growing our garden and it is being well-tended and managed. Nature is doing its job and we are meeting our responsibilities. All is well.

December 11-21 (exact December 16) Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn. This transit is about true and serious love and partnerships. Long-term commitments are denoted, especially under the signs Scorpio and Capricorn. This is a time for commitments, successful marriages, meeting people who would make great business and marriage partners, practical and common-sense decisions, and investments of high quality.

December 12-23 (exact December 17) Mars in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn. In spite of yourself, you will likely be getting a lot done, built, determined during mid-December. The energy around you will carry you forward and you will avoid procrastinating as the world regulates you. People will likely be strongly attracted to you and you’ll feel intuitive and able to put the right pieces of the puzzle together. Trust your drive to get things done.

December 17- Venus moves out of Shadow area and past 10 degrees Scorpio. You can finally buy things! You can trust when you feel the impulse toward new relationships! The Venus retrograde is absolutely ended as Venus surges forth into new territory and into new waters. Erratic actions and relational dysregulation should ease and instead your instincts should return with Scorpio’s sense of deep understanding of those around them. We start to “get” each other better.

December 17-24 (exact December 21) Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. Here is another sign of harmonious relationships as the lower and higher octaves of love sing in tune. Venus is earthly relationships and Neptune is heavenly relationships, so for them to be in a trine, or favorable, aspect, means we can relax and enjoy an environment of easy interaction leading up to Christmas Eve.

December 16-22 (exact December 20) Sun in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces. Highlighted and activated are the issues of the tension within us caused by the things that have happened or are happening to us because people are missing details and sweeping things under the rug. Alternatively, we may be the one in denial of something or not seeing something of which we are unaware.

December 17-22 (exact December 20) Sun in Sagittarius Trine Uranus in Aries. This is a time when scientific breakthroughs can progress and when you may feel like trying something new. Follow the confidence you feel and enjoy new adventures and inventions.

December 18-24 (exact December 21) Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. Your ability to comprehend things expands and you can use this period of time to broaden or try on new perspectives or encounter some great teachers. It may feel like things are speeding up, intellectually speaking. Try to still attend to details if you can.

December 22 Sun Enters Capricorn. This is the time to set your intentions for the next year. What would you like to structure and build? What are your goals? Capricorn energy loves a project. With Saturn at home in Capricorn this year, it’s a great time to think of what wisdom you have gained in your life thus far and take stock of your values, priorities, and what matters to you. This is a good year for resolutions—not for the new year, but for the new you—overall.

Full Moon, December 22 10:49 am. December 22 is a Saturday, so this Full Moon would be the perfect opportunity for an early holiday ritual or celebration to honor the winter. Find a way to incorporate the Capricorn and Saturn themes of wisdom, teaching, building, earth-energy, and the Cancer themes of emotion, family, mother, water-energy and instinct. Snow might be an appropriate symbol to combine water and earth. A historical theme used to kick off planning for the future (vision boards for the family? Talking about what values are important to each person?) could be an interesting Full Moon or Saturday get-together. You can have olde-time pictures for people to choose from that represents concepts that are most important to them and have them place their picture on a collage that represents values. This can combine wisdom (Saturn) with family (Cancer). It’s a Full Moon ritual for an individual, chosen family, or biological family.

December 23-26 (exact December 24) Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Feeling like we are whole may be difficult when there is so much on our minds. Mercury in Sagittarius may stir up a lot of big desires to make grand gestures—suffice it to say—that is not likely in the cards. Try to keep an eye on the small things that make a difference, too.

December 25-31 (exact December 28) Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Such depth of feeling and appreciation in the air is wonderful during a time of giving and receiving. Also adds a romantic energy to the world around us. Love and attachment.

December 24-31 (Exact December 28) Mars in Pisces trine North Node in Cancer. This is about understanding the desires of our dharma vs. the desires of our ego. The relationship may become clear to us now, and we can easily see our path forward and wrap up the year with some wisdom about how we fit into the family of things and what our soul’s development is asking of us prior to Mars moving into Aries.

December 23-31 (exact December 29) Mars in Pisces conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Where does it hurt? There’s a place we can’t move on from but this is Pisces—where something is ending in preparation for Mars moving into Aries. It likely feels right now like it will never end, but we’re in the frustrating part of the end of a cycle of Mars. At this point, there may be confusion or depression as Mars is conjunct Chiron. We also might be aware that something is painful. This works together with the North Node aspect to help us release and understand our past mistakes, ego trips, the things we identify with that we no longer need, and the things that are no longer things we need to be attached to. Some of our desires are ready to leave us. Instead of being at ware with our limitations, and feeling the exhaustion and emptiness of holding onto old ways of being… It’s friendlier to accept ourselves and move on.

December 24-March 24 (exact January 31) Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces. Aww… Our responsibilities and our dreams are not quite meshing. Both these Planets are at home in their respective signs. Saturn is at home in Capricorn and Neptune is at home in Pisces. So each is strong right now! Our spiritual energy is pulling us to the east and our sense of being a grounded and rational person is pull us to the north. Our compass keeps twirling from one direction to the other for a few months while we try to steer a ship and see to the far shore. As we learn to honor both heaven and earth in the course of our days, by the end of this Spring, we should have built some daily practices that are pretty robust.

December 31, late evening in MST, Mars enters the Sign of Aries. Mars begins a whole new zodiac cycle as it moves into Aries. Acting from instinct will feel like the right thing to do. Exercise will be soothing. The body will feel energized, and you will lead with physical exertion. The warrior, the pioneer, and the inspirational leader will be the archetypes. No longer will you feel the need to put things off. Short term activities are fine to do when Mars is in Aries. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, along with other influences, these activities will enhance the long-term influences, so there’s not a lot of risk of missing any long-term goals at this juncture. It’s a shot in the arm of energy. Aries is the spark of a new fire for Mars’s actions and motivation.

December 28-6 (exact January 2, 2019) Sun in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. When the Sun meets Capricorn, there is a sense that things are very serious in the world. There can be a test of morality, readiness, integrity, and structural integrity (this can actually be your house and daily routines).

December 23-January 31 (exact January 13) Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Make sure you live within limits because Jupiter has you overly-optimistic when Neptune can have you living in a dream world. This means keep your spending in check. Keep your eating and decisions in check. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. In general, practice self-regulation and focus. While you’re at it—don’t work too much, either! 


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