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This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

January 2019 Astrology Trends

Continuing Influences…

December 24-March 24 (exact January 31) Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces. Aww… Our responsibilities and our dreams are not quite meshing. Both these Planets are at home in their respective signs. Saturn is at home in Capricorn and Neptune is at home in Pisces. So each is strong right now! Our spiritual energy is pulling us to the east and our sense of being a grounded and rational person is pull us to the north. Our compass keeps twirling from one direction to the other for a few months while we try to steer a ship and see to the far shore. As we learn to honor both heaven and earth in the course of our days, by the end of this Spring, we should have built some daily practices that are pretty robust.

December 31, late evening in MST, Mars enters the Sign of Aries. Mars begins a whole new zodiac cycle as it moves into Aries. Acting from instinct will feel like the right thing to do. Exercise will be soothing. The body will feel energized, and you will lead with physical exertion. The warrior, the pioneer, and the inspirational leader will be the archetypes. No longer will you feel the need to put things off. Short term activities are fine to do when Mars is in Aries. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, along with other influences, these activities will enhance the long-term influences, so there’s not a lot of risk of missing any long-term goals at this juncture. It’s a shot in the arm of energy. Aries is the spark of a new fire for Mars’s actions and motivation.

December 28-January 6 (exact January 2, 2019) Sun in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. When the Sun meets Saturn, there is a sense that things are very serious in the world. There can be a test of morality, readiness, integrity, and structural integrity (this can actually be about your house and daily routines).

December 23-January 31 (exact January 13) Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Make sure you live within limits because Jupiter has you overly-optimistic when Neptune can have you living in a dream world. This means keep your spending in check. Keep your eating and decisions in check. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. In general, practice self-regulation and focus. While you’re at it—don’t work too much, either!

January Influences…

January 1-4 (exact January 4) Mercury in Sagittarius trine Retrograde Uranus in Aries: Broad-minded and expansive thinking characterizes this time period, focused on getting things done. Original insights may occur to you.

January 1-4 (exact January 4) Mercury in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces: Mental anguish may occur, or you may be focused on how your thinking has not served you. How you operate on a daily basis is being changed and transmuted and here is one of the touch-points of that change.

January 4 Mercury moves into Capricorn at about 8 PM MST: During Mercury in Capricorn (through January 24), get your doctor to look at your skeleton, knees, and joints to support your stability. Mercury is our nervous system, our mind and memory, our daily routines and habits. All of these can be stabilized during the journey through Capricorn. You can enjoy the Capricorn energy of ambition and social spirit as well.

January 2-8 (exact January 5) Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces: Capricorn solutions are thrift, caution, perseverance, and self-discipline. When the Sun sheds light on these powerful remedies and Neptune offers its view into the divine realm in a beneficial aspect such as this, we can bring heaven to earth in the arena of sensation and grounded behaviors. “Use what God gave you.” Pisces is the last stop on the zodiac, so this may also be a time of very positive divine releasing, if you wish to engage crystals or water in rituals or meditations.

January 2-7 (exact January 5) Venus in Scorpio trine North Node in Cancer: Union occurs socially whether it is recognized by the individual or not, and the sign of Scorpio is where the power to understand our impact on others occurs in a deep and transformative way. Cancer rules the family and the places we seek comfort. The North Node is telling us that if we wish, this is a time to touch deeply the recognition that family is a deeply important and transformative part of our social fabric for us to value in meaningful ways. Scorpio often can engage compensatory or shunning behaviors and learns later to rise into empowerment of the self and others as they transcend their issues. Similarly, we need to use aspects such as this to realize that valuing families with true measures of support may mean learning to view social contracts with a much deeper fabric than we have previously done. That is what the North Node will be teaching us during its journey through Cancer.

January 5: Capricorn Solar Eclipse/New Moon: Saturn is conjunct the Sun and Moon in Capricorn and Neptune is sextile the Sun/Moon eclipse, so while Saturn constricts and narrows focus and energy and asks that disciplines be switched on in the areas ruled by Capricorn—in other words—dig in and work hard with your ethics firmly attached—Neptune is inviting Dionysus to the table for the next six months, also. This eclipse may kick off something new that you were not expecting—building a new structure into your material life. The Saturn-Moon connection symbolizes the power of an individual to come into form—the “I am” consciousness. Caused either intrinsically or by external factors, the changes are likely to touch on the places that you have been fearing to tread for some time since Saturn and Capricorn are involved. Building the world around you anew is not only possible, it is written in the stars. Now is the time to begin, and while planting seeds takes germination time, your patience and persistence will reap rewards. Have faith in your efforts. The areas that this eclipse touches are the family (Cancer) and society (Capricorn), so something major is shifting in the Cancer/Capricorn arena for us over the coming 18 months. Changes in form are ruled by Saturn. Saturn usually constricts something or takes something away.

January 6, 2019 Uranus turns direct at 28 degrees Aries: Uranus wants to know if we are listening to how we are to embody complete and total revolution. The Sabian Symbol for the point at which Uranus turns direct this year is a celestial choir singing. As Uranus finishes up its sweep through Aries, which has seen several awakenings to human rights issues, environmental concerns, information issues, and new technologies—in addition to yet-to-be-publicized-areas—we are moving into a stabilization / embodiment period for 7 years or so during the Uranus transit of Taurus. Before we focus on physical breath, there is one last gasp of fire and electricity moving through the dark night of the soul, looking for a place to ground itself. Electricity itself is neutral. In the hands of an expert, it can be harnessed to great purpose. In the hands of a fool, it is death and destruction. Uranus asks us to transcend our previous wisdom.

January 2-7 (exact January 6) Venus in Scorpio Trine Chiron in Pisces: The fruits of experience are in alignment with ailments, either past or present. You can learn more about what’s bothering you if you look deeply into it.

January 2-7 (exact January 6) Venus in Scorpio Quincunx Uranus in Aries: Adjustments need to be made based on what you are learning. You’ll gain from this even though it’s likely to be uncomfortable.

January 7 Venus moves into Sagittarius: Suddenly, things will seem larger than life. What was very emotional now will be able to be put into perspective. Now is the time to integrate the big experiences. If you are seeking wisdom, need to teach or learn, wish to sign up for a class or get mentorship, the time of Venus in Sagittarius is a good time to find guidance in relationships. People should be able to be honest, compassionate, sincere, and engage in abstract thought. Relationships, creative pursuits, and finances can expand in scope.

January 4-11 (exact January 8) Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Aries. Mercury square Mars is generally a time of miscommunication. With Capricorn and Aries involved, Mercury shows up with lots of motivation and a list of to-do items humming in their head and Mars is at cross roads wanting to take Mercury in a ride in their brand new car. The Mars acceleration is pedal to the ground and the momentum can’t be throttled. Things will probably move despite plans otherwise.

January 7-15 (exact January 11) Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: This is an extremely powerful aspect for bringing new form into being or transforming. Think of water changing from steam to liquid to snow or ice. The form of things changes based on the sun’s presence and the heat it brings, as that is the power of the sun. It rules and makes life happen. Pluto IS transformation in Astrology and Capricorn is earth and the life processes that occur on earth. Everything begins with the Sun and ends with Pluto, which is so far beyond our control we can barely fathom its workings. Once per year, these two meet up and we reflect on what it means to be human. This year, and for the next several, they meet in Capricorn. We are beginning to understand that Capricorn rules the life and death processes of nature, social relationships, structures, and governments (governments; alongside Jupiter). The Sun brings us this first life and lights our world. Pluto ultimately regenerates and brings us second life.

January 11-16 (exact January 13) Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn: The mind meets the teacher. We have a chance to ask questions, to review, to see ourselves and our environment in an important manner. We look at form and structure deeply at this moment. Sometimes when Mercury and Saturn meet, there can be some sadness or depression to experience or watch for.

January 12-16 (exact January 14) Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces: You may feel the limitations dissolve either in spiritual connection or in dreams. Alternatively, you may experience a material hit such as a craving or addictive episode. Either can be seen as the doorway to a transcendent experience of the human relating to the divine.

January 14-19 (exact January 17) Sun in Capricorn Oppose North Node in Cancer: Life wants us to support the family. However, we are feeling powerless in our family structures. Or your family is feeling the hit of family rights being eroded. There are many challenges to supporting the family structure in the culture—barriers to the family being empowered. So, when the destiny of the North Node being in Cancer is opposed by the powers that be (Sun in Capricorn)—what is supposed to occur? A conflict exists. The wisdom of how business structures need to integrate with private structures—and how they can’t be falsely divided for any families—and how no families are disposable—we are all a larger family—is imperative. Individually, find a way to understand, view and empower vulnerable people around you to the best of your ability, in the spirit of viewing all people as your larger family.

January 16-20 (exact January 18) Sun in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries: Look for insight, and could be sudden, into how to empower your personal transformation. You may be able to come up with approaches that will work for you to build new things. You may see a lot of new government and business changes.

January 16-20 (exact January 18) Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: A powerful time of change activity when you’ll have the ability to enact changes that will last. Use your charisma and power for the highest purposes. Your thoughts may be somewhat obsessive, so try to keep calm and stay simple in your approaches to the best of your ability. No one is after you, for example, so don’t believe your thoughts—LOL! Alternatively, keep from compromising positions that are important to you merely to resolve a conflict quickly. Stop and wait for this transit to pass so you can do the analysis more clearly to make decisions if you can. If you have already done the analysis and are ready to act, it’s okay.

January 16-20 (exact January 18) Sun in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces: You can use the favorable energy from this aspect to support you seeing into any fear or obsessive issues you may experience. Focus on your personal well-being.  

January 7–27 (exact January 18) Venus in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries. A good time for relationships when our outer projections are balanced with our inner wisdom. During this time, we may be able to see how we truly feel in relationships as we observe our honest impulses. Also, it’s possible you could meet a new love interest. People in close relation should be feeling kind. Also, new financial investments and creative projects are supported by this aspect.

January 20 Sun enters Aquarius: The power to express ideals in our behavior comes to the forefront. Creativity in our social behavior can be enjoyable during the time of Aquarius.

Full Moon in Leo 0 degrees 51 minutes, January 20 10:16 PM: This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the time to release the things that have been troubling us for the past year to two years. (It’s a much better time to review the past than to try new things with a few Uranus aspects that can leave our nervous systems reactive. Let yourself use techniques of self-soothing and meditation to stay calm instead of impulsive. Stay away from impulse and anxiety that crops up.) It is the final eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius series and marks a turning point from a personal focus toward a family focus. Take some time to bless your personal journey and begin the next two-year cycle into a journey about living our values. You may have already felt during the past six months that the energies have shifted away from being able to focus on the self and shifted toward needing to show up outside oneself in ways unimaginable just a year or two ago. As the year begins, use this lunar eclipse to strengthen your self-care resolve and do some writing and listing on how you will order your days so that as a caregiver of the earth’s light, as an earth-angel, how you will make sure you stay healthy first and foremost. Otherwise, how will you have anything to give others? Be honest about your needs and limitations. The North Node in Leo gave us a chance to know ourselves. Let’s use that knowledge as we lean into the service that we are able to give, without fooling ourselves that we can give beyond our capabilities. We only need to do a little, each day, consistently, to have an impact. If everyone does a little within their capabilities, we will have a much better world and very quickly.

January 18-23 (exact January 21) Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces: Relational challenges may emerge and know that they will pass. The issues may focus on self-esteem and self-image distortions such as body image, substance use and misuse issues, the ability to perceive others’ behaviors and intentions correctly, and trust (including self-trust). Work really hard to take the high road during this time and defer your judgments for a better time. Use the mantra, “don’t believe everything you think.”

January 16–27 (exact January 21) Mars in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn: This is the most classic form of Mars square Saturn that exists! Both are in their home signs and expressing themselves fully and directly. The square means there is tension where action is inhibited or limited. Saturn in Capricorn wants to succeed no matter the cost and be seen as an authority and Mars in Aries wants to move forward exuberantly but will be blocked. Try to get any forward movement done on projects outside of these days. Possible sources of frustration: authorities, male figures, teachers/bosses, your own internalized ambitions or passions.

January 18-26 (exact January 22) Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius: This most beneficial of conjunctions should help you to do more “nothing” during a difficult few weeks. It is a time when you can focus on your own ability to broaden your viewpoint. Read, reflect, get real. You can buy a new outfit, get a haircut, or take some actions to help you feel a little more confident in your relationships in some easy and straightforward manner. A mild splurge would be positive.

January 20-24 (exact January 22) Mercury in Capricorn oppose North Node in Cancer: Your mind might be telling you to put in some extra hours at the office, but your destiny is directing you toward your family.

January 24 Mercury enters Aquarius. During this period, we may reflect deeply or experientially or even scholastically on our group identities. How are we identifying in our cultural settings and, even more importantly, how are we feeling isolated because we are unable to connect culturally in the atmosphere around us? What harm is being done as we observe groups? This question is deeper than we imagine because people are psychically connected or disconnected based upon their inclusion or exclusion socially.

January 19–31 (exact January 25) Mars in Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius: This is a time for decisive actions (once Mars ends the square to Saturn). This is the aspect for the archetype of the victorious warrior. It’s a go on moving projects forward and making major progress in the arenas you have been waiting to make progress on for months. You may meet someone new and start a relationship. Your aura is magnetic and your instincts are spot-on. The end of January is bursting with fireworks.

January 24-February 4 (exact January 29/30) Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mercury in Aquarius. Not only is this a strong and amazing time for communication breakthroughs, but communication about and an investigation into human values and an experience of group consciousness.

January 28– (exact February 2) Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. As Saturn and Pluto near their conjunction, each planet will make aspects to one then the other. Mars first squared Saturn and now squares Pluto shortly after. Mars square Pluto is an explosive, powerful, and frustrating combination. Use the mantra “do no harm” during these days, and allow no harm to be done to you.

January 31-February 3 (exact February 3) Venus in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces. If anyone asks you to prove yourself, let it go and know you’re learning who to trust or not trust. True love and support doesn’t come with tests.

January 31-February 3 (exact February 2) Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. It’s possible to see a sudden influx in finances, meet someone interesting, or experience an electric creative energy in the air around you. Business as usual changes somehow.

February 3 Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn: A good time to start long-term relationships or financial ventures. Also, long-lasting creative projects are favored during the Capricorn time period. Capricorn asks you to pursue your long-term goals and get the job done rather than procrastinate any longer.




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