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February 2019 Astrology Trends

Continuing influences….

December 24-March 24 (exact January 31) Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces. Aww… Our responsibilities and our dreams are not quite meshing. Both these Planets are at home in their respective signs. Saturn is at home in Capricorn and Neptune is at home in Pisces. So each is strong right now! Our spiritual energy is pulling us to the east and our sense of being a grounded and rational person is pull us to the north. Our compass keeps twirling from one direction to the other for a few months while we try to steer a ship and see to the far shore. As we learn to honor both heaven and earth in the course of our days, by the end of this Spring, we should have built some daily practices that are pretty robust.

January 24-February 4 (exact January 29/30) Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mercury in Aquarius. Not only is this a strong and amazing time for communication breakthroughs, but communication about and an investigation into human values and an experience of group consciousness.

January 28– February 5 (exact February 2) Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. As Saturn and Pluto near their conjunction, each planet will make aspects to one then the other. Mars first squared Saturn and now squares Pluto shortly after. Mars square Pluto is an explosive, powerful, and frustrating combination. Use the mantra “do no harm” during these days and allow no harm to be done to you.

January 31-February 3 (exact February 3) Venus in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces. If anyone asks you to prove yourself, let it go and know you’re learning who to trust or not trust. True love and support doesn’t come with tests.

February Astrological Trends…

February 3 Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn: A good time to start long-term relationships or financial ventures. Also, long-lasting creative projects are favored during the Capricorn time period. Capricorn asks you to pursue your long-term goals and get the job done rather than procrastinate any longer.

New Moon in Aquarius February 4: This New Moon is at the mid-point between Saturn and Neptune, which tells us it’s a fortunate moon for integrating wisdom and dreams. It almost seems the New Year starts on this New Moon instead of on January 1 this year, and January may have been very busy if yours anything like mine was. This is chance to catch your breath and really focus on your intentions. You can slow down and restart. Make some wishes on this Full Moon, knowing they can easily manifest. Your ability to follow-through and settle down has arrived. It is a time of positivity, generosity, benevolence, and friendship. Mercury influences say that your thinking should be clear, and Jupiter says you can take a broad perspective. Humanitarian pursuits and bringing heaven to earth are promoted with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune involved.

Supporting New Moon Aspects:

Saturn in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces (See Above)…

February 2-6 (exact February 3) Mercury in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius: An aspect of the student of life. Adopting a forward-looking perspective and thinking about the future is just fine under this aspect. Positive thinking is the word of the day. Less stress than usual and diplomatic skills are enhanced. It’s easy to make friends, make decisions, and communicate on all sorts of levels.

(End Supporting New Moon Aspects)

February 5-10 (exact February 6) Mercury in Aquarius sextile Mars in Aries: Mind and body become one for a little while in the sign of Aquarius. Adding a little extra effort to our endeavors can help us achieve just about anything. Our purpose and initiative is strong. Friendship and groups are favored. You can be direct and honest in your actions and speech, as well as advocate for others. You may find people to be extra attractive and others may say you have some extra charisma of your own. It’s a good time to propose marriage or propose a date.

February 3-12 (exact (February 8) Sun in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius: Fortune smiles down on us with this transit! Resistance to progress vanishes as the way is cleared for us to move forward. You can expand into new projects or grow your current endeavors. This is one of the most fortunate influences in all of astrology. The growth can be material or non-material (such as spiritual). You can move forward (whether you’re working alone or in a group) in leaps and bounds right now. A powerful and positive time.

February 7-11 (exact February 10) Mercury in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries. New insights in regard to electricity / air / travel / space / technology. Breakthrough and psychic energy abound, as does inspiration and pioneering progress. You can find yourself the recipient of many creative and out of the ordinary thoughts and heightened visual and heart-felt experiences. The senses and psychic impressions can be profound. Stay open-minded and open to hearing from people who are different than you are to learn and grow.

Mercury enters Pisces February 11: What has kept us out of the deep waters? What keeps us holding on to the edge or the shore? What happens next in our collective imagination? Mercury in Pisces will stay a while as the planet will traverse Pisces forward, backward through Pisces in retrograde during the majority of March, and then forward again. We will have about 3 months of contemplating the deep waters of living instead of staying on the surface. Let’s take advantage of feeling into our ideas and daily living. Risks are the price of anything worthwhile; messes are part of the process of creations; a dark night of the soul occurs prior to a breakthrough; multiple win-win scenarios exist and when one person loses both sides actually lose; it’s great to take the long way home; there is infinite value in dreaming and imagination; conflicts are only the surface of something—underneath we are one—and that is Pisces.

February 6-14 (exact February 13) Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries. People will likely want to push things through with such aggression and force all of a sudden, and with speed, as Uranus breeds urgency. The urge to break free of something is strong under Mars conjunct Uranus. Try not to be one of the people swayed by this aspect if you can resist the energies of this conjunction. Like Robin Williams, who had this conjunction in his natal chart, you may observe people talking a mile a minute, seemingly pushed on by a manic energy. This aspect is in square aspect to the North Node in Cancer, which means it is not in alignment with the sense of a higher collective “family” approach, which would take everyone into account instead of ruthlessly attending to a singular desire. These are cardinal influences, which leads me to believe that there are new things that are being brought into manifestation. When you create, create inspiration and ideas instead of trying to manifest it at this time. Write down your ideas and plan out things, but make sure to stay away from imposing your thoughts on others.

February 13-June 12, 2019 (exact March 28, 2019 from about 7 AM MST to about 2:30 PM MST) Pluto in Capricorn oppose North Node in Cancer. (Pluto turns direct on October 2, 2019 so there’s not a chance to oppose the North Node again.): Power and the abuse of power are up for examination. The feeling that the past is being relived can be strong when Pluto and the North Node interact, in a karmic sense. Pluto would like to transform the lessons of the past instead of see us relive them and the North Node certainly would like to see us evolve. We are asked to restructure the world in ways that serve families right now. It’s difficult for people to trust authority figures.

February 14, early morning MST, Mars enters Taurus: Time to add the meticulous details to the projects started under the Mars in Aries influence. Mars in Taurus is a time of slowing down, planting the seeds and waiting patiently. It’s a fixed earth sign, where patience rules the day and slow and steady is the way forward. Enjoyment and comfort rule the activities of the Taurean Mars. Taurus is sensual, romantic, focused on the body, artistic and creative, a lover of saving and efficiency, attracted to business and finance, and one of the builders of the world. Along with being a hard worker, Taurus receives well, and so your powers of attraction may be stronger.

February 14-20 (exact February 17) Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces: An increase in sensitivity, empathy, creativity, passion, romance, and tenderness can be experienced under this aspect, Enjoy relationships and enhancing both your own beauty and the environments around you. Intuition and spirituality are also heightened.

February 14-21 (exact February 18) Venus in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn: This aspect can lead to financial hardships, relationship adversities, or creative stoppages. You may find challenges to expressing the love and affection you feel. Also, you may experience sadness or distance in a relationship. You could use the time to focus on practical considerations such as budgeting or the practical aspects of a relationship.

February 16-18 (exact February 18) Sun in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries: New, creative, and unusual things are brewing in the world! Time to bring them into manifestation. Let yourself focus on creative pursuits and feel free to work with others to do so. Others may spark some brilliant insights and you may find yourself curious about some things that you would not expect. Let yourself experience some cultural and social interests, or scientific and futuristic explorations.

February 18 Sun enters Pisces: How will you integrate the wisdom you have gained? Ho can you be selfless in your service to the world? What is in your imagination that you can begin to express? How are you experiencing your empathy? How in touch with universal consciousness are you? These are some of the questions to answer during the month of Sun in Pisces.

Full Moon in Virgo, February 19 8:53 am MST:  The Full Moon provides an opportunity to integrate many of the conflicting aspects (Venus/Saturn and Mars/Uranus along with Mercury/Neptune) to provide a touch of excitement and interest where we can be sure that the divine has a plan for us and we can take some steps into the unknown future with confidence, despite setbacks or challenges that we face. We can find the faith to take action despite trials and tests and surmount the obstacles. Abiding trust emerges as the theme for this Full Moon in Virgo.

February 17-20 (exact February 19) Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces.  The subjects of art and spirituality are highlighted with Mercury and Neptune meeting. Communicate and explore the mysteries of life during this time, as the mysteries of life would like to have a dialogue with you, for sure. Meditation, dreaming, Tarot, an all ways of talking with life are recommended. Compassion and support are the highest use of these energies. Deceit, projection, miscommunication, fear, paranoia—these are lowest.

February 17-23 (exact February 20) Mercury in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn: Long-term projects such as investments and real-estate transactions are favored as this is a time for clear-headed thinking and concentration. A great time to communicate openly and honestly also. Saturn is a serious influence, so it’s not for flippant matters and brings a gravitas to Mercury matters.

February 20-26 (exact February 23) Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: This time increases the need people have for attention in relationships. It’s a powerful pull toward feeling loved and attractive, so be sensitive to your partner’s need for affection and time. Their behavior may baffle you or your own needs may feel suddenly overwhelming as you realize you are needing more love and affection. If we’re not aware and careful, we can feel jealous or possessive.

February 17-March 2 (exact February 24) Mercury in Pisces sextile Venus in Capricorn: Barriers to social harmony dissipate under his favorable aspect as people begin to get friendly. You can relax and socialize if you like. People seem extra charming (including you). You can see how to move forward and see how everyone can benefit from solutions.

February 23-28 (exact February 25) Mercury in Pisces trine North Node in Cancer: When doors simply open for you, you’re going to know you’re headed in the right direction. This is an influence where, if you pay attention, you can glimpse a link to see your future. You may spend some time contemplating where you will be in the future.

February 18-March 10 (exact February 28) Mars in Taurus sextile Sun in Pisces: A boost of energy to end the month! This aspect gives physical energy as well as a degree of emotional cleansing for the end of February. We should feel a sense of aliveness and vitality. We can attend to our projects and get plenty accomplished, enjoy some sports activities, and enjoy being together with others.


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