Your June 2019 Newsletter From Dominique

This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

Continuing Influences

April 5 – July 14 / November 20, 2019 – May 8, 2020 (exact January 12, 2020) Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: The opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct a new world. A steady and consistent effort can provide a way to work within the world that will honor our values in a noble way. Nature is larger than man, and we need to align with a higher vision as we make a new world, culture, society, and systems. The idea that men are machines or the ideas that our parents and the world has transmitted are not aligned with higher values. Saturn is the lord of karma and Pluto is the great destroyer. Together, they can embody some larger conversations among nature and mankind is part of nature.

February 13-June 12, 2019 (exact March 28, 2019 from about 7 AM MST to about 2:30 PM MST) Pluto in Capricorn oppose North Node in Cancer. (Pluto turns direct on October 2, 2019 so there’s not a chance to oppose the North Node again.) This is an opportunity for true transformation and evolution on a cosmic scale. Look at how powerful the feelings of past habits and forces can be as a shadow and choose to move into the future where and when you can. It’s a meditation in change, transformation, and shadow. What is useful and what have you learned? What is needed to grow and become the future you? What needs to dissolve about your identity, so you can heal and what can you reassess in order to serve something beyond your ego? Then, how can you put this into daily practice?

April 30 – October 3 (Exact June 16) Neptune in Pisces Trine North Node in Cancer: The divine feminine is a study in depth of receiving rather than pushing forward. Learning to receive and accept; forgive and rely on intuition—these are very different approaches than our cultural indoctrination. Taking a lot of time to learn and experience this approach during the Summer would make a better world, without a doubt, says Astrology.

April 18 – November 6 (exact May 20) North Node in Cancer Oppose Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn: Karma is likely changing the structure of your life right now. If not personally, look around at the environment. In both family and society, you are likely seeing things being reworked. (You may experience many past life memories or have experiences that are linked to past lives during these months.) The nature of nurture and what it means to be together as a culture is up for examination. We can’t keep focusing on profit to the detriment of families without experiencing consequences; the North Node tells us the highest path is to view the world from the stand point of mother. Mother earth comes to mind. Nurture what we have. These are karmic influences, so they are heavy and hard-hitting. I would pay close attention to how they impact your life, were I you. If all you do is work, work, work—you are in need of connecting to the North Node’s Cancer energy. The work mentality is the South Node and Saturn side of this aspect, which is the easy and automatic go-to for problem solving. Life and astrology are asking us to learn to solve problems a different way at this time. We need to find a new way to be together and to make the world “go.” That way is to take the perspective of how a family operates. A mother nurtures a child in her womb and then gives birth using nutrition, but she doesn’t feel she has to create the child all on her own or use her conscious mind to do it all. It is a natural process and she is in tune with all of nature while she goes through it. There is a lot to contemplate there. Once the child is born, what is the process of raising the child? It is done with a lot of love, using resources all around her. What are the options for sustaining a family system? Are we gathering and growing a garden? What is defined as “home?” On whom do we rely? What are our roles? What is good for our growth? What would primarily peaceful community (commerce?) in the 21st century look like? It’s effortless to let things go on the way it seems they have always gone on; to stop and think about virtuous and meaningful shifts is the work of a lifetime as opposed to the work of a paycheck or a contract. In this aspect we face the fears of losing everything we have gained in one fell moment. However, those fears are based on karma—probably past life power struggles we can’t release and present life tendrils linking us to feelings of power that are not the true power that comes from the flexibility of faith in our ability to adapt to a higher level of action and consciousness. Take the opportunity to take care of yourself.

May 28-June 3 (Exact May 31) Venus in Taurus Trine Saturn In Capricorn: This is an aspect that provides an opportunity for long-term relationships. This relationship can be with another or with yourself. Commitments that are grounded and real are great gifts and provide tremendous benefit to your life.

May 30-June 6 (Exact June 2) Venus in Taurus Trine Pluto In Capricorn: Longevity and depth in relationships is the focus as Venus is in her home sign. Love can be manifested, and the resources are there to put together a lovely and fabulous shared life. Revel in commitments. The energy of love and wisdom is provided by Pluto as we move into late Spring. Our incarnation is honored here. We get to experience sharing on the deepest levels.

June Astrology Trends

May 28 – June 2 (exact May 30) Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces: Prior to Neptune turning retrograde in June, Venus and her higher octave partner Neptune meet in one of the most harmonious aspects to offer a time of deep connection for humans to connect to their spiritual core, or their higher self, or the oneness of everything, or their higher purpose. However you wish to phrase it—focus on your personal connection to the divine for the first few days of June. A great time for deep meditation.

June 3: New Moon in Gemini: There is a loose square to Neptune in Pisces from this New Moon in Gemini. At the same time, Venus is in trine aspect to Saturn and Pluto, and Saturn is in sextile aspect to Neptune. The new moon, when the moon is the least visible in the night sky, represents a time when we are starting out like seeds in dark soil. Symbolically, it’s a time of new beginnings. We feel motivated to start new actions. Coupled with Gemini, these actions can include new ways to communicate, new languages, new ways to become brotherly or sisterly, and new ways to initiate things. Gemini is an action-oriented sign, and Gemini and its planet, Mercury, find us traveling and talking to one another. Writing and thinking and learning are covered under the Gemini realms. Deciding and speaking up and changing and having courage to take some new risks or try a new way are found in the Gemini realms. Some of the problems of the Gemini and Mercury realm include going so fast that we forget to listen, being able to tell the truth (and tell the truth from lies) and being mindful of how we are communicating. That is where the Neptune square aspect may manifest on the New Moon. However, the Saturn square to Neptune can also mitigate a lot of this aspect at this time. The Venus trine to Pluto and Saturn can also help us to communicate in a way that is fair, as well as pleasant.

June 4: Mercury moves into Cancer: This Summer is a time to think about what you are feeling. An examination of our emotions, our safety, our community and sense of family—will be up for examination in an active way not once, but twice. As Mercury moves into Cancer, it will meet up with Mars and the North Node, and then oppose Saturn and Pluto to be integrated with the larger structures represented by Capricorn. This leads me to think that taking action based upon your beliefs about family and safety, around political and social definitions of family and female rights and responsibilities is appropriate at this time, astrologically speaking. Figure out what you believe and act accordingly to protect your rights.

June 5 – 9 (exact June 7) Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus: Unexpected events in relation to families, women, mothers. Insights are possible, sudden breakthroughs.

June 5-10 (exact June 7) Mercury in Cancer square Chiron in Aries: New initiations that affect the family in a yin/yang way. In other words, it is unclear if the family is private or public and the very definition of the concept of family is in conflict. A shared understanding needs to be developed.

June 8 Venus moves into Gemini: Venus moves into a more active sign but out of her Taurus ascendancy. Venus in Gemini means an intellectual focus instead of an earthy and bodily focus.

June 5 – 13 (exact June 9) Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces: Something is sapping your energy. If nothing else, recognize that drugs and alcohol will have a stronger effect on you so act accordingly. It’s not a great time for a physical diagnosis, if you can put it off. If you find yourself depressed, anxious, or paranoid, you could possibly blame this aspect! Try to delay any important work for later, as well, as this aspect can cloud the mind.

June 6 – 14 (exact June 10) Sun in Gemini oppose Jupiter in Sagittarius: This Sun opposite Jupiter transit can be a tricky one because it is met at the same time as a Sun square Neptune transit. I would be cautious about over-indulgence and over-optimism. Examine your behaviors closely for greed, self-indulgence, and ego-driven motives. We are all prone to needing attention and there are many emotional triggers at this time, astrologically. (See the Mars and Mercury conjunction with the North Node around June 13.) I would use any impulses that emerge to examine behaviors that link to childhood development, past-life issues, or previous traumas. They may result from unconscious parts of us that are yet to be processed.

May 10 – September 11 (exact June 8, August 27) Jupiter quincunx North Node: There is an expansion of focus on how to put together the problems of expanding our horizons and flexible self-hood with finding emotional security and sense of belongingness and family or “home.”

June 9 – 18 (exact June 14) Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces: This trine asks you to surrender your ego, anxieties, and emotions to a higher source in order to heal and allow yourself to evolve. Whatever you have been carrying for your family, it is time to let it go. This is possibly grief work, spiritual journey work. Cancer energies are evolving their sense of belongingness.  These Mars transits in Mid-June are also foreshadowing July’s Solar and Eclipse energy in July, which will include the Sun/Moon in the same configuration with the North Node, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune.

June 10 – 18 (exact June 14) Mars in Cancer oppose Saturn in Capricorn: Saturn is strong in wishing for you to inhabit your adult self. Mars is subjective and looking at your childhood. How do you take responsibility for your life? How do you stand stronger in self-care? Saturn will ask you to find safety and authenticity inside yourself. You can pass Saturn’s tests when you find you feel “at home” with your decisions.

June 10 – 18 (exact June 14) Mars in Cancer conjunct North Node in Cancer: The activation of unexpressed childhood or unconscious emotional imprints. You can use this productively if you stop and allow yourself to be set free by unburdening yourself. Learn through your feelings to go inside for your answers. Instead of giving in to anger and reactivity, trust your higher self to learn into forgiveness and meditation. The lower forms of Mars in Cancer can get circular and get caught in the undertow of the Cancer water energy instead of allowing the wave to dissipate and let go. Learn about your emotional needs.

June 13 – 18 (exact June 16) Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces: You can use journaling, writing, and self-expression to process whatever needs to be let go at this time, in conjunction with the Mars activations. Mercury opens up the ability for messages received or given.

June 13 – 18 (exact June 16) Mercury in Cancer conjunct North Node in Cancer: You can see your mother through the eyes of the divine so that you can allow spirit to flow instead of see through the human story. There is a connection to be made to a bigger story or something to see about the soul connection between mother and child.

June 14 – 18 (exact June 16) Mercury in Cancer oppose Saturn in Capricorn: Saturn slows the emotionally-based mind down to a degree to allow for learning to take place, and for what you are synthesizing to be made permanent. You have the opportunity to feel a little more grounded than if you were processing your emotional memories only through the sign of Cancer, even though this is an opposition aspect.

June 17: Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Sagittarius archetypal journey is about gaining wisdom after experiencing exuberance and an abundance of excitement. It is about learning and gaining mastery and skill in each realm despite the deepest desires for personal recognition, power, and glory. It’s about finding a wider perspective and transcendent or transpersonal viewpoint. It’s about marrying the bodily experience to the heavenly symphony. At this Full Moon, which is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces, may the heavens provide enough adjustment to your life to show you the path to the next note of wisdom for your life. Let the music play out and listen deeply and patiently during the days around this Full Moon. It’s a time chock full of deep and powerful aspects that can move you (and all of us) forward.

June 16 – 24 (exact June 20) Mars in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn: Mars is subjective and Pluto is internally getting triggered in order to empower you. You are being asked to integrate things from your past in a way that may not be very comfortable. Neither your mind nor your ego will help you very much; look back to the Neptune spiritual focus to resolve this. Your asked to be brave and head into your vulnerabilities instead of externalizing these issues—parenthood, family of origin, family structure, nurturing, authority figures, and respect.

June 13 – 27 (exact June 18) Mercury in Cancer conjunct Mars in Cancer: Mercury conjunct Mars means that whatever emotional experience was triggered by Mars also requires expression. This may take the form of writing or another form of self-expression. Mercury allows you to find a way to get the message out of you and into another form. You can find a language for what you are feeling.

June 17 – 22 (exact June 19) Mercury in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn: You find you would like to be able to move others or cause reactions with your words and expressions. However, the person we need to be moving is ourselves, and we need a lot of self-nurturing and self-compassion. So many people will be experiencing their own internal processing that they may not be able to even see us, so we each need to take care of our own emotions. Self-care, in fact, is where the growth is at during this time period. We can also try to help others after we feel clear.

June 21 Sun moves into Leo: Oh, happy day. The Sun is at home in Leo. A sense of vitality and flexibility should reign.

June 21 – 26 (exact June 24) Venus in Gemini square Neptune stationing / retrograde in Pisces: There is tension in the feminine realms—earthly as well as the higher realms. Neptune is also retrograding at the same time, adding strength to this aspect’s influence. This means we experience distortion in our consciousness, relationships, finances, and creative manifestations. We may have unsettled dreams and trouble sleeping, too. Stay away from substances and parties during this time if possible.

June 24 – 30 (exact June 27) Sun in Cancer square Chiron in Aries: You will need to call upon your inner spiritual warrior. There is no doubt that change is difficult, and you are becoming transformed. If it’s a challenge, take up your best inner warrior and stand up for your life. Time to re-parent yourself or be re-born/transformed in some way in order to heal. To me this looks like exercise and movement would help you, as much as possible.

June 24 – 30 (exact June 27) Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus (On June 27 also, Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus): After the intense focus on emotional maturation and transformation, or however it may have manifested for you, during the month of June—here is the light at the end of the tunnel. Your body or your creativity may be the key to a new insight. This also may be kicked off via a relationship or a business matter. A new and exciting way of understanding and experiencing the world, emotionally, should show up for you. And it is supposed to be brilliant and pleasant, according to astrology. The old routine is past; the new is upon us.

June 27 Mercury moves into Leo: People will start to think more about self-indulgence and finery. Alternatively, people may begin to look very nice as they adorn themselves the leonine queen and king! How will they afford the new jewelry, haircut, fashions, etc? These personal expressions may be the conversations of the day during Mercury in Leo. Along with the latest theater tickets to get.

June 29 – July 14 (never exact as Mercury retrogrades at 4 degrees July 9) Mercury in Leo trine Chiron in Aries: You can shed light on your emotional hot spots and take an intellectual approach to them. Journaling, writing, or self-expression is suggested at the end of June to clear out the cobwebs that were discovered during the month.

June 29 – July 13 (never exact as Mercury retrogrades at 4 degrees July 9) Mercury in Leo square Uranus in Taurus: You may have big ideas that won’t quite come together at this time, especially with Mercury going retrograde. Keep your mind somewhere else away from the grandiose and try to stay down-to-earth, despite how fast-thinking it WANTS to be. You may experience sudden inspiration but be unable to get it out. You may feel a little bit overly nervous and “electric.” You may feel rebellious about reading what I am writing and want to do your big idea anyway—lol! That’s the stubborn impulse waving at you. Keep your eyes open for it.

July 1 Mars moves into Leo: Making an impact is important during the transit of Mars in Leo, and since it’s eclipse season, this will definitely be possible if you stay humble and attentive. Mars and Mercury are still traveling together and they are both trigger planets in Astrology. Following your heart is a must-do during this time period. After a somewhat sober or internal June, we now get to be creative, passionate, and loving in our actions and expressions, even if Uranus does surprise us and Neptune confuse us a bit.


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