My commitment is to love, support, serve, and honor my clients,
and to be a witness along their sacred journey.

There are not many systems in our world at this time that honor the vast power of nature the way astrology does, and for that reason it cradles us like a mother holds a child. In its gentle arms, I often find meaning and comfort as I gaze into life. I began studying astrology at the age of 12—that was more than 30 years ago. I was born knowing astrology was a vital part of this lifetime, and have never put it down or lost the passion for this ancient art of observation. Astrology is a link to our ancestors who were the observers of the subtle cycles of nature and the cosmos, and a link to nature and the cycles of life for us today.

If you would like an astrological chart cast, there are many approaches. For a first reading, a natal chart overview is advised. Following that, an annual personal reading around the time of your birthday or at the New Year is recommended. Each season, a shorter personal reading of 30 minutes can highlight the major aspects you will be encountering for the next three months.

Tarot is, simply, beautiful. The tarot cards speak to us loudly and clearly, seldom leaving an unclear impression when a question is asked. If you have a specific question, the tarot cards are a great method for getting questions answered, and a tarot spread can be done in a shorter time-frame than an astrological reading.

I studied extensively with Susyn Blair-Hunt and am certified by her as a Tarot Reader, as well as having over 20 years of tarot experience to offer.

Consulting time can be used in a wide variety of ways to support you. I offer psychic impression readings and coaching services. I’ve studied as a Six Sensory Practitioner with Sonia Choquette. Sometimes, we find it helpful to discuss life issues and decisions with a sensitive person who cares and who maintains standards that serve to empower us toward our highest potential.

I have also taught meditation and find it to be a vital tool today’s busy environment—a mental hygiene we need for well-being in modern times.


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