The following resources are available for you to use for your revitalization and spiritual development. Many of them are gifts we share freely, because we care deeply about your happiness and about nourishing people. Over time, our offerings will grow and change, so check back.


Audio Downloads (Including free downloads!)

Stream Meditation for Experiencing Deep Self-Love and Self-Acceptance


To Be As Aries As A Sunflower: Aries is the beginning in astrology. It is potential at the moment of its unleashing, passion no longer held back, the moment when the spark of a match makes its sound and you know the fire is coming. The Aries energy moves, interrupts, engages, plants, leads, and loves…

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Taurus and the Garden Cross: Taurus is the first fixed sign in the zodiac, introducing us to the archetype of Venus. Venus can attract and Taureans can concentrate. With concentrated attraction, get ready to RECEIVE…

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Citrus Partnership with Gemini: Gemini is the first mutable sign in the zodiac, introducing us to the archetype of Mercury. Mercury moves and Gemini travels through a variety of experiences. Gemini’s have emerged from a chrysalis of experience, so they should get ready to SYNTHESIZE…

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Cancer and the Mushroom Underground:  Cancer is the cardinal sign in the zodiac that introduces the season of summer, attached to the archetype of the Moon and the mother. Cancers experience the full gamut of sensitivity to emotional experience, and run hot and cold according to the energy they encounter, so they should get ready to REFLECT…

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Leo Rules the Chile Pepper: Leo is fixed fire, and the planet ruled by Leo is the sun. It is the center of what we know to be life on earth. While we can’t physically stare directly at the sun, we are free to stare right into the heart of Leo energy—it will hold us steady and gaze into our souls with grace and love. Get ready to FOCUS…

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Lettuce Develop the Virgo Vibe: Virgo is the mutable earth sign in the zodiac, ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgo rules the hands, and in Virgo, Mercury expresses itself as the alchemist and as the archetype of the Egyptian god Thoth, the mentor of Isis, who taught her healing arts. Virgo energy seeks to balance body, mind and spirit. With Virgo, get ready to DEVELOP…

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Prayer List
Each morning at dawn in meditation, I ask spirit’s assistance for all the people on my prayer list. If you would like to put your name or the name of a loved on one the prayer list, I am happy to add my positive energy to your life circumstance. Please send an email with your name and a subject matter. for example, if you send me “Jane Doe – Healing,” I will ask spirit for your healing.

Spiritual Evidence
In conjunction with prayer, meditation, and energy work, I have been collecting stories about how spirit lives in conversation and dialogue with us each and every day. It amazes me that when I send a request out for my husband in the morning to have a certain type of day, he will return with the exact word I asked for within the same day. Life is playful. If you have stories about how spirit/source/chi has made itself known to you, I would love to hear about them! I will be starting to post them here for us to read together soon, starting with my own. Kajama also has an amazing stories contest that you can enter to win a free reading each week! Click into the latest Amazing Story post and scroll to the bottom to enter your own story 🙂