What others have said…

“Thanks so much for your wonderful interpretation of my chart….always SO useful.”

“Loved the tarot spread…”

“Thanks again! Very cool!”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. It was a BLESSING!!!!! Thank you so much for your love and for sharing your wisdom.”

“You have such a gift! Thank you for your wisdom and your beautiful way of putting it all together.”

“Aaaah Dominique…….what a wonderful gift you have and have shared with me.”

“Things have shifted for the better since the reading. Thank you.”

“Your tarot reading was right-on.” “Thanks for the clarity.”

“The most gifted astrologer, amazing psychic and incredible intuitive! You’ll feel like you’re speaking with a dear friend, and she’ll see right into your true heart and soul…”

“Dominique offered me one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. The best way I can put it is I came to our time together flustered, stressed, and unsure. I left feeling empowered, at peace, and so much happier. The best part was her answers were clear and lovingly direct. She answered all my concerns, never made me feel rushed; and I truly believe she helped me overcome my relationship uncertainty issues. –She even offered me a free meditation to check out on her website directly related to my need to let go of a partnership that wasn’t working for me! Her abundance of spirit in this way, along with all the accurate and kind things she read about my soul, really boosted my confidence and helped me feel some of the love and appreciation I was missing. I took her advice immediately after our time together and I can’t begin to describe the release and sense of freedom I felt afterwards. The heaviness and toxicity of the relationship I was in just lifted off of me and I was able to feel lighter, think clearer, and move forward with more confidence and determination. Seriously, if you’re considering a session with Dominique I’d stop all hesitation and just go for it! You’ll get the answers you need and feel better afterwards. I will definitely be back!”


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