Full Moon Lower 3 Chakra Healing


SUPPORT – BALANCE – POWER: Full Moon Healing Guided Journey. 34 Minutes



This meditation helps support your healing efforts in fundamental areas of life during the full moon. You will feel empowered to take action toward what you love and to love what you do!

Chakra 1 RED – SUPPORT: Deals with issues around security and support. Family, trauma, and lower back and legs/feet.

Chakra 2 ORANGE – BALANCE: Deals with issues around sexuality, and all lower abdominal organs.

Chakra 3 YELLOW – POWER: Deals with issues around true power, personality, and ego, and all vital organs in the upper abdomen. Walks you through a process of anger release to return to a state of authentic power.

(Meditation and energy work are, of course, supplements to full medical care. No claims are being made here in regard to medical outcomes.)