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May 2017 Astrological Trends

Along with the other aspects occurring during the month, I’d like to remind us that the year-long aspect of Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces is asking us to learn to adult-as-a-verb more than we ever have. This aspect is exact at the beginning of May, and so at its strongest. I heard a nice thing the other day about responsibility: that it is our job. Without a lot of fanfare—it is our job to take responsibility for ourselves and we have permission to let go of the traps of blaming others or ourselves and we have permission to let go of martyrdom and resentments and escapism and self-punishing behaviors. It is perfectly fine to simply do our job of self-care in a nurturing and satisfactory manor, using all the tools at our discretion.

That means to feel great and treat ourselves in a friendly and comforting way day after day. It means to acknowledge when we suffer and when we are happy and to choose the better course for ourselves. It means to forego how we look for how we are. It means to help our neighbor and mentor others to be able to help themselves. It is rather a setting aside of the ego and a looking toward the part of us that can build something skillful or heal where we can. For 2017, we are learning to mentor others and build a community. Cooperation, healing, elders, wisdom-givers… these are concepts and forms that deserve attention.

Throughout May, Saturn is a strong player in other ways as well. Saturn brings clarity and solidity and also reveals karma.

Mercury was first conjunct Uranus on March 23, and trine Saturn. It seems there were projects you started then, or that were started for you (perhaps to your surprise), that you probably haven’t been able to finish. With Saturn in the mix, there is likely something heavy going on here—something that is karmic. Add to that the extra oomph of the North Node, and what I see is that life is moving us all through some karma that has been hanging around for a very, very long time. This is quite beneficial even though it can show up as extremely difficult in form. Fire sign energy can be sweeping, and with Saturn in Sagittarius it’s also linked in to an earth energy so it can be connected to some of our earthly forms. The North Node in Leo links to a shake up in what we have been fixed on in the past. With Uranus and Mercury BOTH in Aries, it is rather a demand letter that we conceive of new ideas and beliefs despite the anxiety that opening our minds brings with it.

With the Sun in Taurus until May 21, there is some earth energy to lean on. In fact, the Taurean Sun makes an earth grand trine with Pluto and the Moon on May 5. The sun is in trine to Pluto from the 5th through the 12th, being exact on May 9. This is a period of time beneficial to endeavors of the body, occupation, garden/farming, and healing or spirituality via the use of things such as crystal, plant or chakra medicine. Also, these are good indications for the Full Moon on May 10 at 20 degrees Scorpio. Meditation with crystals that combine earth and water (Scorpio) energy seem like a great combination for healing energy. The full Moon is in sextile aspect to Pluto while the Sun is in Trine aspect to Pluto. Pluto is transformation and power, so you can have a deeply powerful connection to spirit at this juncture, praying for help to transform, heal, and release problems.

Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces May 7 through 13, being exact on May 11. This is a time when it could be fairly confusing to communicate. Perhaps (tongue-in-cheek) the highest use of these energies could be a silent retreat? Seriously, though, it would not be surprising to run into gossip, to have trouble keeping one’s own counsel, and having trouble around issues of honesty. Feeling low-energy is likely. Your fears, imagination, and confusion are by-products of this aspect’s burn-off—so you can let them go past. Just use your imagination toward creative pursuits and conserve your energy and immune system.

Mercury turns from retrograde to direct on May 4th. On May 15th, Mercury will move from Aries into Taurus, and our minds will be able to slow down and rest after Mercury’s zig-zag multiple times across Uranus in late Aries. During March, April, and the beginning of May, Mercury has been hugging up to Uranus in Aries in both direct and retrograde motion. Mercury is our everyday mind; the chatter of our daily discussions with ourselves and others. Uranus is our higher mind and sudden (sometimes brilliant) insights and downloads from what can feel like a higher consciousness. When they get together, especially in a fire sign such as Aries, which is fast and bright, it can feel like our brains are bigger on the inside—like the TARDIS on Dr. Who. This is great for original insights but disruptive for routines. It’s lovely for experimentation but havoc on your nervous system—who knows what will happen? So I hope you can record your notes at the beginning of May from these past few weeks and then begin to make sense of them as Mercury moves into more stable Taurus and gives us the chance to breathe deeply and relax more. At the end of May (May 31), Mercury in Taurus will move into a trine with Pluto in Capricorn, so you will have a chance to transform those notes into something solid.

From May 17 through May 20, the Sun moves in square aspect to the North Node, so we may feel our karma, or our destiny, highlighted uncomfortably for a few days. Also, Venus in Aries will oppose Jupiter in Libra during this period of time. These may be the days where we feel we are gathering up and taking out the trash, metaphorically speaking. This is a spiritual Spring cleaning. I believe if we view it this way, and remember we’re not alone, we can bear the work involved in realizing change happens to all of us and our way is only one way—not the one right way. We can only see a little bit of the variety of this world—and there’s not much of anything to cling to—so we can let go and see what’s up ahead. The point here is to keep from getting stuck. Keep moving! Keep going! Take the steps we need to take to move forward. The forms that anything takes at the time of a square aspect will change, remember this. Change is a process. Heck, life is a process. Did we think things were permanent? Hah! Then there’s one of the beliefs that we can change today…

The Sun moves on into Gemini on May 21 and allows us to focus on a variety of subjects. We’ll be awakening to our curiosity and our neighbors. We’ll be feeling friendly and communicative as the Summer approaches. It is just in time for the New Moon on May 25, which offers a singular vision of Gemini—no significant aspects to this New Moon. That means it’s a great New Moon for dreaming a new dream. It’s a time to “wish upon a star.” A nice time to socialize, to sit in contact with life/spirit/the universe/God/Goddess/Whomever you pray with. Dialogue with life and be willing to start afresh.

At the end of May, Venus in Aries moves into a square aspect with Pluto on Capricorn from May 23rd to May 29th, being exact at the same time as the New Moon on May 25th. This gives rise to some tension when it comes to romance, which could be used for positive means I suppose, or could lead to argument on the negative side. However, it does lead me to conclude that it may be wiser to spend the New Moon solo instead of in a group.

On May 31, Venus moves into conjunction with Uranus and trines Saturn and the North Node. This means our creativity, finances and relationships are being activated, and we may see some sudden activity with Venus meeting Uranus. In terms of Saturn and the North Node, our Destiny may become activated in these realms. Feel free to give unexpected money, gifts, or compliments!

Mars is opposing Saturn from May 24 through June 2, so the male and female aspects of life may become a conversation, as well.


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