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June 2017 Astrological Trends

The Sun squares Neptune as the month opens. You may find your many activities are at odds with your need to feel at one with the universe. Perhaps too much is being asked of you for you to feel you can connect with your spiritual practice, or there may be some tension between your earthly or individual needs vs. the needs for prayer and meditation. This influence or stressful aspect ends by June 7. After that, you should feel the space to connect spiritually again. Neptune turns retrograde on June 16, and this should even add to the ability to reflect and retreat spiritually.



Next, Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries, strongest June 1-5, meaning romantic or financial windfalls or losses are in the air. Look out for the unexpected as the month opens. Opportunities can turn into losses or vice-versa. Since impulses are on high alert, it’s wise to spend within your budget. You can use impulsiveness to take creative risks, however, if you’d like to try something new!

For some people, with the grand trine of Uranus-North Node-Saturn in Fire Signs, this will be a time of triggers for meeting people from past lives (if you share that belief). This can be romantic, which can be exciting, of course, and the trigger for those strong Venus-Uranus impulses. It can also be financial, creative, karmic, or business in orientation. These are the Venus themes. Then there is the Uranus themeset—which is the unexpected, brilliance, electricity, networking, humanitarianism… And that opens up the platform to so much. This is a broad aspect but its nature is a lightning-fast effect from above. Saturn will support with both helping you to recognize its karmic effects and helping to make things permanent for you.

On June 15, the Sun opposes Saturn, which asks you to focus on issues of identity and self-expression. With Mercury opposite Saturn falling on the heels of this aspect on June 18, the mid-June period appears to ask you to review how you express yourself and communicate. Take serious note of your own part in any misunderstanding, for Saturn asks you to take full responsibility for your life. You may find yourself regrouping and learning. If so, you’re right on track. The gift in the Fire Grand Trine with the North Node is to step fully out of a victim mind set so that you are able to build the skills of a fire fighter. As a first responder, you build new instincts and learn to protect others, too. In other words, find the warrior within at this time in destiny, and allow fear to grow into new skills and strength. (Note: metaphorically speaking, fire-fighting involves a lot of planning, preparation, avoiding hot spots, being smart, having the right tools, etc. It doesn’t involve martyrdom and running right into the flames!) When the Sun and Mercury conjunct (move together) on June 21, this pattern should result in some lessons learned soon after.

Beach Reflection

Some may say the element of fire is also linked to the idea of enlightenment, so feel free to also study these elements. Skills such as learning how to conceive of the thoughts, habits, and actions that lead to suffering and eliminate suffering are powerful personal tools. Self-control and focus are amazing to know, they are more than intellectual, and they are available through spiritual practice. It is something that can be learned.

Some of the spiritual dimensions being developed in us through the relationships of these Fire Grand Trine planets, to clue you in, are the use of our spontaneity to help us become more generous. At the same time, Saturn holds us to strict moral codes—we must practice a responsible joyousness, and much of the destiny focus underneath the din is on social justice for children—which is only beginning to come to light since the LEO/AQUARIUS North Node/South Node axis is only beginning its transit. These are not the loud issues because trine aspects are opportunities presented like the quiet small voice of god within waiting for us to listen beneath the noise.

The period surrounding June 9 is filled with energy as well. June 9 is the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is the Full Moon that calls for adventure, journey, offering, and study. Jupiter in Libra turns direct on June 9, bringing its fortune and gifts directly to bear upon the world again. While this will take a little while to ramp up, Libra gifts mean balance, the visual arts, partnership/relationship, and justice. Venus moves into Taurus on June 6 and then sextiles Mars in Cancer. Venus is at home in Taurus, and so enters her comfort and power. Venus sextile Mars means there are easy undercurrents of romance in the air.

At midnight MDT on June 20/21, the Sun moves into Cancer. Time to direct our strong emotions into protection and nurturing of ourselves and others for the next month. Make some good meals, find a good book to enjoy, and stick close to home if you want to feel equilibrium return at any point. Home improvements and creative changes to the home front are encouraged. Take gentle care of yourself through the Cancer month.

The New Moon on June 23 ushers in Cancer along with a Venus trine to Pluto in earth signs. Again, the Moon is allowing for strong feelings of connection to our partners and lovers this month. There is significant energy for support and nurturing of one another as we develop our dream of life. This is good news after the intense transformation of the past several months and even years. What a transformative weekend for a date!

The final week of June brings a Mars in Cancer square to Jupiter in Libra and a Mars trine to Neptune in Pisces. Also, the same for Mercury in Cancer—Mercury will square Jupiter and trine Neptune. It’s kind of like two arms reaching out in opposite directions with different results. With the right hand, your thoughts and actions may find some frustration as you attempt to communicate and find things may not turn out fairly here on planet earth. With the left hand, you may see that your connection to spirit had been restored and although you can’t make corporeal things connect, your spidey senses can see that all is well in the universe. You will have divine help—and that is perhaps the better place to turn for support. You can avoid fretting over the appearance of dilemmas.

Especially since Mercury and Mars are moving into opposition with Pluto at month’s end, Mercury during June’s final week and Mars from June 29 through July 5. This is a time of tension, so allow yourself plenty of space to see what is underneath the surface of things during this two-week period.

The world may be full of debates and intrigue, so steer clear. What a nice time for one of those media fasts. You can do some research if you like during the Mercury week, or study some psychology subjects. Mars activates competitive or primal urges in some cases, creative and physical energy in others. Together, Mars and Pluto are the two planets that can activate petty power issues, so do your best to side step that part of the tension. They never feel petty at the time when you get entangled, of course, they feel personal, don’t they? Let anything that comes at you, feeling threatening, go at this time. You will live to fight another day.


Mercury and Mars join together in conjunction June 28. You’ll want to fight the good fight; defend yourself and others. Since this is more evidence of acting prior to thinking, prepare some mental tasks such as crossword puzzles, self-awareness writing exercises, etc. This will help you take charge of this time period instead of finding the influence occurring outside you in experiences with other people. You can use the energy to work on yourself instead! Then you will have ameliorated and discharged the spark and redirected it to good use. Any social effects should be minimized. I want to stress again—it’s not the ideal time to enter the fray. Do everything you can to find peace inside and outside yourself instead. You can prepare in private if you wish and/or find it irresistible. Use the Neptune connection to the oneness of life and the Grand Fire Trine to study the elements of enlightenment instead. Apply these principles.

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