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July 2017 Astrological Trends

July opens on the 1st with enough fireworks to set off for the whole month, but the fireworks continue through at least the 16th. Here are the technicalities: there is a Sun / Mars / Mercury in Cancer Opposing Pluto in Capricorn Square Jupiter/Moon in Libra. Jupiter is inconjunct Neptune through July 20. Sun is trine Neptune in Pisces from the beginning of July through July 12. Mars is no longer square Jupiter after July 3. The Sun is no longer square Jupiter after July 13. Mars is no longer opposing Pluto after July 10. The Sun no longer opposing Pluto after July 17. (On July 16, the Moon sets up a grand cross to close out these volatile oppositions, with sun-Pluto opposition and Jupiter-moon in Aries opposition.)

The Sun and Mars moving together and opposing Pluto in cardinal signs sets up powerful impulses. There is a Buddhist Bodhisattva deity named Mahakala that serves as a protector. A dark blue or black god, Mahakala wears a skull of five crowns to signify the transmutation of five negative afflictions of human nature into positive virtues. Ignorance becomes the wisdom of reality; Pride becomes sameness; Attachment turns into the wisdom of discernment; Jealousy becomes accomplishment; Anger becomes mirror-like wisdom. His six arms signify the training to become generous, moral, peaceful, vigorous, mindful, and insightful. He has a knife to cut through the life veins of enemies such as oath-breakers and hindering spirits, and a skull cap filled with the heart blood of those enemies. He has a drum that makes the primordial sound from which all existence manifested and that makes sounds to awaken us from ignorance and set us on the path of our Dharma. He has a rosary of cosmic activity. One leg signifies accomplishment for the benefit of others and the other accomplishment for the benefit of oneself. Elephants under one leg represent our instinctive animal urges that unleashed can prove to be extremely destructive. He stands upon a disc of sun lotuses, representing his undefiled purity. He has three wide open eyes of blazing fire, demonstrating his blazing energy to consume all neurotic states and his ability to see past, present and future. Snakes slither across his body, as a metaphor that he has tamed and harnessed psychic and instinctive urges and fears. Mahakala is a worthy God to meditate upon or pray to this month, and the symbolism is ripe for consideration as we encounter the stressful aspects (between Mars and Pluto especially). Mahakala is the kind of compassion that awakens us when we are stomping around incensed, indignant and then we mindlessly close our finger in a door or stub our toe. We’re suddenly brought to—and realize the immediacy of the moment. Sometimes it is compassionate to deal with reality straight on instead of our stories and ideas about what should be.


There is a type of anger that is reactive. The type that burns hot in you when a lover betrays you or your expectations collapse. In this type of anger, confusion fills you and you are prone to rash action and injury. There is an anxiety and fear behind your anger. There is also a type of anger that grows as you become educated and see behind the form of things to how they are created and can see that if different choices were made, different outcomes would occur. You see that those responsible for creating cause and effect are making poor choices. You feel the warrior within engage and feel you are an actor in the defense of something and there is clarity instead of confusion. You are utterly silent and grounded within yourself. It is the anger that moves you to wise action. You can observe by your own internal state whether your anger is something born of wisdom or folly during July, and either act upon it mindfully to improve the world or let it go and use your mind and other skills instead.

Jupiter inconjunct Neptune will likely provide some limiting conditions. The Sun trine Neptune will provide a moral compass throughout the first half of July. You will find a increased sense of empathy for others and sensitivity to the environment with the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. You may sense how your welfare is connected to others or join a group connected to the welfare of others. You may experience strong psychic impressions and connections. This connection also provides support for beginning creative and spiritual projects and pursuits. (If surprising events have occurred that felt heaven-sent, it is not shocking under the influence of Sun-Neptune, which has been active since late June.)

Venus is available in air sign Gemini for the rescue on some of these “age of darkness” energies. She is in sextile relationship to Chiron through July 6 and then Mercury moves to sextile Venus in Taurus July 3 through July 11. With the Venus/Chiron connection, you may feel attuned enough to be able to stand up for yourself without needing validation from others. Your sense of standing up for others who are facing difficulties is also easy to access. You can negotiate relationships and creative ways to communicate around issues affecting yourself and others. Your agility and intuition is heightened. When Mercury enters the mix, this adds to the Gemini energy and stabilizes the situation even further. Using your skilled mind and heart to communicate rationally will serve you well. This means to act quickly but use the skills you’ve integrated over a lifetime. It is the opposite of force or impulse but more like following a dance you’ve danced a thousand times and know well.

Full Moon July

The Grand Fire Trine of Uranus in Aries, the North Node in Leo, and Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius is still active through the 15th. It will also return in September when Saturn moves direct.  The Saturn / Uranus trine is active through July 17th and the Saturn / North Node trine is active all month and through November 8, 2017. With the North Node being the destiny object in the astrology cannon, we can return to the idea of Dharma and karma. The North Node in Leo can be inviting us to awaken to a more dramatic or theatrical period of time in our lives. If we embrace that, perhaps we can let go of a neutral approach for a while and allow ourselves to express our hearts in an Oscar-worthy performance while also remaining aware from our spiritual practice that our true selves are not attached to outcomes or the forms that change in front of us. We are asked to care at this time—with all our hearts—as Leo is the sign of the heart. Aquarius, where the south node resides, can entice us into a fixed energy and a detachment, and that would not be the highest and best use of our energies now, according to astrology. Now is the Leo path forward—engagement, heart-power, drama, passion, accepting that attention and the spotlight are upon you, inspiration, romance, playing the lead, preparing and knowing the lines, accepting the praise, being open to love and affection. It would be a mistake to think you are too misunderstood, too different, an outcast, a rebel—these are the Aquarius ideas and they will take you off-script, so to speak. You are a star right now and have a super-star’s responsibilities to be present on the world stage. What kind of movie are you in? Saturn is your director, in Sagittarius, helping it come to life during this year and next. Will it be an action movie, in which you are a warrior? A great romance, in which you are the handsome lead? Is it a social justice film? There are so many genres. Again, spend some serious time in meditation and prayer to ask about your role and get guidance.

On July 12, Venus moves into trine aspect with Jupiter in Libra. This lasts until July 25. This is good news—astrology’s two benefics in harmonious relationship to one another in the air signs. This will provide a long stretch when communication can occur. Writing, studying, talking, and moving toward your goals will get an immense boost. You can work with others, too.

Another great aspect for work is Mercury in Leo, meeting up with the North Node in Leo, trine Saturn from July 17 through July 25. Head and heart come together and you may get help from an elder or mentor. You may just do some work that really sticks during this time. Long-term gains can be made. Sign important documents (real-estate, wills, etc.) and make decisions.

However, July 22 through July 26 involves a Venus in Gemini / Saturn in Sagittarius opposition, so there are limitations to the fortune that can occur if the work done via that Gemini trine is not in good faith. The Venus aspect shows relationship or financial strain or conflicts that can cause problems and karma. Saturn is a taskmaster if things are not structured in a sober and educated manner. Saturn is the teacher of the zodiac.


Venus then moves into sextile aspect with Uranus from July 27 through August 2. It’s a time to socialize. Creative breakthroughs are possible. Watch out for impulsive flings and fly-by-night relationships unless you are into that sort of thing. (Things that look too good to be true probably are!)

Unfortunately, The Pluto in Capricorn / Jupiter in Libra square returns to an exact position at the tail end of July and the world gets on its obsessive-compulsive hamster wheel again. People may display all the signs of wanting power for power’s sake. Just remember your Leo North Node Dharma script and stick to it.

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