Releasing a Painful Relationship


Releasing a Painful Relationship Guided Meditation – 18 Minutes



Sometimes, we need help moving on from a relationship, and visualization can be a powerful tool to help us process the deep feelings involved in letting go  from any sort of painful connection, whether it be intimate or platonic. When we do our inner work, we become free and able to move on to our joyful and abundant future. This guided visualization was created especially to help our brains and hearts move past the pain and into the possibility.

It’s so important to access the deeper parts of ourselves in the healing process–it happens below the surface, not in our intellect–but in the parts of ourselves that meditation and visualization can touch. In addition to getting very quiet like this, I’d recommend physical movement that brings you joy to move past painful relationship issues. I like to connect with nature by going on walks/hikes, but you should do whatever you most enjoy–dance, group exercise, a really long bike ride, singing karaoke… even deep belly laughing!

Take very good care of yourself and know that you have my love! ~ Dominique